Mar 17

Glasses on Google conflict from human instinct?


I have a theory : When new technologies emerge , some people will take the lead to start using it , while others always see the worst side of it , they would despise , reject and make fun of people who start using these technologies . However , after the initial encounter resistance, the new technology will eventually become mainstream, the initial fears and misconceptions that people gradually disappeared.
I was Dean at the turn of the century – when Carmen (Dean Kamen) invention powered Segway scooters noticed this phenomenon. You may remember the case of this scooter just listed . People dismissively called gimmick. I remember we had a lively discussion of this produce . I think it was cool, but most people think it is useless , or look silly.
Although the Segway was never widely used, but it finds its own arena tour in the city and other areas .
Today, we see people around Google glasses exhibit a similar degree of fear and disgust. People wearable computer for this news release there is a feeling of resentment from the bottom of my heart , they tend to think it is the worst side – it may become perverted and spy tools for videotaping us. We never worried about being someone with a smart phone camera . But for something on the nose of the aircraft , our views had changed .
After Google announced the news of glasses , a bar in Seattle immediately prohibit the use of it . Soon , glasshole become a popular term , dedicated to despise those early wearer posturing .
Instinctive resentment
Last week at the SXSW conference, Carmen said , this initial boycott emotions belong to human nature, there will always be a natural fear of the unknown . “Almost everyone is reluctant to change anything , no matter what you learned as a child , you want to keep it forever .” He said.
Carmen said , people tend to lack imagination, can not see the use of new technologies . ” People today tend to be curious to Google what is the use of glasses .” He pointed out that people 30 years ago with the advent of personal computers the same reaction . They do not know why individuals need a computer . They think it is just the thing to give military or corporate use. Of course , as time goes on , we are beginning to use the computer, and now we can not imagine life without computers .
Conference held at SXSW “Glasshole: technical and cultural dissonance ” (Glassholes: The Cultural Dissonance of Technology) thematic meeting, the experts dig Glasshole reasons behind the phenomenon , explored in the end is what makes people not yet seen – let alone use – would be rejected before the rush to new technology .
Patrick’s Deeplocal ‘s senior creative director – Miller (Patrick Miller) said that despite the popularity of smart phones as we have been accustomed to being photographed , but we also take the initiative to share most of our lives in the mobile and social networking tools, but when we see Google glasses , we responded this instinct .
” Wearable computer obliterate our ability to control it .” Miller said.
Curiosity remains
However, although people have this kind of resistance, but they are still with great curiosity. A friend has a Google glasses , said he liked wearing it for video interviews venture company boss , because it does not put a recording device in between him and the interviewer will be able to easily record video. And, at the end of the interview , he was able to easily upload your videos to YouTube. However , whenever he wears glasses Google interview , the interviewee want to try it. It certainly scared them, but they also full of curiosity .
Google senior developer in charge of Timothy – Jordan (Timothy Jordan) are SXSW Glasshole thematic conference speech. His attitude to look at this issue significantly different . He emphasized the wearing Google glasses convenience, but he also said that Google realized it is necessary to discuss how to apply such a device in real life . This is the reason why the Google start Explorers project.
” Many of you know that we have introduced the Explorers program .” Jordan explains, ” The reason we launched this program is to lead this discussion. Technique gives you more options , but how you use it to your things we do not want to let this discussion only happen in people’s hearts , we want people to openly discuss . ”
But Miller was not impressed , he said things are not always so simple. “Our choice of how we can use these devices, but people have been shot no choice .” He said.
Jordan acknowledged , discussed Google glasses privacy implications of new equipment is necessary and beneficial. ” Privacy is an important topic , but it is difficult to give the only correct answer , we all live in different communities , with different non-standard .” He explained.
Normative standard technologies
Last week, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling, without the consent of the woman , using a mobile phone to shoot their Upskirt not illegal , because there is no law prohibiting the practice. The court did not sanction such behavior to be , but there is no case law to admit that they can not judge the person guilty of videotaping . In ruling out a few days , the legislature drafted a bill immediately , and sent the governor , waiting for him to sign into effect .
Over time , Google glasses are completely the same situation may occur . We have entered into a social and legal standards, norms of how people use them.
As Carmen said, how clever use of technology , it is up to us to decide. “Technology makes it easier innovation. Memory is free, broadband is free. Many revolutionary innovations that they can instead be innovative . Opportunity to make real change we are losing .”
Google glasses may represent a real opportunity for change . However, when I try find it has not been accepted by all , privacy issues are still not around past the ridge. In the technology to us galloping time, as a social group , we must develop new standards to regulate their use. Whether Carmen Segway scooter , iPhone, Google Glasses , 3D printer , or any other new technology , should be so .
In any case , one thing is clear: For Google glasses , we are only a starting point “technology acceptance cycle” . However, considering the many SXSW Conference meetings around Google glasses , I’m sure we ‘ll see more people to use it.
At that time, we will definitely forget the various discussions that we conducted in early around these devices – we have been the case.

Mar 10

Microsoft launched WP mobile terminal commercialization sole agency authorized Dorman


Microsoft MSN (China) officially announced the authorized mobile advertising platform Dorman (DOMOB) become Windows Phone Online Mobile Advertising exclusive strategic partner.
After reaching this cooperation, which means that Microsoft MSN (China) online advertising and marketing business in the mobile side began to force, to carry out the Windows Phone application platform advertising and marketing business, Dorman also become the first to complete the Android, iOS, Windows Phone the three major smartphone operating system full coverage of mobile advertising platform.
Dorman COO Zhang He (microblogging), said the significance of an exclusive, multi-part alliance is responsible for advertising and marketing Windows Phone system stores, advertising and media developers fill in the Microsoft Windows Phone SDK, the Union can only be carried out by more than.
The latest information from multiple display Union, after nearly four years of development, Dorman 40 million unique users daily coverage, covering the whole country more than 600 million users, with 890 million daily and nearly 80,000 PV App media coverage.

Feb 28

The more secure the more open system: Google Android Head

Local 27 in Barcelona, ​​Spain , Google Android head Sandel • Pichardo Iraq (SundarPichai) on security and openness of the Android platform are discussed.
Some media quoted Pichardo regard Iraq as saying , Android operating system was originally designed for openness, rather than safety. This report one , suddenly raised concern to the industry . Google Android really is because of its open design concept inherent defects caused by the presence of its safety performance yet ?
In fact, speaking Pichardo Iraq just stated the opposite view . He pointed out , Android ‘s openness to strengthen security.
Pichardo Ihara words as follows:
“I’m sorry , the premise of the problem is because the Android open , so there will be more security risks ? Respectfully say , I am not sure the premise of the question is correct. Always go through a lot of open platform inspections from the security point of view use open source platform has many advantages , I think the best way to get something that makes the platform safety performance , because the global researchers are able to correcting each , I think they can make positive efforts for the security of Android contribution . ”
” The intention is to build Android high safety performance . Android is an open platform , Android can be used by many people in many ways , so we also had a number of partners to manufacture different types of Android devices , if they are using older versions of the Android operating system, will face some security risks, but it does not say that Android itself is unsafe and we do our utmost , at a deeper level to ensure the security of Android . GooglePlay be thousands of applications submitted shelves application scanning , to ensure it does not contain malicious programs . ”
Pichardo Iraq ‘s view is that Android fragmentation caused foundry , and its product software update does not cause safety problems in a timely manner for Android . However, since the foundry was equipped with a security risk to launch Android operating system products , which made open Android platform also exists a negative factor. In contrast, the closed Apple iOS software update can be independent , not fragmented in terms of its fundamental problems . In this regard, special emphasis Pichardo Iraq Android software update.
“As long as the user can use the phone to update , Android operating system will be very safe and I can say for sure. Open systems can be more secure , we regard the attempt in the browser , Chrome system is very secure .”
Finally , Pichardo Iraq discussed why Android is easy to become the object of attack . Studies indicate that about 99.8 percent of malicious software attacks targeting mobile to Android.

Jan 26

WeChat will import U.S. users Google account


Overseas WeChat promote micro-channel in the United States , January 31 using Google ( microblogging ) account login and invite 5 friends to use, will receive $ 25 ( about 150 yuan ) restaurant coupons.
18:00 EDT , micro-channel Overseas WeChat issued a message of cooperation and Google join forces to all U.S. users .
WeChat push message said: ” Just connect the Google account on the micro-channel , invited five contacts into the micro-channel from your Google account , the micro-channel will be sent equivalent to 150 yuan a hotel gift certificate , this voucher can exceed thousands in the United States restaurant use , this activity will continue until January 31, 2014 . ”
According to the “Connection ” magazine appears in the survey in July last year , Google holds nearly 25 percent of the North American network traffic , with the network ( including Gmail, Youtube and other Google related services users ) and mobile terminal (Google Play) Tens of thousands of Google account, the ability to import Google account, for the development of micro-channel in the United States , it is a very beneficial thing.
Previously, the industry generally are not optimistic about the development of instant messaging in the U.S. market. First, because the United States provide a large number of SMS communications packages, the Americans did not pay too much pressure on text messages , Facebook and other social networking platforms together very popular, even if the communication is very narrow room for growth , the accumulation of users is not easy.
Even im the boss , Whats App development in the United States is not satisfactory .
But interestingly, micro-channel so that a new breakthrough in the way of accumulation by Google user account import and coupons reward way for the future development of the market in the United States laid the foundation for a very favorable .

Jan 15

Smart padlock TEO


School, often encounter forgot the key, then ran half the campus to find the keys roommate thing. Was just thinking, if we can remote control key, you can make a phone call to unlock roommate much better! Or more simply point the phone is the key, as long as the phone can be unlocked with. Recently visiting the Kickstarter, and she saw such a project, smart padlock TEO, is simply “forgot the keys were recurring,” the gospel.


TEO is a smart padlocks, connected by a low-power Bluetooth technology and mobile terminal APP, APP can be achieved through open , lock action. As a lock, you first need high security performance. TEO is a spring-loaded padlock , rugged and compact internal components , Newark, California done by the manufacturer Heliox technology assembly , it is learned that the company has been working for nearly a decade with the U.S. military . Form3 done by the Vancouver company designs , compact , with a variety of colors.

Secondly, as a smart padlocks , TEO can be unlocked through mobile phones in addition to the end , you can also share permissions to allow other people to open the lock . Users can share permissions APP will unlock the person designated TEO application is installed, so that others can open the lock up . For example, you go abroad , but my colleagues to continue to lock you in a drawer of a file , you can use remote authorization TEO unlock ; another example, you ‘re playing the game , someone borrow your bike , you do not have to run downstairs to unlock the phone one o’clock that available . Problems arise at the beginning of the article , by TEO lock can also be easily resolved. Since these licenses are encrypted and only , so security is guaranteed .

TEO uses a low -power Bluetooth technology, and designed a sleep mode, you can ensure maximum battery life , learned to use a full charge can last for a year . Users can also check the remaining battery on the APP, if the battery is low , TEO team also offers battery replacement service.

TEO need to raise Kickstarter 16.5 million Canadian dollars in the product produced , has raised 52,000 Canadian dollars , the product can be expected to be available later this year . Cell phones have become a necessity of our lives, the heavy drop a bunch of keys , the lock function is transferred to the phone, and their intelligence is indeed a good idea. The future of such devices also can be used in a small warehouse on the community , without the line transaction requires only online payment , get unlocking authorization , which can use a locker , saving labor costs.


Jan 13

Uber taxi Applications


Recently, private car taxi service Uber announced that its basic services UberX will adopt a new , lower price strategy in San Francisco before the price cut than about 20 % reduction from different markets differ.
Meanwhile , Uber canceled the flat rate portion of the line , for example, the cost to the airport . This unified toll way past both winners and losers , for example, stay away from the airport is closer to the people “losers .” For these people , the new pricing strategy implies a taxi to the airport than in the past to save 30% to 50 % of the cost , this is a very good deal .
The new price way than taxi , or by Uber ‘s main competitor (Lyft and Sidecar) called the car cheaper. For consumers, this is good news. Typically , a higher value of the services provided by Uber particular, it is more reliable than systems Francisco taxi .
Currently we do not see a response Uber competitors made ​​, but this is expected to bring down the overall price in the short term . But I’m more interested in is what happens in the long run . Uber This company will get a lot of funding will not end for lack of funds to send competitors ?
There exist a number of service providers in the market , in the interests of drivers and consumers. If Uber controls all traffic will have on the price of absolute pricing , it may request additional to consumers , and the driver paid less. For Uber , this is of course wonderful , but for most people , it is obviously not a good thing .
From the consumer’s point of view, a taxi should also install a variety of applications , but is not limited to a particular service provider , so a company to gain market monopoly . Taxi no match for the new price Uber , because the price of a taxi is required by law.
So Lyft and Sidecar can compete under the premise of profit and Uber? We’ll see.

Jan 11

Smart sports watch


January 10 news on this year’s CES show, a display of wearable devices focus . RIBX company launched a sports and recreation for outdoor sports enthusiasts internet watch.
Smart wearable devices constantly emerging today , companies are very optimistic about the future in this area , IT and mobile Internet upstart chiefs who have fought this battle. A variety of new products at CES endless , Intel introduced the concept of the watch , ZTE flagship voice control , Pebble will be replaced by a metal shell …… the manufacturers have their own way to tell you , the real arrival of the era of wearable a .
But the company also entered the field of mining there for the first user confusion. RIBX believes wearable device innovation to identify the market demand , many people do not want to put the phone tied on the wrist . ” We pay more attention to wear habits and aesthetic concept watch .” RIBX targeted at the needs of users of health and safety for the pursuit of life goals and exercise health groups launched Ti series , as there is the spirit of exploration and adventure lovers challenge launched FB series .
The release of two Internet RIBX watch classic watch both upgrade products . It uses titanium as the main material , lightweight rugged and acid corrosion ; 30 m water depth , dive time can swim wear ; equipped with a variety of sensors, the measured pressure and temperature elevation ; configuration 300 mA -850 mA battery ; equipped the whole feel of the smartphone operating system RIBX ROM, complete Android 4.3 , you can achieve a variety of interactive touch , voice , somatosensory , bio- signal based ; motion analysis, there are health and safety tips in the movement , such as climbing, close or when more than normal human exposure to altitude, the watch will automatically alert .
In addition , RIBX watch as an independent terminal equipment, the Internet may not be attached to mobile phones and communications independently .
From now until March 1, 2014 , users can watch the latest book by RIBX official website. In addition to the smart bracelet and watch sports Internet , RIBX that the future may launch a full sensory intelligent driving systems, even smart cars.

Jan 09

Summly founder of Yahoo launched news apps


Nick D’Aloisio, had to sell the company to $ 33 million to Yahoo, the teenager has launched a new mobile application called Yahoo News Digest.
Yahoo keynote speech Tuesday afternoon at the Consumer Electronics Show, Alois Theo on stage to announce the app.
News Summary The idea is that the news promptly notify the user. This is Yahoo’s first product based on Summly, Summly is Alois developer Theo.
By news summary, users can get twice daily newsfeed – morning and evening. Each of the headlines (composed of multiple news channels) also has a number of “atomic” (atom).
“Atoms” are other scattered information, such as stock code, message, Twitter messages, videos, maps and other news-related content.
The application of a provision of nine headlines, there is also a characteristic feature allows users to understand their own pace, ie how much you read the news that day.
Alois Theo said: “You will get the sense of completion.”

Jan 05

Twitter launched Web version of a short video applications Vine


Twitter today launched a web version of the application for a short video Vine. At present, this service is already on-line, users simply log site and user account Vine can use this service it.
This new Web version of Vine short video application service that allows users to browse the TV in full screen mode Home news , watch videos, and publish “Like” , comments and other opinions , but also to share Vine video content with other users. In addition, users can also access the Friends of the Vine personal home page , and publish their own postings shared with other friends , so that they can see the user’s friends post .
Also to be noted is that almost all of the features currently listed Vine Web version has also been available in the Vine mobile applications , in addition to TV full-screen viewing mode , which is the only difference from the web version Vine function.
Twitter has promised , today launched the web version of Vine service is only version 1.0 , so users can expect a new version of Vine will add more functionality. In this regard , Vine has claimed : ” The release of Vine application is only the first step , the next release will give users a richer , more pleasing web experience we expect this year will be more improvements. .”
Web version Vine short video applications is still a new thing . Users currently can not record video through a web camera head , can not upload a recorded video content. It is unclear whether Twitter will continue to move as the core, or whether it will provide new applications or enhance the function of the web version . In any case, the web version of short video applications Vine has taken a good step forward.
In fact , Twitter launched the web version of Vine is a perfect illustration – that the Twitter service to move first, and then expand to other devices. Twitter certainly hope that this strategy can help Vine growing , even though the majority of users may still favor the mobile version of Vine applications.

Jan 01

Facebook rapid development of mobile terminal


201312308461388396947750Social networking giant Facebook recently sent to some partners of the electronic magazine entitled The Annual , in which details of the company in the international market developments.

The report shows that more than half of European mobile phone users use Facebook. In the UK, the use of Facebook ‘s more than 26 million mobile phone users , accounting for 51% of the country’s total number of mobile phone use . In Sweden, the use of Facebook over 4 million mobile phone users , accounting for 53% of the country’s total number of mobile phone use .

The report also shows that in Germany, France, Spain, Italy , Turkey and Israel and other countries, more than half of its Facebook users log in via mobile client , which is a reflection of the success of Facebook has moved to end the transition in Europe and parts of the Middle East .

In the soon to be over in 2013 , Facebook ‘s attempt in the mobile terminal is obvious from the Android desktop application Home, to enhance the degree of reliance on mobile advertising , to make payments through mobile phones .

It is unclear whether Facebook has been completely open mobile terminal market . In view of the smart phone in 2014 will further strengthen the dominant position , particularly in emerging markets , many consumers in these countries directly across laptop and desktop computers , the transition to smartphones. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) has no choice but to move it down a good game of chess .

In the ” Forbes” website copywriter Swann Spence (Ewan Spence) It seems that the outcome of Facebook mobile terminal development strategy is made ​​more good than harm , and make it in the mobile ecosystem to become a force to be reckoned force. Aspect next year is how to monetize Facebook sharing network Instagram through photographs. In the beginning of the acquisition of Instagram , Facebook users in order to avoid the loss of a large number of young people , will operate as an independent brand to its . Spence believes that this is a wise move to make Facebook .

Spence also pointed out that if Facebook can learn from Instagram in the promotion of its Facebook mobile version of the successful experience of the difference be treated in different markets , then the company’s ambitious 2014 development of the mobile terminal will be able to be fully realized.