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Popular information collection method prediction of epidemic trend of shoe has a clue, but the information more widely, how to grasp the popular trend of the right, then analyze, comprehensive meet market demand of spirit, is the principal any shoe designer service, the popular information use, accounts for a large factor.a collection of information faster, to be accurate, or the season is over, we left behind. The designer should be in addition to their own opinion, should expand the field of vision, a prospective response social trend, and can get out their own style, from fashion, design products that have characteristics and reflect the fashion, the more persuasive. well-known national present popular information, Ruyi, method, Britain and the United States, Japan, and Taiwan also have similar institutions to provide popular information professional, such as textiles, shoes, fashion colour Association technical center. Analysis, each unit on the popular prediction is more or less the same, but it is enough to see things in a to collect fashion information? Usually all walks of life has its specialized designer to do this kind of work. Admittedly, the designer has long refers to the imagination as well as their ability to discover new concepts. But the designer's creativity besides talent outside, still must have training and adequate general beginners cheap UGG 5281 can use the following steps to learn, collection and popular information architecture for their.(1), goals: set the theme of probably direction, including the analysis of some key customer segmentation, colors, materials, styles.(2), text: the thoughts or ideas, use words to describe recorded.(3), picture collection: if only look at the text, because writing feeling different, is easy to cause the error, we can collect some pictures or photographs to aid.(4), the story: after the plane composition data at a story, imagination can use those things around to represent the story of material, color, pattern or auxiliary.(5), a large collection of information: through the fashion magazine, shoes materials, target or store inspiration, data collection.(6), who is with us at predetermined theme associated or design the same objects, can be naturally together, put them into one class, delete system, repetitive and not related to the overall.(7), so the whole structure of modified theme: out, have a look back what we originally booked goal. >,

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