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Various effects to obtain sports shoes such as strong color, eye-catching, implicit elegant, lively, classical, romantic, youthful vitality, first need to understand the formation rule following sports shoes matching. 1, echoing the rule colour echo principle in sports shoes direct application and show some color not only exist, but somewhere in the same shoes are the same or similar color echoes. 2, contrast rule in the use of color to some properties of the gap, such as hue, lightness, purity, size, temperature, the sports shoes of the color composition and striking effect, strong, attention, this design used in sports shoes are the most has the feature of creativity and sense of the times. 3, the law of the unity of color uniform law is the unity of sports shoes in colour, have two forms: one is the use of a single hue (color), the color design of sports shoes with a certain charm and meet the fashion; another is a similar color hue is close, color harmonious unity. Unified color principles to make the product color is a kind of overall strength, if not commonly used color, larger area, visual effect more strongly. 4 cheap Adidas Soccer Adizero 9 emphasizing the rule through an emphasis on the use of color, performance sports shoes a key part or parts, display design features and brand, color contrast is pure pursuit of a bright color effect. Emphasizing the rule consciousness to a point at the same time, the application cannot do without color contrast, including the color hue, lightness and purity. 5, the rhythm rule design and use the rhythm of color, especially suitable for the design of sports shoes, wear sports shoes in adolescents. Color design color rhythm is repeated regularly, usually in hue, lightness, purity, pattern to the performance, the use of good color effect, sports shoes more lively, free and dynamic. 6, epidemic rule epidemic shoe estate sportswear color has the certain extent, popular with color, is easy to be accepted by people moving, shoes color rules consider the acceptability constraints shoes popular color user conditions, regional, age, sport, different extent. >,

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