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The tennis movement is generally divided into hard, clay, mud and grass four. Activities of tennis and basketball on foot is similar: the strength, direction changing requirements, impact resistance, good stability, good shock absorption, slip resistance, but in contrast, tennis more quickly. Tennis shoes mostly low help model. other: front rubber bag is full, it extends to both sides of a long, is conducive to rapid "brake", real time location; front sides of thick and strong, is conducive to the strengthening of stability in the lateral move fast, instant, slip. The second half is small, is conducive to rapid pace back and improve flexibility. upper: the use of large leather or synthetic leather, add a layer of cloth, in order to improve the strength and flexibility of toe shoe, medial and toe a wear-resistant material reinforcement, prevent premature wear, while enhancing the stability of motion. Lining is thick and soft, so that sweat, the design level of rich, smooth lines, style embodied the professional tennis color. because the tennis sport violent, so the strength and protection of sports is tennis shoes largest design requirements, with outer soles of rubber is made, before and after the wall is longer, to avoid friction cheap Nike Air Max 90 Air Max 90 BR outsole overall than the flat pattern and directivity, fine, complex, and meet the different direction the tennis movement of frequent moves, antiskid, wear the movement requirements; thickening suspension design heel in the bottom, at the same time, improve the stability performance of shock absorption, in order to adapt to the requirements and exercise more jump, part of the high-end products are also provided with other special shock absorbing material, in order to reflect the professional sports style more. a, how to choose the proper tennis shoes tennis must wear tennis shoes, the special structure will help you improve your skills, enhance the effective running. Want to know to play tennis victory 50% victory depends on your running, the importance of a good pair of shoes. Don't wear shoes, because it is easy to let you down, and basketball shoes and will prevent the ankle motion. rapid start, emergency stop sharp, curved bow back, on foot turn, volley...... Tennis skill variety, determines the tennis shoes design and manufacturing factors. Of course, the friction coefficient, damping capacity, elastic index, aging resistance value of professional terminology, common tennis player or sports enthusiasts can't explain, even if the occupation player may not be able to speak a second. But how to choose and wear really marketable tennis shoes, tennis knowledge introduction course is absolutely necessary. important >,

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