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Autumn winter season, not dim, low-key, it can also be very beautiful, very charming, have a look the big brands have launched the autumn and winter shoes you will understand. If you have the attention will find, the new autumn and winter shoes keep last year's hit elements, such as patent leather material, and ankle design, however, details on the changes make it more colorful gorgeous expressions.compared with the spring and summer autumn and winter shoes, shoes not to tender and bright as the characteristic, the pale or dark color with charming and noble spirit, like a mature girl. In addition to black, dark blue, dark red, pink, gray single color, leopard and plaid retro patterns is also keen to elements in autumn and winter. The designer into a wild leopard in various monochromatic vamp, at the toe or heel and position with bow or hairball, emitting a unique temperament beauty. The plaid high-heeled shoes is emitting a classical flavor, very generous and noble. in addition, this season still has a non negligible highlights -- color mosaic, the golden, orange cheap Nike Air Max 90 Air Max 90 Tape green, happy and strong colors and pink and purple, yellow, blue and pink colors together in the same shoes, or color collision vamp heel and the colour is strong, present a kind of avant-garde fashion sense. this year's autumn and winter shoes, leather is still popular, even several different material mix, let a person feel more dignified and graceful. The suede and patent leather material combined with ankle boots, full of retro temperament, but also has deep feminine; ribbon in suede shoes and high-heeled shoes, let more give prize. Moreover, the designers use the bow, wrinkles, crystal and other decorative elements on vamp, add femininity. in style, cusp shoe to regain, plays an important role, and ankle boots still have not shake the dominance, the heel of high-heeled shoes tend to be taller thinner. If you want to try new things, may wish to learn T stage models to wear. Try to wear thick socks, and then with the toe or hollow and ankle boots, let us also make appearances in the autumn and winter socks opportunity.,

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