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March 16, 2011, world-renowned sports brand Adidas started the latest global brand campaign called "all adidas" ("all-out effort") of. This is the Adidas brands first-ever gathered in three series: sports performance series (adidas Sport Performance), sports the classic series (adidas Originals), sports fashion series (NEO, Y-3, SLVR), by showing it in motion , involved in the expression of the brand of music, fashion and other different areas of attitudes toward sports, culture and life. Adidass numerous ambassadors, such as soccer star Lionel? Messi, David? David Beckham, NBA star Derrick? Ross, international pop music days Houkai Di? Perry, a famous Chinese actress Li Bingbing, Chinese music king Eason Chan, Asian popular artists Angelababy so full debut, with their most natural, real side to convey the same belief: If you love what you are doing, please all out effort. Member of the Executive Board is responsible for adidas global brand Erich Stamminger said: "Over the past decade, we have successfully expanded the Adidass three competitive brands - Adidas sports performance series, Adidas Classic Series and Adidas Sports Lifestyle series Today, we show the Adidas brand through such a depth and breadth of global branding campaign to the world, to which we are proud. all adidas (all out effort) Adidas largest ever marketing campaign, It is to show the brands creative diversity from the stadium to the show cheap HOT sale Adidas Crazy Eplosive Mens Basketball Shoes Halloween from the stadium to the street, with the same kind of sound interpretation Adidas unique brand label. "for" all out effort ", Adidass many stars have their own The most simple feelings and experiences. For World Footballer Lionel Messi, his mind "all out effort" means: efforts, passion, not arrogance is not hungry, do not give up. 11 years old, Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency due to impede bone growth, but did not able to stop his love of football, on the contrary, he is more effort to overcome all difficulties, and eventually became the most prominent contemporary footballer one. Famous actress Li Bingbing Turning her "all out effort" to understand when you say: "all-out effort to do everything that is full of passion, this passion comes from your heart, from your faith, your insistence, You effort "King of Chinese music when Eason Asked" what is passion, "he said:"? .. passion sounds like a great word I think, is innate passion for me , it is the love of music and never give up! that we need to explore a passion in life, burning passion. "as the highlight of the branding campaign, brought together a number of Adidas basketball shoes sports and entertainment stars of its new television ads on March 16 unveiled at the same time, a variety of marketing through the major platform for global television, print, outdoor, Internet and other start. I believe Adidas unprecedented market investment will lead to the younger generation of consumers passion and resonance.,