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From the beginning of the spring and summer of last season, a simple light and soft, good wear loafers suddenly in the fashion circle to turn red, it is Repetto! It is a professional ballet shoes brand, has now become collectively referred to this kind of shoes; shoes design series is in early 1947 from France, are still many first-class Ballet / dance school as well as the well-known star only love, especially when in 1956, the actress Brigitte Bardot was wearing in the car a pair of bright red Repetto Cendrillon the stunning sexy figure leapt to fashion magazines, Repettotte has become a necessary shoes Paris Amy women section.CHANEL sky blue lucky animal totem flat pleasing blue round flat printing and dyeing with cartoon like lucky symbol of youth and fashion brand, don't stop. CHANEL double color shoes the delicate pink and black is always a classic style brand color, elegant and restrained. Christian Dior Logo simple white shoes shoe styles have details of the deal is not ordinary, fine line and the laces cross perforation design, very little. Christian Dior rose red patent leather shoes. Plastic full bright patent leather material has a bizarre retro temperament cheap HOT sale Adidas CC Cosmic Boost M Womens running shoes Orange[B40739] eye-catching red roses, wild note. Louis Vuitton hollow heel white satin shoesvery Oriental fine pattern, as if as ink printing and dyeing effect, the ballet style has creative with hollowed out heel, create offbeat special temperament.Gucci in early spring of flatsbright purple flowers with white contrast lining up, eye-catching and fashionable decorative embellishment, bamboo, add the classic appearance.Knit uppers and leather stitching Givenchy hollow braided flat hollow very delicate, Wen Ya Coffee Brown is not out of fashion long blue system. Bottega Veneta white ballet shoes. a continuation of last year very popular ballet shoes styles, refreshing white plastic, with belong to the early spring and elegant style. end: spring is a good season for tourism, a pair of comfortable shoes fashion must be your best travel companion.,