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"Who dares to all dignity? Ventured peak start over? Even if it would be nothing! Dares to break? Dares go down? Great dare!" To see the idea, can not but think of this non-Olympic sponsors NIKE # # live regressed series of street draft, continued assessment of onlookers and turn on the microblogging craze set off, youll marvel at the fast pace of its deep "something borrowed campaign, leveraging force," the Daoxing, socialization Marketing is sweeping drops charm played out. Send Ruiwei Line: Nike "live out your great" social marketing social marketing interpretation interpretation NIKE NIKE behind against the concept of social marketing, sending the companys strategic research center line Ruiwei recently provided an in-depth interpretation. 1, a deep understanding of the brand to send Ruiwei bank believes that social marketing is a whole relationships, your demeanor have expressed an attitude, you can not sell without hard-wide, the article can be the subject of ridicule, but Not entertainment first! because brand building from the insistence on core values, but no one is willing to die tomorrow, who today is a dog kind of guy to deal with. Such as NIKE in social media revolve around "just do it" philosophy to do this, of course, you can spoof Durex Play Just DU it (lust is mankinds most primitive impulses, Durex can spoof, but it is not directly exposed three good point, the one law does not allow two people have a bad heart vulgar talk elegant drops on the table, three years, so advertisers do not want to engage in), but obviously NIKE go the route of Durex nondescript. So, we need to think about what brand of tonality is, what you can play what needs to adhere to, so let fans produce schizophrenia. 2, Octavia grasp on the environment will feel compared to many brands of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, this years London Olympics will drop a lot of attention. However, due to social media provides the opportunity roots sound, so we see the gold medal on the characteristics of the heavenly sport, also saw the Olympic referee pit father deeds, let everyone be quick to ignite the hearts of sensitive words that depleted patriotism, Suddenly everyone touched by this kind of injustice to the Olympic arena or outside and turn to comment. If it is not in the Olympics under this special background, you will feel "great" two words Nima too hypocritical, and this is the heavenly harmony, like 2 know the truth by a handful of goods to use with rotten stink. However, because of the Olympic Games this particular environment, so that "great" glow of vitality regressed, at least to some extent, we all want to be or can become great. So, send Ruiwei opinion, microblogging marketing to assess the situation and know how to take this chance to force (a hot environment, the coterie topic), but also combined with copywriting specific context or environment, or is in the mass of information flow easy to be overwhelmed, in the end even if it is a great idea, no stay without attention can only be reduced to the enjoyment out of it. 3, rapid response social media events in real time, the speed is too important! Updated every F5 means of mass information, if you can not be the first time an event you react, then it is really "over this village cheap HOT sale Adidas Ultra Boost Couple running shoes Black gray there is no store "was. Send Ruiwei bank believes, NIKE regressed this place lies in its more than 60 companies have four-person team night stick on the job (reportedly not verified), always pay attention to the field every game and social media Fan reaction to the fastest speed to convert the current hot spot for the brand communication that Liu Xiang fell back after the game, there are fans on the microblogging shouted wait NIKE copywriter how to write. Social marketing, unlike traditional advertising mode of operation, you can have a lot of very unique insight into the analysis, because there are many things or topic point, and many are sudden, a wave overshadowed by a wave, which rely on spot react with resilience operations staff, the more you have the opportunity to ship faster tipping, really not so much the rules process, quick word at the head, the other to step aside. 4, anyone can play remarketing, just know how to leveraging force, an occasion to make things any event, there are different interpretations in different peoples eyes, like NIKE put before the great battle, and netizens do for Adidas a "My great, great that you are not a bird." When we laugh it off, you can also see as an Olympic sponsor Adidas on social media, and even other parts of the weak and speechless. (Who knows the story behind this ah? Shaped ring thing to mention it.) If you pay attention to it, will find some other creative content. And these are not a good brand, or pre-operations team. What can fire something too, is not able to advance to master, regressed accident, like the game. Seemingly unrelated winners and losers, but in relation to the numerous benefits under, leaving aside the economic and political ah, ah, lets nest P people, the Flyers can still hope to fight to the last, but I do not know him so deeply hurt Nikes "great":! "An Words occupied the mind "faction Ruiwei opinion, to deal with the spread over the best way to society, is to try to simplify information. Dissemination and construction, as the more simple the better. This simplifies the positioning information and further develop the concept into a theory we term occupation of the mind is. For example: Volvo used the word safe, BMW used is driving, FedEx is overnight to reach, Crest was moth. "Nike is the use of" great. "Once you have a word in the customers mind, you have to use it or lose it and you have to" sharpen "your information so that it can cut people mind, you have to toss ambiguity, ambiguous words, to simplify the information your job is actually screened and those materials most likely to enter the human mind. since 2011, Perry on the companys strategic research center Internet market change in the industry under the careful research, and the deepest in order to provide an overview of the extent of Internet marketing trend of China to the maximum extent, determined to open up the Chinese market for companies to provide targeted strategic advice. research covering Perrys upstream and downstream industry chain of Internet marketing, and get an in-depth understanding of the physical and online channels under line encompasses everything from brand management to implement the final consumer channel operations management of the entire process. reported, Perry will report regularly to the public.,