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"We are not selling merchandise we sell is a culture, is an American spirit," Coca-Cola believes that it is for this reason that their products can be popular in the world. In the consumer sensibility of the modern society, the spirit of the brand to meet consumer emotions, psychological needs, a key element of competition. So, what is the brand spirit? Refers to the spirit of the brand awareness of consumers, the brand represents the sum of implied meaning, symbolism, personality, emotions, taste and other comprehensive cultural factors. Spiritual essence of the brand is a rich personality to represent the spirit of enterprise, which is the cause of faith brand or brand decision-makers in the long-term production and management gradually formed, values ??or business purposes. Spirit of the brand by the different business areas of content, methods, history, tradition and reality constraints of having pursued differences, ideological statements with personalized color brand in the production and business activities gradually formed. Spirit of the brand in various forms, but also a variety of communication channels for employees to strengthen brand awareness and brand marketing has an important role. The brand has a strong spiritual force can not be estimated in the market competition, the development of enterprises play a vital role. From the development of the shoe industry, the competition between increasingly focused shoe brand spirit influence. The international shoe giant Nike is focused on the spirit of the brand marketing expert. "Sports, performances, free and easy cheap HOT sale Adidas Ultra Boost Couple running shoes Black red free athletes spirit" for Nike by numerous consumers. Co-founder of Nike footwear brand Bowerman said: "As long as you have a body, you are athletes in the world as long as there are athletes, Nike will continue to grow and develop.." Another founder Knight believes that sport is no end, only the unceasing personal struggle spirit, the spirit of innovation throughout the business to be "sports, performances, free and easy, free" spirit of the pursuit of individual athletes as Nike core brand culture. In order to reflect the spirit advocated by the Nike brand, Nike hired Jordan, Jackson and Tiger Woods and other athletes for advertising. These elite athletes in advertising the film taken everywhere without demonstrating unwavering faith and a sense of accomplishment. Meanwhile, the Nike ad also the lens at the ordinary people, portraying the image of the unknown striver, reflecting the spirit of hard work go all out for victory. "Nike is no longer selling products, and only sell the Nike brand, and look forward to a long sales up behind the brand." Nike believes, "on behalf of the brand is very enterprising people who are not conservative, willing to innovate, able to seize the opportunity, but also in the name of the brand is willing to accept the peoples love, criticism or respect. "spirit of this brand Nike has achieved great success marketing, now in the hearts of many youngsters Nike has become a kind of personality, self-confidence a symbol of the persistent pursuit.,