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spring 2008 fashion women's shoes, added luxury of surprise, all the more dazzling. Whether love elegant dresses and four inch thin and with the ladies, or like a sexy miniskirt with sparkling Rhinestone dress up Par-ty Queen, in the spring and summer of this year have suitable styles to meet all the luxuries desire. Spring 2008 fashion shoes used design of mirror skin feeling, metallic color, transparent material, satin, of course, all kinds of size stones as a match choice, out of the "the future trend of the wind mix". epidemic focus1, dazzling beauties focus Star: put himself as the star, is a must do! Enjoy high heels to bring sexy line, then with luxurious diamond and luxuriant fur, or noble cloth material and shiny gold, bright metal cortex not so that you can become the protagonist of the party. 2, the classic sweet elegant Bobbi: the world's most classic sweet image of none other than Bobbi, she is full of cute little feminine elegance, fashion and conservative in between the master be just perfect, delicate and soft ribbon bow, or produce animal skin doll shoes with fresh visual sense, there are a variety of unique individual metal accessories, can let the girls immediately become the most sweet sweet Bobbi. 3, holiday beach sexy girl: in the summer beach absolutely can find sexy girls! On a lazy afternoon, put on the most eye-catching Bikini, flip sandals foot fresh pink color, such as with ice Qin Rhinestones sparkle jewelry, like wrote a song of the summer of love. Romance. Luxury resort wind farewell monotonous and immutable and frozen, became a popular feeling full cheap HOT sale Adidas Ultra Boost Couple running shoes Black white shiny metal elements mixed with a strong sense of leather, extending from T diversified, forming a unique gorgeous leisure wind, let people off the weekday dim, so as to attract attention. 4, the interpretation of the classic Lady Elegant: timeless classics, eternal fashion, without complex design, fully showing ingenuity material color, beautiful lace cloth romantic, match color saturation high finish cortex, hard and soft texture interweaves offbeat style is not the same; satin silk texture and gold pendant jewelry, fashion show women's elegant, designers use exquisite tailoring the design will be sexy gene woman inborn, played most incisive. 5, when really I mix handsome sister: the era of the new woman, being the true self, this season in the material collocation, use a variety of animal embossed material, and special material, the future strong sense such as: gold and silver color line interwoven into the transparent PVC, the bright dot fine grid cloth, layer upon layer combination personality, excellent mix allows you to show the unique style of. Animal print with basic colors, bold challenge the traditional aesthetics, to create a futuristic exclusive personality, more prominent change you, sends out the irreplaceable personal charm. popular color >,