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Nike Shanghai Nanjing Road store will close, which means that the future of Nike operated stores in Shanghai remaining a Nike store Brilliance of the WTO. Currently located on Nanjing West Road Shanghai Nike stores still operating, five floors of the store now only one to two in the opening, other floors have been closed. With the new lease agreement shops available, Nanjing Road closed news spread like wildfire. Recently, a store clerk confirmed to reporters that the store will be shut down, but the exact date is not clear. The reporter learned from Nike, due to property caused by the side of the store was forced to close. Overburdened rent Nanjing Road shopping district is constantly upgrading. E-House China analyst Xue Jianxiong noted, "With economic development, consumer characteristics Nanjing Road shopping district is changing, currently has a tendency to shift to high-end luxury while already positioned as high-end Nanjing Road shopping district in the last few In the continual upgrading and eliminate old malls, the introduction of international brands in accelerating the pace of the cost needed to pay for traditional consumer brands are increasing year by off this in the context of the Nike store. Nanjing West Road, No. 993 Nike stores located Property square 1-5 floor shops are nine hundred Group, after the shop by the Sheng Yang (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sheng Yang Company) to nine hundred Group lease cheap HOT sale Adidas Ultra Boost Couple running shoes Orange black sublease in 2008 at Nike in this Area , Sheng Yang will be leased to various shops sports brands, but with the gradual approaching the time of the lease, the rent has also gone up in the district, according to an industry source said, as the site shop rents rose by more than Sheng Yang the companys expectations, Sheng Yang chose to quit. this argument with Nike to give the "Daily Economic News" reporters reply is more consistent. Yesterday, a Nike public relations person in charge told reporters, "Sheng Yang early termination of the Company and located at 993 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai Nike store retail leasing agreement, the shops are leased by the company wins the sun, and then sublease with Nike. Since the adjustment Sheng Yang companies operating strategy, the management team decided early termination of the lease agreement in Nanjing West Road and the entire 993 building owners. "But Will Also siting new stores in Shanghai, the official said there is no news from the company level.,