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U.S. real estate company on May 16 announced that its first project in Shanghais "Shangpu collar world" headquarters campus started. Tishman Speyer provides a press release yesterday, said Shangpu collar Songhu World Headquarters Park project west road, east of the new Bay Road, north of ecological conservation parks, south Min Rd. The park construction area of ??about 190,000 square meters, plans to build nine office buildings and a conference center. The press release also mentioned that Nike has signed agreement with Tishman Speyer, plans to build the park in a whole new set of Nike Greater China headquarters staff, with a total construction area of ??over 55,000 square meters, including three office buildings and a five-story multi-purpose conference center. Nike plans to move into the new headquarters in 2014 in the first quarter. Residential apartment locating hardcover Tishman Speyer, according to data provided by the company was founded in 1978, is a leading global real estate investment and development company, has developed over the Rockefeller Center in New York. Shangpu lead the world where the new Bay City Lot F, in January 2008 by Tishman Speyer won to 6.75 billion yuan, equivalent to the floor price of 7,500 yuan / square meters, is the highest total price of the year Shanghai deal a fatal residential land. Shangpu collar World project covers an area of ??about 900,000 square meters, after the completion of the project includes approximately 160,000 square meters of residential, approximately 740,000 square meters of Class A office park, A-level commercial office, SOHO living and work area cheap HOT sale Adidas Ultra Boost Couple running shoes White hotel, hotel-style apartments, shopping and cultural entertainment. Prior to the June 2011, still lead the world in Pune residential project lead started the first phase of residential pre-sales will begin in October 2012. For residential prices, managing director of real estate company Tishman Speyer, said Xu Jingshi 16, 2009, the current housing market is not good, the price has not been determined, the project for the hardcover apartment. Informed sources have revealed that Shangpu lead the world in residential area of ??100-200 square meter apartment, location is the center of the city public acceptable range. Prices, should also not very high, but will not become the highest price in the area real estate. "Face more money into" market led the way Shangpu the world has not been easy. After winning in 2008 shortly after the new Bay City Lot F, which came Tishman Speyer faced funding problems that may return to the message. After Shangpu plots also led the world in 2009 had held the commencement ceremony into a pending state. Until 2010, the city voted Holdings announced the acquisition of equity to 2.661 billion yuan seven Landmark Group through its subsidiary company, shares Shangpu collar World project, funding problems facing the world Shangpu collar can be resolved. When the project started, the world still faces Shangpu collar more funding. Informed sources have estimated construction costs Shangpu ground lead the world in 10,000 -1.2 yuan / square meter, the underground portion in 4000-5000 yuan / square meters, the total investment of about 20 billion yuan. However, it pointed out that lead the world in Shangpu a project put into use, will return the funds can be put into circulation. The entire project funding peak at 12 billion -130 billion, need 7-8 years to complete the development.,