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Today, Nike and Ukrainian legend Andrei Shevchenko hand in hand, a school in Kiev was renovated soccer field, playground and gym opened. This school year is the Ukrainian nuclear warheads hone soccer skills and education areas. Renovated sports facilities are intended for children in school and the local community to provide a high-quality soccer fields, a sports venue and the other a gym for indoor sports and physical education. Shevchenko hand in hand with the Nike community stadium and gymnasium Shevchenko and Nike unveiled the stadium and gymnasium for the community to join hands Shevchenko and Nike unveiled the stadium and gymnasium for the community to join hands unveiling "Nike sport for young people aware of life arising positive impact, "Steve Tsoi said Marketing Director of Nike Central and Eastern Europe. "Nikes commitment to the renovated football stadium and gym, as well as renovation of school buildings are Shevchenko will provide a great sport and learning venues school and the local community." "Green indisputable way" Nike in the world football activities within the scope of personnel selection. Finalists this years "green indisputable way" Ukrainian national final of 30 young players also appeared in the opening ceremony along with Shevchenko new stadium. Shevchenko said: "Football for my life had such a big positive impact, so I want to participate in this project, Nike, has the best facilities to provide a venue for the next generation of soccer football player, let them safely play while I am proud to be able to participate in this event, because this community is where I grew up. " Andrei Shevchenko was educated in local community life in the school. Nine years old, talented little Shevchenko in the process on behalf of the team to participate in a municipal urban Championships are scouts discovered. In addition, the Kiev City Mayor Oleksandr Popov, the U.S. ambassador Telford cheap HOT sale Adidas Ultra Boost Couple running shoes gray Obolon district governor Vasily Antonov and the school principal Nataliya Vick Sihanouk also went to the event, expressing their own support. "We are in a place so beautiful renovated school football proud to support those who have been committed to the city of Kiev physical education, sports and community activities cooperation projects." Popov said. Kyiv City is committed to support for physical education, sports and career development of world-class athletes have contributed to nonprofit organizations and commercial cooperation projects. The new and renovated sports facilities is the first phase of the redevelopment project to campus. Shevchenko Foundation is committed to the transformation of the schools teaching facilities, to provide students with a better education and learning environment. Nike expressed gratitude for the efforts made by the Advisory Committee, the committee provides valuable guidance for the project, members of the committee include: Delta Sport (Nike Ukrainian distributors), Andrei Shevchenko Foundation, Sergei · Bubka, Obolon Kiev District Councils, Ukraine education, science, youth and sports ministry, as well as 216 schools.,