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Sushi is really popular designers favor, is designed to ring, pillow, USB products is not enough, and now was made into BB small shoes: Sushi shoes (SushiBabyBooties), with a soft wool made by hand, having a soft buttons at the ankle, can be fixed in the children's feet, with non slip soles can better protect their. Species with real sushi have a spell, yellowtail, sweet chicken rolls cheap HOT sale Adidas Ultra Boost Womens running shoes Deep purple orchid hot tuna, tuna...... The all meat dish of the, is the color of seaweed green point, either seaweed? Really doubt the designer is it right? A sushi young father mother, with such a dress BB to a sushi restaurant meal, the boss to give free? $22 a pair, and our habitual thinking different, sushi is not always the same pair of shoes match, can also choose two styles to match. There is adult version, priced at $34 a pair. sushi shoes,