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Coco CHANEL was a fashion revolution, she said: 'as long as 4 double color shoes, I will travel around the world.' after the 1957 Coco Chanel introduced the black shoes with cream colored shoes Sling BaCK double color shoes, double color shoes has become the Chanel (CHANEL) classic shoes; the fall and winter of this year, double color shoes with a felt material, paint, metal luster bright skin bring brand-new appearance, along with the usual elegant, more add a future technology and modern. m, black T word high-heeled shoes, the heel block golden double C logo Ms. Coco favorite find design inspiration from men's clothing, double color shoes is her inspiration from casual shoes, because in the 2, 30 time, tennis, golf and other sports are is carried out on the grass, and the shoe head black is the secret of the stain, and the Duke of Westminster, on a sea voyage, she designed a canvas for the material, with black leather toe boat shoe. in the concept at the time the order uniforms cheap Nike Free Free Run Max shoes must be completely and dress color, double color shoes design CHANEL create a hitherto unknown fashion innovation, when she extended meters, black color, have joined the other colors, so she said: "as long as 4 A pair of shoes, I will travel around the world." the designer Karl Lagerfeld's leadership, double color design has been widely used, including super boots, tennis shoes, Pan Puxie, and in multi material such as a transparent PVC, paint, bright skin lace with a variety of design after Strappy, gem logo double color shoes, with various changes; this season full of contemporary lacquer leather, metal toe, suffused with shiny metal double color shoes in the elegant, more scientific future fashion sense.,

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