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At present, the domestic children's shoes production enterprises, should is in the production season, a lot of shoes export orders, domestic sales sandals distribution and fill orders, many companies are busy, especially for those inside the double major enterprises, in 2007 the good market foreground is more to keep them happy together not the mouth. Recently, can understand that children's shoes production enterprises in Zhejiang and Guangdong and other places interview, with the 2007 arrival of shoes production, most of the children's products is due to the added value of spring is relatively high and profit has become the key development object of enterprises. "from the cloth data released last year national point of view, the current children under the age of 15 about 380000000 people, if in accordance with the average number, consumption per person per year 4 pairs of shoes, each pair of shoes 20 yuan to calculate conservative, is about 30000000000 yuan. Moreover we check off the price of most products are far more than these." When talking about the domestic shoes market prospects, Zhejiang Benda shoes limited trade Zhang Mingbao to reporters calculations account ", people's living standard are now higher, the parents of their children's life into more and more cheap Nike Free Free TR Flyknit children's consumption shows obvious personalized, share learning active trend. Therefore, children's shoes market space will be high with increasing year by year. At the same time, children's products in recent years under is also rising, from the previous simple use of scrap leather, synthetic leather products to the development of the use of a full grain leather production, all these marked shoes products market potential in increasing." "from the export market point of view, we mainly go Russia and Europe market main orders, because children's products are not accepted into the EU anti-dumping directory, so it can be said that the anti-dumping to our export's influence is not very big. At the same time, from our recent years export mainly orders situation, many European countries give us orders both from the fabric or from the trim in terms of requirements will be higher than in previous years a lot of, although this is caused by the rising price of finished shoes, but basically the foreign merchants or acceptable. In general, a big trend has also become the grades rising export shoes." In Guangzhou's children's world is a stalls Miss Zhou told reporters." "now parents would rather do wear a little cheaper shoes, also want to give their children to buy more comfortable shoes, even if the price is a little expensive no matter." A years' sales experience store sales personnel told this reporter. It seems, in the footwear industry downturn in the market environment, our children's shoes production enterprises is really stood out.,

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