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For every woman, wardrobe, less is always a trendy clothes, and the shoe was missing was a pair of classic shoes. A pair of classic shoes in addition to wear in the feet feel comfortable in the hand, more worth pondering, as if a piece of art, make people reluctant to wear in the feet, can not help on the shoe in the permanent collections. If you think of shoes sounds Fetish tendency, believe in spring 08 fashion shoes will allow you to feed one's sight on, more or less to obtain from the point of impulse. designers play in 08 years of popular women's fashion design and color choice pattern, pay more attention to flaunt distinctive style, the pursuit of personal independence of conduct grasp of color. Such a pair of shoes full of artistic temperament shoes, go to work, go out, go shopping, go to church...... Bow at a glance, the heart suddenly give birth to a knowing smile, let a woman know how to face the life of hardship, the career path is sonorous, sexy chic. fashion style interpretation of the text so-called "mid suisui similar suisui different shoes,", the designer in every season of new shoe bold breakthrough, and strive to create a new classic. 08 spring and summer series shoes will fashion designer's artistic creativity played most incisive cheap Air Jordans Jordan 10 style design does not follow the crowd, the work also more fine and elegant, on inheriting the Oriental fashion elegant, subtle, western fashion elements of popular made bold improvement, create simple elegant art of fashion. lace up shoes Chinese vogue 2008 Beijing Olympic Games for China to become the focus of world attention, for the sports event plus a little be just perfect fashion heat, perhaps more can reflect fashionable China strong cultural flavor. The famous brand of posters, female models of shoes will be Chinese style deduce so luxurious atmosphere, as Chinese traditional civilization brilliant place, make a woman look more sexy and luxurious, enough to make a man look for. Chinese Red perfect interpretation of a woman's elegant, make your feet look more slender and delicate, cross straps make luxurious and sexy show away from the foot, the laces filar silk winding between the penetration of the unique elegant dress. wedge shoelace pride goes T wedge shoes in winter 07 stage show sexy charm, 08 spring and summer shoes debut, whether large or small woman star, keen on wedge shoe is still unabated. Give up the metal wiredrawing, dynamic pattern of these details, just in the heel shape, wedge shoe will attract 200% eyes. Be the first to bear the brunt is in highly stretched women leg curve, using only a few centimeters gap manufacturing optic >,

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