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Chloé geometric toe ankle boots, white patent leather upper front is divided into three sections, looks simple and unique, more details and decorative elements hidden in the heel. Wedge and cone heel in a straight line geometry with rose coloured crocodile skin, and a navy blue frosted leather contrast. Although appearance looks hale, details are very feminine, tender baby powder in the foot cheap Air Jordans Jordan 13 as if deep in the heart of the tender will not easily reveal. Fendimetal ring chain decoration heels look hard and fragile, do not worry, plays a supporting role in the middle of the heel. Metal ring like dumb newly unearthed in medieval armor, with light luxury Silver Snake laces. A round leather rope as a snake wrapped around the foot, emitting a seductive and dangerous signal. This pair of rigid and soft shoes this summer will be sounded the loudest note.,

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