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08 years summer, ladies fashion will show five themes:idol type: focus on texture and shape, no longer adhere to the simple lines. color: partial pink Beige will bring a very soft feel. Pale beige and dark red, with purple, will become a classic. fabric: both sportswear, casual clothes or fashion, transparency, gloss will become the new Chase, especially the fog color will lead the forefront of popular. So that particular line or the flower like texture, edge highlighting some fuzzy linen will become mainstream. style: coat more emphasis on comfort, tighten the waist, other parts of loose, especially the mast sleeve. Design of with shoulder's shoulder, but there will be lining. inspired by Japanese kimono effect, lively and lovely wind blowing again. You can always remove the cap pocket, collar lace; lace; with dresses and high socks;... The city will Jinxian light wind. Metropolis: combining formal and casual, open up new aesthetic taste. color: mist gray, light blue; specific neutral color, blue and pink can make people relaxed; neutral green; light red. fabric: prominent linen texture; have a strong sense of geometric patterns and stripes cotton; monochrome stripe and embroidery with a combination of fabric. style: summer to rub into the coat elements, such as bags, belts, more relaxed, the texture is slightly thick. tight fitting suit cheap Air Jordans Jordan 17 highlighting the hip line, a skirt to the knee. School of nature: the original, simple and natural. color: white, yellow, brown, grey soft fabric: hand woven linen, cotton, silk from the very texture, can fully reflect the appropriateness. Plaid, striped cloth rural feeling. Have been feeling washed denim fabric and collocation, will also become a trend. With lace linen. style: a male, neutral tops, with medieval style, coupled with a small pocket of french. even dress, with lace, round neckline. shorter side of the loose pants will be more popular, no belt, will become a bright spot. doublet with shorts playful dress will be increased. two piece Romper dress and collocation, bare legs or with trousers, are very fashion. romantic: abstract and mottled color images, and more feminine color: bright red and orange; a variety of colors together, cool and warm color of the additive; a flower shaped patterns beautiful purple; purple flowers with a partial white blue. >,

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