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Fine God leisure the comfortable, vibrant life passion, the taste of spring, the summer sun, is noble, it is perfect for spring and summer fashion trends 2008 Men's and women's shoes deduction. recently, a theme of "I love Italy shoe" shoes show staged in the Forbidden City Gate, Italy numerous world brand in the T stage romantic interpretation of Italy's top brand shoes, shoes and fashion bags of the latest design, at the same time, Italy Footwear Association Fashion Institute of professional consultants also released a report in 2008 spring and summer fashion shoes fashion. men's shoes: advocating natural element Men's design philosophy 2008 from Finland Alva · the unique concept of Artaud and Japan's Shigeru Ban two design works, Scandinavian Peninsula series, and spring series, while tropical American summer series mainly, focus on the performance of three big charm: Norway spring, spring, summer tropical America, make people relaxed movement at the same time experience unique combination of clear, pattern design and city hip-hop perfect people in the classic show in the air. Norway spring Finland famous designer Alva · new art Scandinavia Artaud is a source of inspiration for building style, unique line beauty shows man's taste; cold tone color and city, as well as summer color will become the mainstream cheap Air Jordans Jordan 7 this is in contrast with paint for color and metallic color, but always single colour collocation based on the asymmetric style; streamlined and aerodynamics, the movement style of special design, the new concept of expression movement, which was more suitable for the current athletic market; material source of natural strong impact, such as the use of small leather or canvas material with metal decorations uppers, using high-tech fiber in shoes interior, and with the traditional leisure style. hot spring this series of inspiration comes from the 50's of the last century the casual jacket shirt; hue from elegant slender white to pink to moderate soft pastel shades; shoe show dignified and with a little leisure style and classic Indian style, not to stick at trifles moccasins -- light, a bag bottom single leather sewing, embroidery, more decorative, soft bottom; material the use of flanging calfskin, reticular porous leather stamping molding and thick lines used for casual elegant shape, bulk leather flanging calfskin and stamping with flowers for many sports, hemp flowers like leather and canvas bottom for innovative MAXIE shoe style. American summer The series is inspired by a reconstruction and transformation of the city's point of view, full of elegant city summer elements in regular, formal and does not lose the feeling, the original is the unique city color design; red yellow blue white ash and unique lacquer city cement and asphalt consisting of constitute the main > this series the,

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