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2009 footwear trend will return to elegant, attractive and state, and the slope with female shoe will still be popular. However, the shoes will have to light, explanation of classical feminine style. The shoes in the form of decoration often use pearl and mother of pearl, in order to reduce weight. This season of metallic color is still very important, but no longer on the shiny, antique performance more prominent in this season, before opening the still popular. a trend: thick with . stiletto resurgence, this time, they re occupy the top of fashion trend, put an end to the rough with the revolution, and thick bottom has started a new round of marriage -- the forefoot part shoes hides a piece of thick bottom, the second part is to support the super fine heel. Slim front of heavy and later produced strong contrast effect, elegant and sexy. Leather woven around the ankle with thick bottom, outline curve of women the most sexy legs. two trends: the romantic lace tie of various materials arranged in a crisscross pattern, is another development of ballet shoes complex, romantic girl feelings can not be missed. Ballet shoes satin shoes with heels, so that the entire section women more elegant cheap Air Jordans Jordan FLY noble, how the system design by yourself. With fashion and classic beauty, is a new season. In addition, have to mention is, rivet, chain, metal punk heavy flavor is the decoration of the most popular shoes, tie in 2009 in addition to elegant, is more of a rock. three trends: Sexy snake continue in 2008 2009 trends, each big brand show we saw the snake figure enough. Changes in color and texture for each pair of love, hate not to move home, be most willing to become "femme fatale". four trends: the pattern of high-heeled in 2009, we can see, many designers will design inspiration of themselves into high heels, a few years ago T platform heels always fine as transformation between thick soled shoes stilettos and heavy needle unparalleled, and now the designer to heel is introduced to the carving of every hue, the heel is. Dizzying, let people see the heel of that a moment thinking this is an art of sculpture.,

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