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Beijing seems to be in the race and season, just enter the October, spring summer 2009 men and women's shoes and fashion trends conference held in Beijing. This is the Italy Foreign Trade Commission (ICE) and the Italy Footwear Industry Association (ANCI) is one of the series of activities jointly organized the "SHOES FROM ITALY" shoes fair. In October 11th at the conference, Italy Fashion Institute expert Aldo Premoli, introduces the international shoe fashion trends to the Chinese media and traders. Aldo Premoli points out, this is a mixed but certain elegant season: footwear fashion trends will return to a quiet and elegant, attractive and state. Retained slope with peace and stability, but the two are combined in shape and light than in the past, is a perfect interpretation of the classic feminine style. But these need to be redesigned to fit the shape ratio, material and color effects. In the exterior decoration, often using pearl and mother of pearl, in order to reduce weight, easy molding. In this season of metallic color are still important but no longer pay attention to shine; archaic performance more prominent in this season. Before opening the still popular. In this season, sports shoes will appear more elegant style. Sports attire but from not to exercise, just for the comfort and luxury. Fabric with leather and fabric, decorated with lace and plaid fabric style. But in terms of its comfort, wide and design. in the men's spring and summer of 2009, Aldo Premoli, mainly introduced the popular trend of three kinds of style. The first is new elegant style of men's shoes, which is characterized by clear, crisp tailoring. Concise cheap Air Jordans Jordan+Future obviously alluding to the late nineteen eighties style, embodies a network like beautiful simplicity. In the color, this style of shoes used contemporary design style is very black resin??. It is preferable, footwear materials this style of soft, very bright, sometimes with a smooth surface or reflective qualities, the use of leather and fabric, still is opening. secondly, this season's slippers is confident and light, is a mixture of desire and sophisticated, elegant details show. Both the rock and the poetic romantic style, strong color directly by the jelly rainbow colors to create. Very easy to arouse the wearer's inspiration. In the fabric, this style of shoe is widely used reptile leather, or the use of ultra light suede. finally, Aldo Premoli also introduced the trend of family style street shoes. This style of followers in the clothing is often paired with the sports clothing, this season of this style of men's inspiration comes mainly from the ethnic, modern obvious effect weakened, Africa art. In the tone with deep plant tone primarily, connected by a neutral color, emitting a bright sunlight color. The fabric > Simple organized,

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