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1918 in Boston in the United States, when Timberland founder Nathan Swartz began from the sewing shoes apprenticeship began his venture, no one can predict, in nearly a century later, he had a shoe workshops will grow up to be a famous international brand. The Timberland saga get the attention of the world, it should be said that began in 1973 and is the birth of the first pair of waterproof yellow boots Yellow Boots, many years later, it is still a significant yellow sign, flow across the world in the high streets and back lanes shuttle. and in 1978 the introduction of the classic handmade boat shoe (Traditional Hand-sewn), it is more meaningful. The success of yellow boots on again, Timberland is keen to capture the market trends, the first to launch a unique appearance of boat shoes, and the combination of the traditional hand sewing techniques, making the shoes have numerous consumers after thirty years. In a sense, and it was launched there leisure style in the industry of shoemaking and fashionable. classical handicraft sailing shoes (Traditional Handsewn) production process in strict and complex. First cheap Nike Lunar Lunar 36 Flyknit in the choice of materials, it has almost harsh demands on the leather raw materials. Must be in the first layer high quality leather, the melted through the system processing good, ensuring flexibility and breathability. Each pair of shoes and shoe toe is a block of leather coating, so the leather color must be consistent, and uniform thickness. In the process of making shoes, the use of traditional handmade. Each shoe has 80 pins, seam uniform, so only experienced craftsmen to do this job. Making good products also need to undergo a rigorous quality inspection, can eventually and consumers. Sailboat shoes success, also shows the Timberland in these thirty years of unremitting efforts. But Timberland was so created another shoe industry of classics. in 2008, thirty years and over. In order to commemorate the 30 anniversary of the birth of classical handicraft sailing shoes, Timberland in the grand launch of classical handicraft sailing shoes 2008 limited edition series, an expression of the classic.,

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