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Shoes easy 07 months 29 news, fashion international brand Bally the latest United Saint Martin design strength, women shoes design widely creative. In 2009, by Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler leadership activities, invite 15 students to design shoes challenges, aesthetic elements at a unique creative also lose Bally.brand executive director Berndt Hauptkorn said: "we are very happy this time to cooperate with Saint Martin students, we will this combination as long-term exchange, also will promote the development of Bally to the world of luxury brands." The unique shape of pay attention to heel, 5 students selected from 15 classic models of Switzerland and Italy brand workshop cheap Nike Air Max 90 Lunar 90 C3.0 as a design prototype. The cream of the crop models include Estefania Cortes Hawker, William Hendry, Frida Hofslgare, Stephanie Turner and Charles Youssef. When it comes to Louise Wilson Professor: "for the brand, the opportunity to give young people with creative, is undoubtedly a good thing. Bally it is through cooperation that for young designers to achieve their design time, they choose their own areas of development is also very valuable opportunity.",

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