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Since the advent of high-heeled shoes, it has been dominated the women's feet, can foil thin high-heeled women's beautiful figure, however, it also gives women friends bring a lot of troubles, "wear high-heeled shoes to walk than to run a marathon with ease". Now, health and comfort combined with fashion elements of fashion slippers is quietly popular. In New York, Paris, London, Hongkong and other international metropolis Street, people can often be seen wearing fashionable clothes women, foot wear is a pair of fashionable and comfortable fashion slippers.slippers, wear is a leisure and mood, relaxed life, let people temporarily forget the tense pace, walked slowly, I feel the life. At the same time, often wear slippers to beautify a subtle role, can make the ankles, thighs and calves become fit and healthy. slipper is the most concise shoes, the most healthy and comfortable shoes, the best show football shoes. In the past, slippers has been considered to be difficult to get in good taste of home products, fashion slippers for slippers on fashion coat, not only to get rid of the shackles of fashion shoes, wear comfortable, healthy, and integration into the international fashion design elements, with the popular dress, suitable for various occasions to wear. is the global leader in fashion slippers, research and development of Baofeng group has been committed to fashion slippers in 20 years cheap Nike Air Max 90 Lunar 90 EM product constantly bring forth the new through the old, sold around the world, and won the "every ten Americans have one person wearing Baofeng slippers" reputation. In 2008, Baofeng group BOREE (PO) brand officially launched a new upgrade product concept -- slippersBOREE color drag. BOREE color drag unique design, full of fashion and leisure atmosphere, not only the processing fine, elegant style, and wear fit, comfort, slender heels, natural slope, exaggerated muffin with, low-key arc with strange triangle, with...... A flip flops, T sandals, double sandals and other styles, and fine embroidered lines, stretch, with a three-dimensional sense, elegant colors. Using high quality leather and other materials produced, let summer sandals more refined. Leather is soft, full, elastic, bright surface, uniform color, the overall smooth, stretch, clean shoes, no deformation, both indoor and outdoor wear.,

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