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In the face of a knee high boots shoe and heavy snow boots, those high heels on infinite love women estimated already sick. After a long winter, very not easy to wait until spring new appearance, I would add new members of his cabinet. However, facing the cold weather, thin high-heeled shoes even more magnificent; ornate; fascinating, it also need some courage. So, clever designers come up with stunts, only need to do a "subtraction" is usually appears in the autumn and winter boots, seem to have been put to the summer...... Well, walk in the cutting-edge fashion girls, and there is a new shopping reason, now, to "make"! fish mouth shoes make sex more than a bit movement flavor open a "fish mouth" in front of ankle boots, is a popular style this autumn and winter brands to repeng. So, to the spring and summer, the fish mouth shoes behoove has upgraded version, from Chanel to MiuMiu, and then to the popular "fried chicken" AlexanderWang, are invariably put the new camp in this season. Different with before, the new season the fish mouth shoes "bandage" focus, let originally sexy styles adds a lot of exercise flavor cheap Mizuno Mizuno 17 but also because of height of about 10cm, still keep the woman, was also more than a valiant and heroic in bearing, become this season hot choice will naturally not accidental.fish mouth shoes let the sexy more bit movement flavor do not wear socks, will be exposed toes just is kingcraft, even socks, also like to have a girl like AlexanderWang, wearing open toe socks, but you'd better have a slender leg! Since it has been to the spring and summer, may wish to bold choice above the knee mini skirt or pants, can make your legs look slender. If the leg lines not confident, the straight cylinder washing jeans up to 7 points, is also a good choice. Slender female calf enough. go to all lengths to keep up with the perspective of boots "perspective" spring tide of last summer YSL full perspective "cage shoe" boom has not been forgotten, the spring and summer of this year the trend and stage a comeback, more just, echoed this season. "Perspective" elements. The most prominent representative brand SergioRossi than to shoes famous, its flagship full hollow grid boots, hollowed out pattern in fish scale like, to sparkle to do an ornament, easily make you find everything fresh and new! As for the transparent boots KarlLagerfeld Chanel2010 spring rolls out, let the transparent >,

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