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Rome gladiator sandals, sexy snake, romantic laces, exotic, coloratura high-heeled, metal punk shoes, open fields, and fringed ankle buckle... These wonderful details, decided the spring / Summer 2011 footwear trend. Wardrobe Xiaobian summed up the 7 fashion keywords for you, help you stand in the trend of cutting-edge 2011.1, Rome gladiator sandalshas been in the market for a protracted war, gladiator sandals has finally become a large-scale epidemic. In 2010 the gladiator sandals is fashion people shopping list with registration must have item, to 2011 gladiator sandals have become the trendsetter shoe must have the lead paragraph, 2010 design is also more abundant, from flat to high, there is always a would you like. buying advice: a pair of gladiator sandals are no longer as original as attract sb.'s attention, unless you find a very unique tactics, but a double for you, will accompany you through the whole summer. 2, sexy snake continued the trend in 2010 autumn and winter in 2011, each big brand show we saw enough snake tattoo. Changes in color and texture for each pair of love cheap New Balance NB009 hate not have moved home, be most willing to become "femme fatale". buying advice: and those snakes printing floridly insulation, don't be cheap to buy cheap imitations, pick a pair of inside quality snake high-heeled shoes, whether it is real or artificial leather, it is quality! 3, romantic laceTie a variety of materials arranged in a crisscross pattern, is another development of ballet shoes plot, romantic girl feelings can not be missed. buying advice: tie for sandals more interesting details, cabriale sandals minimalist design if wearing comfortable, it is the best choice for the summer tropical plain, you also to have a look of the various leather strap sandals. 4, exotic with all kinds of exaggerated exotic accessories in the T on the color, each big brand footwear with exotic, cabriale Italy style sandals especially. buying advice: flat easily become dull, but in this situation, you can add flats with unique and interesting for the wardrobe; and a pair of exotic high-heeled shoes, and this year the Greek fairy style dress dress collocation is very wonderful. 5, coloratura heelsa few years ago T platform heels always fine as transformation between thick soled shoes stilettos and heavy needle unparalleled, and now the designer to heel is introduced to the carved decoration of every hue, didn't have time to answer the coloratura heel is. buying advice: if your style is bold and unique >,

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