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In the "big one" cyclone swept down, only the real fashion people can grasp the relationship between loose and tight, but in fashion pie mouth, a tighten legs pants called legging -- boots love: narrow leg pants.although "narrow leg pants" call awakened us to some of the last century, memory, such as it was at the time of the name often called fitness pants, cone pants...... But it's like fashion cockroaches, tenacious survival, success "variation", today has become a fashion word dictionary we need new: legging (paste pants). A, wake up the narrow leg pants bootsnarrow leg pants recovery should be attributed to the two winter boots popularity and neutral taste a get out of hand's sake, skirt with boots, easily end into two kinds: one is the pure girls home, one is a kept woman, this match is not only let people dress positioning inaccurate, but feeling too routine. handsome and agile collocation than with pants collocation, boots on shorts are much more relaxed, but on the pants, you must stick legs, or bulging, others looked uncomfortable, he does not wear comfortable. So narrow leg pants became women shopping painstakingly pursue. Unfortunately, the pants but have not been slow local brands and businesses to find the feeling, in shopping malls, rigid straight legged trousers and tacky is still raging cheap Nike Basketball Nike KD 7 found that section form and color are all dressed out of the narrow leg pants only in some fashion store, some brands such as MarcJacobs, DIESEL also has legging. If you smell good trend, Japan and South Korea to hot pursuit trend family shop to look for IN narrow pants. in fact, pants, trousers and old cone narrow leg pants wardrobe in modern course are also different, the low popularity of the era, rarely see someone wearing high waisted trousers, narrow leg pants is absolutely should choose low waist, hips and close fitting clipping design; and the cone trousers loose fat hip difference. B, when the narrow leg pants with pointed shoes is narrow leg pants survival rule only boots this fate? Of course, No. Although with vigour and vitality of the boots have become narrow leg pants match, but occasionally a day, MM days off too hot boots still infatuated with narrow leg pants created leg feeling, try with a low heel shoes, which is keen to become the latest experience with people, the upper part of the body the best of the short jacket or vest, carrying large bags, the feeling is very cool. when the disaster caused by flooding water fitness pants collocation is the most loving travel shoes, this rule has been completely revised. If the height is high enough, the ballet shoes like a pointed shoes match is comfortable and fashionable feeling good choice strong, but if not long legs confidence on height, a double cusp high-heeled shoes to the elongated lower body ratio approach is the most practical, it gives you the confidence to go out of the house. What C, follow the trend of more >,

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