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When I see Jack Purcells appeared, zero in on its resistance, every summer, will go to shop mad panic buying. This "Oxford Jack Purcells" is to let my eyes bright. Using a different color to interpret the feet shoes, and selects the material produced, filled with the taste of summer. but for the Jack Purcells series, the color and the material is only the second, is really attracted me an interesting story behind it, with each pair of Jack Purcells the tongue of Logo, represents what you don't know that two black triangle, is actually to the figure for men's lips beard cheap Nike Running Revolution did not think of 70 years ago were so "Cute", the interesting design into shoes. While Jack Purcells is called open smile, because the Smile curved design special toe before. But you do not think it is just a decoration, the original intention is to make the shoes wear better, because the Jack Purcells the first to appear in front of the world, the biggest difference with the other CONVERSE shoes is toe before a layer of rubber material to extend the service life of shoes. today, Jack Purcells has become the trend of people's must-have item, and the "Oxford" Jack Purcells is suitable for wear in summer, go quickly, it has been the owner. CONVERSE spring summer 2011 the new "Oxford" Jack Purcells out,

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