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Today's fashion circle, Italy occupies almost undisputed supremacy in the field of shoemaking, even with "die another day" style, which is among the few master if double "made in Italy" possession, absolute town not table. Recently, the shoe fashion trends Italy famous fashion research firm ANCI released 2009/10 year in autumn and winter, provides a practical guide for consumers to buy. Now, let us try to locate something, to feel this luxury of autumn and winter. women's fashion trend: Sport chic retro + movement -- the parts, details of the deal and some sports shoes technology applied to the design, makes every single shoe styles are very classic and bring some ancient flavor, dynamic. Urban Jungle folk style + wild Regression -- calfskin leather, suede, and even fur all kinds of natural leather, shoe a little folk style, design processing bias masculine, strong heel. Notable is cheap Adidas Superstar Superstar 2(4) crocodile embossed leather and rivet elements but this year's hot oh! Bio - design green theme + naturalism -- branches, bark, marbling and berries pattern and all other ecologically relevant concepts are applied to the design of the design concept, outstanding flowers and plants, wedge heel and exquisite design. Hyper - decor+ exaggerated stunning luxury wind -- metal decorations everywhere, stone, artificial crystal, velvet, satin and other popular, using the national style of jewelry and embroidery that the shoes become very light. men's fashion trend: ELECTROPOP ergonomics -- dermis and high-tech fabric is the main choice shoe materials, with elongated, with sole leather or rubber ergonomically designed, leave a shoe design has enough space for the footsteps. CAFE CHANTANT elegant hippies -- materials rich: Nubuck, hair sheep, ",

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