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In the occasion of the forthcoming opening of the London Olympic Games as an official sponsor Adidas adidas company closed the only one affiliated factory in China, which with its recent high-profile development in China not very coordinated. This facility is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park is just 160 employees, mainly the production of clothing, even the non-owned properties are the size and the biggest OEM factory Adidas Yue Yuen Industrial difficult to compare, which tens of thousands of employees, and has own industrial park. Adidas, an official statement said, after this the Suzhou plant closures, Adidas provide more than 300 products in China is still OEM factory. Annual Adidas "opening and closing" strategic Adidas calendar display until 2011, China is still the largest source of their purchases, accounting for its 30% share, three years ago, this proportion was 32%. Decline in the proportion of the main reason is to increase the purchases of other countries, thereby diluting the proportion of procurement in China. In terms of sales, Adidas sales in the first quarter of this year, the Chinese market was 385 million euros, an increase of 26%, the proportion of total global sales for the first time more than 10%. Last year, the adidas Group sales grew by 13%, while the Greater China region, the figure is 23%. As Adidas, Nike footwear foundries, Yue Yuen Industrial annual report further confirmed the above argument. 2011 reported a total of Yue Yuen Industrial production increased 16.7% to 537 lines, the majority are located in three main production base - China, Vietnam, Indonesia. Respectively, with 255,140 and 134 production lines, while in 2010 this figure earnings report were: 226,120,114 bar. Chinas stock and remains the largest increment. Adidas and other international brands in the domestic production is mainly in the form of OEM cheap HOT sale Under Armour UA Curry 2 Mens Basketball Shoes White sapphire blue gold foundries no right to sell its products in the domestic sales need to export to domestic sales, coupled with Chinas labor costs have been ranked third in Asia, Indonesia and Vietnam, two times (ChinaBriefing The latest survey). So, in terms of the domestic market, imported shoes produced in Southeast Asia, in terms of cost and not because of higher tariffs and domestic production of shoes, these companies spread the risk factors that could cause the partial relocation of production. Although Adidas Suzhou plant shut down, but at the moment the only Adidas logistics and warehousing center in Suzhou in China will continue to retain, and there were indications that a new storage center in Tianjin will soon be renovated completed. And more mature markets abroad compare view, the domestic logistics situation has not improved overall. Some big-name sportswear brand has long relied on force, Yaku franchisee, let alone risk. This is also due to historical reasons, the original shop in China will be able to make money, and basically single-brand stores based. And when the brand owner, franchisee stores in the country with the number six after seven thousand, it is inevitable there is a huge pressure on the stock, then the ability to compete with the logistics of inventory is critical. 2004-2008, as the entire industry is in a growth stage rocket, Adidas, after the financial crisis, there have been serious inventory problem and lead channels shocks, performance decline. After two years of inventory digestion period, Adidas developed a "Strategy 2015", made the top five growth model and five Raiders. 2015 announced a new open 2500 stores in China. To this end the company with more than six months time for the restructuring and reengineering the organizational structure, the establishment of an office in Chengdu, western and central China to strengthen regional management model to enhance rapid response capability. In fact, in order to be able to keep up with timely and accurate market demand, logistics and inventory management will largely determine the apparel retail industry enterprises life and death. " "Opening and closing" of Chinese strategic adjustment, reflecting the Adidas "insisted OEM production, improve supply chain execution" of strategic change.,