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Some people say, about a woman's memoir, people often only care about three things: she is the most beautiful appearance, loved man and with the number of shoes. In the spring of 2008 come unexpectedly, this season's high-heeled shoes, the woman said, all the details of an infinite publicity, is any season high-heeled shoes can not match. High heeled shoes, fashion became hot wheels in spring, a wild high, stand proudly. color: classic color and beauty candy80's of last century, curly hair, red dress, black and white high heels emanating from the western style and fashion, now still seems to be a classic, black or white, vamp without any modification, in shopping malls, in street fashion store, in each of his two feet, flashing a plain, confident or distant beauty. "Color high-heeled shoes off." makeup artist Mary on a pair of red shoes, the living room floor filled with high heels, pink, pink, sky blue, green fruit...... "Black and white high heels should be every woman should cheap HOT sale Puma X Rihanna Suede Creeper Couple Skateboard shoes Palm but this year's fashion is sweet like candy." Indeed, the weekend in Xiaozhai, fashion beauty feet, color high-heeled shoes on the ground in a "Ding Ding Dong Dong", sweet room full of fashion rhythm. height: Fashion Everest although the man saw Ms. feet tall height shouted: "danger!" But the high-heeled shoes still in "Mount Everest" the latest fashion measuring high challenge limit, today might be a round baby shoes, tomorrow is 15 cm high heels; in the TV series "sex and the city", a column writer Kylie on a 10 cm high heel shoes, wearing a dew shoulder evening dress, every night. In New York Yan Street, become party animal typical "in many people's mind" (Party Game). reporter in a "Chinese shoes club", the latest version of the 16 cm high heel shoes have begun to accept online booking. Reporter in the interview found, many women wear more than 10 cm high heel shoes, they think it is the real high heels. material: leather to the popular "patent" is still the spring mentioned noun most times, Black Patent Heels because of its characteristics all-match, almost in Europe and the United States the trend Langjian woman feet can be seen, and a red, more is seen on the Party, is the magic weapon to attract the eye, don't rob dress show, LouisVuitton the new season of purple Patent Heels, MIUMIU leather head high heels, GUCCI slub beige leather high-heeled shoes...... The paint is still popular for many years, the classic. with: N possible heelswith high heels with black trousers or dress is a matter of the last century, high heels with the concept has been N>,