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Adidas or celebrating its turning point in the Chinese market recently, Adidas announced 2011 first quarter earnings, the data show, Adidas global sales grew 18%, which, in Greater China in the first quarter sales growth of 36%, an increase in other area above. And in March of this year, Adidas released the 2010 annual financial report, the Greater China region achieved sales of 1 billion euros, an increase of 3%, the removal of exchange rates, down 2%, not 15% of the worlds average growth rate. Reduced by the increase, for once in the China market and channel inventory pressure trapped in the dilemma of Adidas, will usher in a turning point seems to indicate in 2011. Adidas Group also announced the 2011 first quarter earnings report, raised its full-year sales forecast, expressed confidence in the future development. In this regard, the independent sports industry watchers Magang, told reporters that, in his opinion, a very important factor in the high growth in the first quarter of Adidas is to restore growth, that is, to return to 2008 levels. Key Road Sports Consulting Ltd. CEO Zhang believes that the growth stems from the reform and adjustment, "when in fact the fourth quarter of last year, the results for Adidas in China has begun to rise, the strong growth in the first quarter of this year can be considered to change the 2008 Adidas when he was blind expansion, adjust the direction, and now insists results pragmatic expansionism. "specific reasons contributed to the growth of Adidas revive what is it? Channel remodeling in 2009, in order to get out the plight of the Chinese market, Adidas began reforms in the domestic marketing channels. Related statistics show that throughout 2009, Adidas closed for at least a 200 more stores. The results led to the withdrawal of Adidas store in the Chinese market was in an awkward position, in March 2010, showed a profit in 2009, Li Ning released, Li Nings market share in China over Adidas. Zhang said that Adidas to reshape the channel, adjust the policy to large distributors to strengthen channel support, be sure to support the advertising strategy, pricing strategy and policy activities, thus contributing more to getting goods dealers and shop. Adidas, a set of data in the message is provided to the reporter, a quarter comparable sales at its retail partners in the growth rate reached 40% -60% higher than the average level of 36%, reflecting data from Adidas initial results on the reform of the distribution channels. A reform of the domestic channels Adidas is very important initiative is divided into five regions were re-strengthen the management and control of the channel. Not long ago, the establishment of the Western Adidas headquarters office in Chengdu, marking Adidas completed the restructuring of the five regions of Greater China. High Skyline Group Managing Director of Adidas Greater China general manager had said: "we are determined to win the western region is the focus area, our full line of products have been listed in this area, we have the unique advantage that will help us to better perform in the region brand penetration. "Zhang believes, the adidas Group is now re-layout of the regional market, understand the market for close to give the dealer support has helped to improve the efficiency of sales channels. Late last year, Adidas announced a gateway to "2015 China" strategy, five years of double-digit annual growth, the product distribution destination cities from the current 500 to 1,400 cities, new store openings 2500. As can be seen from this plan, Adidas will sink to the next 900 or so domestic four-tier cities. Adidas The move, confirmed from the second half of last year, its rebound in the Chinese market, to set the tone for future development and expansion. Zhang this view, "Adidas pragmatic doctrine expansion strategy, the performance is very good cheap HOT sale Puma X Rihanna Suede Creeper Couple Skateboard shoes green where Adidas consumers, will open his shop where Adidas sinking to tier urban markets in the future may will be even more evident. "Zhang believes that today there is no significant regional differences in the brands spending power. Consumers are willing to spend some small cities to buy expensive brand. Therefore, the expansion of the brand should break geographical boundaries, especially domestic sports brand, Adidas can learn pragmatic expansion seize the development potential of the market. Adidas, the reporter said: We believe that the "Gateway 2015" China strategy and for this growth to provide a clear direction. Multi-line brand development Magang believes Reebok brand eye-catching performance growth for the first quarter of the adidas Group grew great contribution. Adidas and Reebok brand sales of the brand in the first quarter were up 18% and 24%. January 2010, Adidas and Pou Sheng International signed a cooperation agreement, Reebok Baosheng became the exclusive agent in China, the two co-design, production and sales of Reebok products. Magang believes Adidas Baosheng good cooperation with international, for Reebok to expand in China has played an important impact on the expansion in China to help Reebok terminal stores. Although Reebok had not disclosed the specific number of stores, but Magang said that by re-adjust the positioning of Reebok, Adidas and increased investment in publicity, from the beginning of last year, growth in China Reebok results very quickly. In multi-line Adidas brand development strategy, NEO is an important piece. Since its establishment in 2007 until now, NEO layout of the 800 currently in China to more than 1,000 stores, is one of Adidass the end of the sub-brand, NEO positioned between the age of 14 to 19 year-olds, more stylish and casual style , the price is more close to the people, is about half of the Adidas sport performance (performance) of. Adidas official website from the data, as the representative to the NEO sports fashion products in the first quarter sales growth of 51%, expanding rapidly. Mid-market positioning Adidas NEO against the rise of domestic brands in a sword, Zhang believes that this reflects the Adidas insight into Chinese consumers. Chinese consumer movement participation is low, the sport requires high fashion sense, there is willingness on various occasions wearing sporty clothes, which determines the development of fashion sports products in the Chinese market has more potential than the professional sports products. Adidas regard to this reporter, said: "We look forward to the next five years, by virtue of its excellent brand portfolio, achieved double-digit sales growth year after year." Tighten up "fashion" Space March 18, 2011, Adidas launched a new advertising strategy "adidasisallin" (all out effort). Adidas gathered its first sports performance series (adidasSportPerformance), sports the classic series (adidasOriginals), sports fashion series (NEO, Y-3, SLVR) three series, collective appearance. The new spokesman for the group, invited Li Bingbing, Eason Chan, Angelababy and other entertainers. Magang said: "This will promote the integration of Adidas brands marketing strategy that can affect the pattern of current sports marketing strategy, that is, from a single brand to multi-brand integrated promotional spread." Zhang believes that the new ad Adi reshape the image of digging a commonality between the various brands, which is full of the spirit of sports passion, Adidas brand from conservative to more dynamic communication with consumers is also more effective. In addition, from the point of view invite entertainment celebrity endorsements, Adidas will attach importance to the development of sports fashion series. In this area, the Chinese market has nurtured China Dongxiang, special steps such as a large number of local competitors, they are differentiated by bypassing the demands of fashion marketing and Adidas "sport" confrontation, access to the room to grow. And now, Adidas sports fashion is "tightening" the survival of these local brands, a more conversational Chinese market, Adidas will be born, for local sports fashion brands, the future bypass direct competition with Adidas will become was impossible.,