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In the cheerful music and lighting, and Yao Chen graceful posture completed a period of dynamic courses detonated boiling music scene training boom, also officially opened the Adidas Womens Training "opening play" music academy sports experience trip. Spring 2012, Adidas invited renowned actor Yao Chen as Adidas sports performance training series of new womens spokesperson. As the first show endorsement after Yao Chen at exclusive Adidas fitness instructors with many female friends prerelease experience first class music training camp, Yao Chen also issued a general mobilization to women who: join Adidas fitness ranks activate more exciting life. adidas spokesperson Yao Chen with a personal trainer along with "opening play" on a global scale, Adidas have teamed up to several top athletes and outstanding women to interpret the "all-out effort to" brand spirit, choose YAO endorsement also adidas global brand strategy is reflected in Chinas . Mr. Vice President, Adidas sports performance department Mak Yan Shi (Jens Meyer) said: "We are very pleased to have Yao Chen as Adidas Womens Training Series spokesperson she is not only a healthy, outspoken, energetic woman, and very sporty. ; this with Adidas all out effort brand image is very fit and we hope through YAO infected more young women, so that they stimulate positive assertive energy in motion, and Adidas will happy be in the end together "as the Adidas Womens Training. series in the spring of 2012 opened the first campaign, Adidas particular that "let play" The campaign concept. Moment more and more women want to maintain healthy and beautiful through movement, want to add life more fun through sport. "Let play" to capture this change is to encourage young women to release physical activity, enjoy your sport. Adidas is also tailored for them a series of music academy courses, courses cover a wide range of contemporary popular sport, such as dancing, boxing and yoga, or heat unlimited, or stretch charming, not only can plastic body fat burning, more help women enjoy sports brought Hearty and joy. Music Training Camp fitness classes not only will major in Adidas fitness center to promote cooperation cheap HOT sale Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Couple casual shoes Palm[AQ2661] Adidas depth universities will also invite more female undergraduates fitness experience. Cheerful YAO microblogging is not only the queen and fashion ICON, in a busy work schedule, the movement has always been an indispensable part of her. She also shared their music training experience, she said:. "I am very pleased to be trained as Adidas Women spokesperson new season, and everyone turned let play music academy experience let play is to be happy movement, in line with our younger generation and positive attitude to life and we can get from the sport healthy, happy to learn, make friends, this enthusiasm will spread to every corner of life. "In order to make women love to be able to freely exercise in training , an emotional release to play, Adidas has also brought new upgrade of the classic three stripes series. The entire series is simple yet detailed, sports and fashion, and integrated a number of exclusive Adidas Clima series technology. Adopt more open stomata design, breathable mesh material and ventilation design, effectively absorb, transport body heat and sweat, and it evaporates quickly, so keep dry and comfortable movement and get the best athletic performance. Meanwhile the classic three stripes series also thoughtful consideration to the needs of indoor and outdoor wear as well as different physical activity, with a variety of clothing choices. Design, Slim and easy with a simple series of new, more mix and match with other products complement each other. Meanwhile, the playful use of "Adidas three stripes" design as decoration in different parts of the body, making the series more dynamic fashion.,