Jan 27

Apple will publish mobile payment services


According to foreign media reports, Apple is currently preparing the launch of its own mobile payment services to enter this market has a huge potential for development .
The media recently quoted the ” Wall Street Journal ,” the sources pointed out that Apple’s senior vice president of Internet services Eddy – Library Iraq (Eddy Cue) has been on Apple’s handling physical goods , services and payment aspects of the role of meetings with industry executives launched . Meanwhile, the vice president of Apple’s online store departments Jennifer – Bailey (Jennifer Bailey) has been promoted to a new position , and is primarily responsible for creating Apple’s mobile payment services.
There is no doubt that the current competition in the field of mobile payments has been very intense, including Square, PayPal and Stripe These companies have launched their own mobile payment services, and greatly facilitate the flow of people through mobile phones to buy physical goods. But so far , Apple in addition to allowing users to purchase online at the iTunes Store movies , music , books and TV shows as well as fees paid by entities within the Apple Store items other than the iPhone , the company did not pay its own ecosystem will be extended to more wider area.
However, do not conclude that Apple is already a latecomer in this field . Considering that the company ‘s iTunes huge user base , Apple is expected to overnight become even mobile payment field, ” seed .”
Apple has said that as of 2013 has a total of 5.75 iTunes accounts , most of which are bound to the credit card account . As early as in June 2012 , Apple CEO Tim – Cook (Tim Cook) has revealed that Apple has more than 400 million credit cards bound iTunes account , which also makes the iTunes became the world with the most credit card account business information platform .
After the launch of Apple’s built- in iOS 6 operating system that can allow users to save tickets, membership cards and coupons Passbook service, which in fact has helped the company in the field of online payments has taken a solid step forward. Moreover, including Dunkin ‘Donuts (Dunkin’ Donuts) and Starbucks businesses allow users to take advantage of Passbook payment .
It should be noted that Apple are deliberately avoided throughout NFC ( Near Field Communication ) payment technology . Some analysts believe that this is mainly because the number of terminals to support NFC payments are not due to the nation’s regions sufficient . In this regard, an industry expert in the 2013 Mobile World Congress (Mobile World Congress) on once said : “If Apple enter the mobile payments space , we believe that the large and small businesses will be immediately on your payment system for the Apple Service upgrade . ”
Apple on the iPhone 5S launched last fall , and its built-in Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology has become the biggest bright spot , which soon led to discussion in the industry, because they believe that Apple can be iTunes, iCloud, TouchID and iBeacon integrate technology and eventually launch its own mobile payment solutions.
Currently, we do not know Apple’s ambitions in the field of mobile payments , how much . The company can be like Google ( microblogging ) , like just launched an e-wallet service , or by allowing users to use a credit card account their own iOS device is bound to buy non- digital goods within the application ( such as payment Uber fares or make purchases on other sites ) . Of course , another possibility is to allow users to take advantage of Apple’s own iTunes account to complete payment at merchants in the entity .
However, we can be sure that , given the huge Apple iTunes binding credit card user base , any action the company may have disruptive effects on the existing mobile payments .

Jan 26

WeChat will import U.S. users Google account


Overseas WeChat promote micro-channel in the United States , January 31 using Google ( microblogging ) account login and invite 5 friends to use, will receive $ 25 ( about 150 yuan ) restaurant coupons.
18:00 EDT , micro-channel Overseas WeChat issued a message of cooperation and Google join forces to all U.S. users .
WeChat push message said: ” Just connect the Google account on the micro-channel , invited five contacts into the micro-channel from your Google account , the micro-channel will be sent equivalent to 150 yuan a hotel gift certificate , this voucher can exceed thousands in the United States restaurant use , this activity will continue until January 31, 2014 . ”
According to the “Connection ” magazine appears in the survey in July last year , Google holds nearly 25 percent of the North American network traffic , with the network ( including Gmail, Youtube and other Google related services users ) and mobile terminal (Google Play) Tens of thousands of Google account, the ability to import Google account, for the development of micro-channel in the United States , it is a very beneficial thing.
Previously, the industry generally are not optimistic about the development of instant messaging in the U.S. market. First, because the United States provide a large number of SMS communications packages, the Americans did not pay too much pressure on text messages , Facebook and other social networking platforms together very popular, even if the communication is very narrow room for growth , the accumulation of users is not easy.
Even im the boss , Whats App development in the United States is not satisfactory .
But interestingly, micro-channel so that a new breakthrough in the way of accumulation by Google user account import and coupons reward way for the future development of the market in the United States laid the foundation for a very favorable .

Jan 24

Asian application market revenue last year jumped 162%


Over the past two years, Asia has become the world’s largest application market , and growing .
According to the latest report released by market research firm Distimo shows that in 2013 the Asian market applications revenue grew sharply by 162% , so that other growth on the continent all to shame . The report also pointed out that application of dynamic Asian market growth is largely from the Google Play App Store , the App Store in 2013 YoY growth in the Asian market more than tripled .
By contrast, Apple’s App Store growth in Asian markets will have to be much slower : iPhone applications in 2013 from the Asian market revenue grew 94%, iPad application is an increase of 64%. However, this growth performance is still better than the App Store in the European and North American markets.
Distimo provides the App Store and Google Play app store their daily application downloads data in the report. In the 013 years in December , the Asian market in the world in the proportion of applications revenue was 41% , North America 31% , Europe 23%.
For now , App Store and Google Play application providers overall application revenues in the Asian market is almost evenly divided. In contrast , App Store in the North American market is still dominated , controlled 75% of the applications revenue , and the remaining 25% of revenues were Google Play to control. In the European market , accounting for both application store revenue is also similar.
Distimo analyst Anna Hertz Mansfield said: “Obviously, compared with North American and European markets , Asian markets on the scene is different .”
In this report , Distimo of alternative Android app store is very concerned about the Chinese market , in part because the Internet giant Baidu to price $ 1.9 billion acquisition of 91 radio . At the same time , the application developers, Japan is still a country on the Asian market is the most profitable , followed by South Korea and China . Despite the rapid rise in mobile penetration in the whole Asian market ( especially in Southeast Asia ) , but the application of income between different regions is still a big gap .
“For example , there is a huge gap between the Asian market (application of income ) occupy the top spot in Japan and Malaysia , the former is 77 times the latter .” Hertz Mansfield wrote in the report. ” Great differences that exist between the divided income Asian countries makes us believe that , at present, this market has not been a balanced division .”
Although in absolute terms the application of income , Japan is the ringleader Asian markets last year , but the growth rate, is South Korea ‘s won the title . This year, South Korea’s application revenue grew significantly by 271% . In the Korean market , most applications revenue comes from Google Play app store , which is not surprising because, according to data released by market research firm Flurry , Apple ‘s share of the Korean market is only 14 %.
In the Asian market , free application is still the dominant mode. In China , the application of 96% of total revenue comes from in-app purchases ; while in Japan and South Korea , free in the proportion of total income were also similar to China , were 94 % and 91 %. By contrast , the U.S. gross income Free Application proportion of 76% .
With other similar users worldwide , the majority of mobile users regard the Asian market is also active within the application time spent playing the game . Last December, the game developer Rovio produced ” Angry Birds Go” is the most downloaded game on the Asian market , followed by Chinese developers to “defend radish 2: Polar adventure .”
In China , only 3.5 % of mobile devices are installed Google Play app store . For this market , Distimo and one of the largest alternative Android app store pea pod cooperate to obtain the more than 3 million users from data .
According pea pods that produced overseas game developers ” have a great opportunity to have access to Chinese gamers .” On this point, many of the game ‘s popularity overseas degree can as evidence, such as Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Fruit Ninja , etc. These games last year in the Chinese mobile game list are squeezed into the front seven .
However, in non-game applications, Chinese local developers are still dominated this market with local software on the Internet phenomenon is consistent leader .
The report stated: ” China’s domestic market is so large that enough to support a fully independent from the rest of the world ‘s ecosystems .”
In fact, 3.5% of Chinese users to install the Google Play app store , these users have a statistically speaking relatively cosmopolitan features, applications they buy in only 65 % are from local developers to develop , in contrast to this pea pod users accounted for 87%.
On the issue into the Chinese market in terms of applications , many Western game developers are initially skeptical because it believes will encounter issues related to privacy in this market , and the commercial aspects of the game will also face difficulties. However, the data showed pea pods , mobile gamers are now more willing to spend money on in-app purchases on activities. In April 2013 between November , the Chinese market massively multiplayer online game average revenue per paying users jumped 400% year on year , outperforming Japan (up 282 percent ) and South Korea (up 342% ) .
“Android users are very interested in buying activity within the game , which broke an old idea that Chinese users will not spend money for the service .” Hertz Mansfield wrote in the report.

Jan 23




Apple Mac since 1984 to “Macintosh” personal brand launched consumer computer , the device uses a separate Mac Os system . Over the years, this iconic Apple products are its excellent industrial design, utility systems and high-end positioning and won the sought after numerous fruit powder .
Time flies, after entering 2014 , Mac machine in fact has entered his thirties . During this time , although the Mac machines have evolved a variety of sizes , configurations and appearance of new products, but its inherent superior quality and design style has remained unchanged .
Recently, the U.S. technology in the form of images on the media to join us in reviewing the “Mac 30 years of glorious history .”
Legend: In 1983, Apple introduced the last three years to build the Apple Lisa computer, which was the world’s first mining GUI and mouse PC . However, when Apple Lisa market in 1983, Apple did not take into account the consumer computer equipment capacity, then the price of this equipment up to $ 9,935 , market conditions are also quite bleak. Moreover , Apple Lisa of Lisa is widely recognized as the eldest daughter Lisa ‘s name is Steve Jobs , Apple ‘s official statement is Local Integrated Software Architecture.
However , strictly speaking Macintosh Apple Lisa does not belong to a family . However , strictly speaking Macintosh Apple Lisa does not belong to a family .

Jan 22

Humin: Contacts application can become more intelligent?


What often makes you crazy phone product is ? How many people the answer would be ” contacts ” ?
Want to find a contact person , often along the first letter of the last name of the directory where the long drag back and forth . Want to search but have forgotten the name of that person , or can not remember when added into the address book in the end using a nickname or real name.
Humin hopes to become a smarter allow iPhone users to manage their address book applications. Of course , the products it wants to achieve this goal have been a lot , but no real winners .
According Humin co-founder and CEO Ankur Jain ‘s idea , he hopes that this product can according to the user ‘s understanding of the relationships to organize their address book.
The contacts are generally alphabetical order by last name first to arrange contacts, but normal users to contact the understanding that where they work , what they are and my relationship is , how well his long , what are my friends know him more. Humin want to follow these elements to allow users to find the person you want to contact .
As the product is still in beta , so it can not provide first-hand experience. But foreign technology media TheNextWeb got the invitation places for the specific use of Humin process .

Jan 20

What kind of mobile applications dealer need?


If the lack of industry guidelines , offline retailers whether they should have a mobile application often feel confused and disoriented.
What retailers should do ? What is consumer demand ? U.S. digital marketing community Econsultancy author Ben Davis offered his observations and recommendations for the industry.
Point one: a novel application of the market is gradually fade away.
To be sure speaking, the application fee is dying , the current application downloads only to less than 10% of the total . The average price of Android applications downloaded for $ 0.06, iOS application is $ 0.19 . App store analytics company Distimo data provided, the current application stores 76% of its revenue from paid within the application , rather than immediately to the application fee.
At the same time , the demand for free applications is declining.
Mobile analytics company Flurry ‘s data showed , on Christmas Day 2013 application download rate than in the past down there , and this is the first time since 2011 decline . This means that the tablet and smart phone market has matured , there has been a reduction in the number of Christmas Day new mobile users .
Point two : Most people rarely use mobile shopping , mobile electricity providers are still developing rapidly.
While some people have not accepted the idea of ​​using mobile phones for shopping , but it did not give mobile ‘s growth trend affected.
In addition, more people are using mobile devices currently landing sites for shopping , rather than using the application .
In the application to download them last Christmas , gaming applications accounted for the largest share , followed by social , media and lifestyle applications. Compared with the above application , the application is still negligible electricity supplier . User groups or electricity supplier applications some old customers.
Point three : Retailers applications mainly serving older customers.
Mobidia ‘s data shows that in 50 of the most popular among iOS mobile shopping application , 52% of monthly active users at least once a week application .
Considering this is only electricity supplier survey iOS mobile applications for 50 of the most popular models , this data should have reservations , but it also means that users of the application using the shopping retailers still have a strong interest in the application .
Due mainly to improve the retailer application user retention rate, and the main service higher levels of those loyal customers , it will be showing a need for this application user activity will be relatively high .
But every home may not be as mobile applications , such as some shopping application is , some do coupons or consumer reward points. What are the different types of application characteristics , the following will continue to explore .
Point four : Mobile Payment and Membership Rewards applications ( such as Starbucks launched the application ) is probably the most successful cases.
Application retailers generally includes the following features :
For in-store features:
· Contact with coupons together to sign ;
· Store navigation ;
· Product Scan ;
· Mobile payment and incentive schemes .
For shop features:
· Store the query ;
· Product rate and review ;
· Electricity supplier shopping features ;
· Games mechanism ( such as a specific time product offers ) ;
· Orders and shipping notices ;
· Magazine -style show features content .
Apple iBeacons as the representative of the product and provide retailers with another model , which is based on geographic location marketing . When the user away from the shops relatively close , you can provide some marketing information .
Starbucks, of course, is to make mobile applications in retail success stories . Because it extends the application of the equivalent of the corporate brand . It conducted a subversion from the entire shopping experience , such as its application itself is the user ‘s membership card, in addition to the payment can be done , you can accumulate bonus points .
Point five : The application is just to meet the unique needs of retailers ? If so, what are these requirements?
Want to let users to become loyal customers , retail applications should have the following requirements:
First: to improve the user experience in-store applications .
This is probably the most important aspect that can be summed up by Starbucks Case:
• Provide time and money to develop applications using.
· Improved application development can not postpone other important figures of “assets” , such as websites .
· The current store is already a well-known brand , unique user experience , or have specialty experience.
· Membership Program and fast payment functions .
Second: to simplify the user experience outside the shop .
· When making mobile shopping , users may need to consider their products or to learn more about .
· User is already a user of a service .
· Pay out of trouble is still an important factor.
· Applications should be able to provide information based on geographic areas .
Third: to improve the online shopping experience.
This part of the retailer may already have a loyal user base , but their application should be adjusted towards the following manner:
The retailer has a broad product line.
· The product must be pretty show it.
· Strong brand identity and commitment to the customer experience.
· Again, retailers want to keep customer information, should be as smooth checkout .
· Customer service may be important.
Fourth: the larger retailers for advice .
· Consumer products should be applied to relatively high frequency users.
· Users want to track orders and order history , perhaps an additional order.
· Has a huge customer base of retailers , the need to service as part of a weekly business.
The size of the retailer ‘s ambitious, but still in a very competitive market, open up the user ‘s mobile phone market will bring new results .
· Mobile applications for retailers , the value is to improve conversion rates, increase revenue is not the goal.

Jan 18

Facebook will do in 2014? Introduce more independent applications

Facebook mobile terminal strategy or change will occur in 2014. Last year proved the value of the mobile advertising market this year, but also what not to make the same thing?
U.S. technology media, The Verge found some clues. At a conference call for the third quarter last year, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said publicly: “We already have a number of stand-alone applications are large-scale use, such as Instagram and Messenger in the future, we expect to develop more similar services. Help users share. ”
Zuckerberg’s words did not attract media attention. But sources said, Facebook does business in accordance with planning the next goal: to develop a series of stand-alone applications.
Facebook changes stems from the lessons of the past two years because of the expansion of their products with the features, the core function independent of those simple products actually easier to attract users. Specifically for various applications such as photographs Instagram, specifically for chat, and even privacy in social sharing product.


Successful Messenger chat application lets Facebook tasted the sweetness , since this relationship to a significant reduction in stand-alone applications and Facebook , its popularity actually grew to become the most popular on the App Store application during the U.S. holiday , more than Instagram, Snapchat and other chat applications.
Facebook standalone application which will be launched next it ? The Verge made ​​the following speculation:
1.Facebook news reader application . For this product , there are media reports that may be launched this month. Zuckerberg long ago expressed the hope that their website is the user’s ” personalized newspaper ” , but the content of the user information stream is too complicated , so some of the explosive report was flooded .
2.Facebook calendar application . Calendar is a user commonly used products. Many commercially available calendar application will connect Facebook, to pull some of the activities or birthday reminders. Opportunities for such products may be attracted to Facebook attention.
3.Facebook search applications. Search the Facebook social graph class has been exploring the products, if such products can be optimized for the mobile terminal , its value would be even more amplified . For example, users can always find something friends on evaluation or recommendation.
Of course , the development of more independent applications also means that Facebook needs to make sacrifices, such as advertising value based on the flow of information will have no impact on the application after the dispersion . These companies need a balanced consideration. In addition, including the failure Facebook Poke and Camera applications such as independence , but also means that some risks.
But when users are accustomed to Facebook, and that when it is no longer cool , Facebook how to make their mobile terminal re “cool” it ? Perhaps the development of stand-alone applications engineers will once again inspire new ideas.


Jan 15

Smart padlock TEO


School, often encounter forgot the key, then ran half the campus to find the keys roommate thing. Was just thinking, if we can remote control key, you can make a phone call to unlock roommate much better! Or more simply point the phone is the key, as long as the phone can be unlocked with. Recently visiting the Kickstarter, and she saw such a project, smart padlock TEO, is simply “forgot the keys were recurring,” the gospel.


TEO is a smart padlocks, connected by a low-power Bluetooth technology and mobile terminal APP, APP can be achieved through open , lock action. As a lock, you first need high security performance. TEO is a spring-loaded padlock , rugged and compact internal components , Newark, California done by the manufacturer Heliox technology assembly , it is learned that the company has been working for nearly a decade with the U.S. military . Form3 done by the Vancouver company designs , compact , with a variety of colors.

Secondly, as a smart padlocks , TEO can be unlocked through mobile phones in addition to the end , you can also share permissions to allow other people to open the lock . Users can share permissions APP will unlock the person designated TEO application is installed, so that others can open the lock up . For example, you go abroad , but my colleagues to continue to lock you in a drawer of a file , you can use remote authorization TEO unlock ; another example, you ‘re playing the game , someone borrow your bike , you do not have to run downstairs to unlock the phone one o’clock that available . Problems arise at the beginning of the article , by TEO lock can also be easily resolved. Since these licenses are encrypted and only , so security is guaranteed .

TEO uses a low -power Bluetooth technology, and designed a sleep mode, you can ensure maximum battery life , learned to use a full charge can last for a year . Users can also check the remaining battery on the APP, if the battery is low , TEO team also offers battery replacement service.

TEO need to raise Kickstarter 16.5 million Canadian dollars in the product produced , has raised 52,000 Canadian dollars , the product can be expected to be available later this year . Cell phones have become a necessity of our lives, the heavy drop a bunch of keys , the lock function is transferred to the phone, and their intelligence is indeed a good idea. The future of such devices also can be used in a small warehouse on the community , without the line transaction requires only online payment , get unlocking authorization , which can use a locker , saving labor costs.


Jan 14

Google acquired Nest

For many people, Nest smart thermostat face somewhat raw. Perhaps just as its founder as Anthony M. Fadell, Nest habits inadvertently distributing low-key charm. Fadel former Apple executive, iPod Steve Jobs brought his design concept, and ultimately subversive music industry, the traditional giants triumph over the altar, as the re-emergence of the Apple empire made ​​an indelible contribution.
Just a month ago, the smart home market Nest in which relatively small minority. Go to 2014, it seems that time and technology has finally accumulated enough energy revolution – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, intelligent home paid off, the light is no less than a smart car, wearing those bulky equipment or surfaces of the TV.
Multi-screen era, all networked, 2014, our world is moving forward strides Revolution 2.0 era. If the 2.0 does not feel intuitive, simple terms, mobile phase 1.0, the phone turned into a powerful pocket version of the PC; while moving 2.0 stage, it is the things that you are familiar with a little intelligence into a machine.


As Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg said : “We are at an inflection point from the development of technology to deploy technology which .” When all these technologies are moving in ” smarter, faster, more compact , more energy, more substantial” marching direction , the era of intelligent things will inevitably come. Tim McDonough , vice president of Qualcomm also set his sights on this new period of development : “If we can achieve ‘ intelligence ‘ on the phone , it can also be implemented on all other objects technology is crossing equipment , we are also re-examined. functionality of these devices . ”

Advance on the road to mobile 2.0 , have been pioneers in Google certainly do not want to slow down . In this new era of networked new things , almost never open up on a piece of virgin land , Google wants is perhaps an early departure , lead the way , a big step forward . What share of the dispute as well as iOS vs. Android ? What this copy of that house club moved west with negative ruffian ? Steve Jobs vowed to talk about that field started ” thermonuclear war ” ? Escape from 1.0 times, down the fetters that hinder getting stale . Google ‘s use of this $ 3.2 billion acquisition price , sounded rushed mobile number 2.0

Jan 13

Uber taxi Applications


Recently, private car taxi service Uber announced that its basic services UberX will adopt a new , lower price strategy in San Francisco before the price cut than about 20 % reduction from different markets differ.
Meanwhile , Uber canceled the flat rate portion of the line , for example, the cost to the airport . This unified toll way past both winners and losers , for example, stay away from the airport is closer to the people “losers .” For these people , the new pricing strategy implies a taxi to the airport than in the past to save 30% to 50 % of the cost , this is a very good deal .
The new price way than taxi , or by Uber ‘s main competitor (Lyft and Sidecar) called the car cheaper. For consumers, this is good news. Typically , a higher value of the services provided by Uber particular, it is more reliable than systems Francisco taxi .
Currently we do not see a response Uber competitors made ​​, but this is expected to bring down the overall price in the short term . But I’m more interested in is what happens in the long run . Uber This company will get a lot of funding will not end for lack of funds to send competitors ?
There exist a number of service providers in the market , in the interests of drivers and consumers. If Uber controls all traffic will have on the price of absolute pricing , it may request additional to consumers , and the driver paid less. For Uber , this is of course wonderful , but for most people , it is obviously not a good thing .
From the consumer’s point of view, a taxi should also install a variety of applications , but is not limited to a particular service provider , so a company to gain market monopoly . Taxi no match for the new price Uber , because the price of a taxi is required by law.
So Lyft and Sidecar can compete under the premise of profit and Uber? We’ll see.