Feb 28

The more secure the more open system: Google Android Head

Local 27 in Barcelona, ​​Spain , Google Android head Sandel • Pichardo Iraq (SundarPichai) on security and openness of the Android platform are discussed.
Some media quoted Pichardo regard Iraq as saying , Android operating system was originally designed for openness, rather than safety. This report one , suddenly raised concern to the industry . Google Android really is because of its open design concept inherent defects caused by the presence of its safety performance yet ?
In fact, speaking Pichardo Iraq just stated the opposite view . He pointed out , Android ‘s openness to strengthen security.
Pichardo Ihara words as follows:
“I’m sorry , the premise of the problem is because the Android open , so there will be more security risks ? Respectfully say , I am not sure the premise of the question is correct. Always go through a lot of open platform inspections from the security point of view use open source platform has many advantages , I think the best way to get something that makes the platform safety performance , because the global researchers are able to correcting each , I think they can make positive efforts for the security of Android contribution . ”
” The intention is to build Android high safety performance . Android is an open platform , Android can be used by many people in many ways , so we also had a number of partners to manufacture different types of Android devices , if they are using older versions of the Android operating system, will face some security risks, but it does not say that Android itself is unsafe and we do our utmost , at a deeper level to ensure the security of Android . GooglePlay be thousands of applications submitted shelves application scanning , to ensure it does not contain malicious programs . ”
Pichardo Iraq ‘s view is that Android fragmentation caused foundry , and its product software update does not cause safety problems in a timely manner for Android . However, since the foundry was equipped with a security risk to launch Android operating system products , which made open Android platform also exists a negative factor. In contrast, the closed Apple iOS software update can be independent , not fragmented in terms of its fundamental problems . In this regard, special emphasis Pichardo Iraq Android software update.
“As long as the user can use the phone to update , Android operating system will be very safe and I can say for sure. Open systems can be more secure , we regard the attempt in the browser , Chrome system is very secure .”
Finally , Pichardo Iraq discussed why Android is easy to become the object of attack . Studies indicate that about 99.8 percent of malicious software attacks targeting mobile to Android.

Feb 26

Biography Ali Softbank Mobile Social joint investment Line electricity providers seeking breakthrough


There are rumors in the industry today , Alibaba and Softbank in Japan joint investment communications applications Line.
Although yesterday Naver Line and its parent company in Korea has denied and Softbank talks , but adding to the Alibaba investment shares news more reasonable .
If you can take advantage of the resources accumulated Ali in the field of electricity providers , which will play an important supporting role or Line break through the current revenue model. And Ali also need to have new hands and Tencent chips can compete .
Over the past year , Ali and Tencent mobile end the fighting escalated . Tencent micro-channel due to the rise , including small businesses and micro-channel payment service system based on the formation of micro-channel public platform , Alipay began to erode and mobile provider business advantages Ali . Last year, Ali launched in order to challenge the application of micro-channel mobile communications exchange , but did not have a counter effect
Has been unable to obtain success in the short term from the existing competitive landscape perspective, foster new applications to grab user attention . For losing the advantages of the Internet giants started on the acquisition or investment market has established a platform advantages of mobile communication products become a trend.
Just last week , Facebook announced the $ 19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp is exacerbated by the arrival of this trend.
A competitive advantage worldwide communications applications include four : In addition to its 450 million monthly active users WhatsApp and has 270 million monthly active users of the micro-channel , only the rest has 360 million registered users Line and has 130 million registered users KakaoTalk.
Which is headquartered in Japan Line with its distinctive culture and a clear business product line grew rapidly, growing up from its platform has been involved in a number of areas of social services , games, electricity providers , news and so on.
According Line reported a 2013 Line revenue reached $ 335 million , which accounted for 60% of gaming revenue , pay income accounted for 20% of chat expressions , the official account of marketing and brand sponsorship revenue accounted for 20% of the face . The valuation of its investment in the company has reached $ 14.9 billion .
Earlier also news that , Line For year IPO. If you can find a new way to invest in shares , IPO process, or will slow down. And Ali added , in terms of the Line and Ali , both with two-way favorable factors, the point is that both sides win a breakthrough in the field of mobile social electricity supplier .
Line Status electricity supplier business development
Although a growing proportion of income Line games , face mapping stable income , but last year , Line expansion into new areas of business value-added space : the electricity supplier .
Line of business electricity supplier is currently focused on two products : Based on the official account of the “limited sale ” services and applications independent electricity suppliers Line Mall.
According to foreign media reports TechInAisa , Line opened in Thailand ‘s “limited sale ” account within 5 minutes of the sale of the 500 Maybelline lipstick. In China , the service is also being carried out , has been selling dolls and all kinds of goods, including Line of cosmetics .
According Line COO of Chak Gang (Idezawa Takeshi) to the media , Line Sale reason suitable to carry out limited operations, mainly for two reasons : First , Line as a communications platform has a strong ability to push information . This means that users can have timely access to product sale activities . Another reason is that the limited sale of business users to easily attract attention, generate high purchasing decisions and actions of the efficiency of the process , but also for Line mobile terminal characteristics .
Line another electricity supplier flagship product , is launched in December last year an independent electricity supplier applications Line Mall. The set of applications C2C and B2C modes , users and businesses can be sold both in the application to upload products to show pictures waterfall stream in the form of goods available for purchase to the buyer . However, the application is currently only in the Japanese market launch of the Android version , on-line effects and are planning the next step has not yet been made ​​public .
Whether it is for Alibaba or Line itself , the two sides are still in the exploratory phase electricity supplier in the field of mobile social networking . But their accumulated resources is very different , Ali has many years of experience in the business and build a platform , and Line in mobile social fields have a 360 million users. If the two sides can achieve resource cooperation, which in the current fierce competition in the mobile communications market applications , more likely to be favored by a combination of cards to attract capital .
Especially after Facebook to $ 19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, behind the products involved in the mobile communications applications are beginning to compete hard to win over powerful resource supply . Whether Tencent micro-channel , Viber Japan Rakuten acquired or outgoing Korea also plans IPO KakaoTalk.
If communication applications have become the next generation of mobile terminal entrance , then later became the entrance , we now try to do is how to allow users access to a service life after coming all aspects empire .

Feb 24

WhatsApp Messenger application triggered the Gold Rush


Facebook spent $ 19 billion acquisition of mobile messaging application developers WhatsApp, will be sizzling global mobile messaging applications , although some of them in the United States and no fame.
Mobile messaging application developers Tango co-founder Eric Sutton (Eric Setton) , said that the company is currently negotiating the acquisition of problems. Other news applications include Kik, KakaoTalk, and last year rejected Facebook 30 billion acquisition offer Burn After Reading Social SnapChat. Blackberry is also currently operates a messaging application called BBM .
Social media market research firm Gartner analyst Brian Blau (Brian Blau) believes that potential buyers including Microsoft and Google ( microblogging ) . According to sources, the two companies on acquisitions in the past have expressed interest WhatsApp . Where ‘s the charm in mobile messaging application ? These messaging applications through the acquisition , the acquirer can get tens of millions of users, but some users are overseas markets, obsessed by mobile devices to send and receive messages and other information. In addition, the deal would enable them to keep up with Facebook, Lotte and Tencent have a micro-channel .
” If being in the technology market , and get involved in the communication business , then you must have a way to capture the user and the user to which your ecosystem. Theoretically , the current scientific and technological fields have around and bring people together dialogue pillar products business, are likely to be potential buyers . ”
Before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced the acquisition of WhatsApp five days , Lotte announced to spend $ 900 million acquisition of mobile messaging application developers Viber.
Valuation increase
Tango co-founder , CTO Sutton said , “WhatsApp trading is a very exciting news – it shows that the market ‘s attention on how mobile messaging applications in the field of high technology companies are interested in constant contact this market . ”
In the first trading day after Facebook announced the acquisition of WhatsApp , BlackBerry shares surged 9%. Facebook calculated according to the purchase price , with 80 million users of BBM service valuation has reached $ 3.4 billion .
Tango.me Tango mobile messaging application development now has 180 million users, and has launched a video, voice , text, games and photo sharing and other services. Facebook users according to the price of $ 42 per acquisition WhatsApp calculation , Tango.me valuation will reach $ 7.56 billion . According to sources , Tango.me current valuation has exceeded $ 1 billion . Sutton declined to comment Tango current valuation , he did not disclose the acquisition party information .
Global Markets
Gartner ‘s Blau said the company’s innovative mobile messaging application potential acquirers include Yahoo, Apple , as well as mobile operators and major companies such as Comcast . The analysts believe that Microsoft’s acquisition of consumer applications currently seeking to make their mobile products to get consumers attention, but Google hopes to get the user behavior data through acquisitions, to make their products even better. Up to now , Microsoft, Yahoo, Comcast , Apple , Blackberry and Google both declined to comment for this story .
Acquisition of mobile messaging applications can help buyers get development in different markets . For example , WhatsApp is very popular in Europe and India ; Line dominated the Japanese market ; micro-channel is a mobile messaging application mainstream Chinese market. KakaoTalk has reached $ 200 million in revenue in 2013 , Which application installation rate in Korea smartphones reached 93%. KakaoTalk Sonia Im spokesman said the company is planning an initial public offering in 2015. Up to now , Kakao spokesman Dorothy Jane – Chang (Dorothy Jean Chang) was acquired for the future prospects of the company declined to comment on the issue .
Operator threat
With the increasing number of mobile phone users use smart phones to access the Internet , and began to rely on data communication services , mobile messaging applications to start all the rage. Kik Messenger CEO Ted Livingston (Ted Livingston) says mobile messaging application has already been felt , and will have a high valuation . Currently , Kik Messenger has over 100 million users.
Analysts said Broughton , the growing popularity of mobile messaging applications , but also to mobile operators to pay a high price , forcing them to consider the acquisition problem of mobile messaging applications . Market research firm Ovum expects , including Vodafone , Telecom and Verizon Wireless , including the Inter-American mobile operators , SMS losses in 2013 will reach $ 32.5 billion , is expected in 2016 will reach $ 54 billion .
Mobile Communications
Kakao and other mobile messaging application Kik does not charge by sending a message , but to obtain revenue by charging the built-in games and textures . WhatsApp first year available to users free of charge, an annual fee of $ 0.99 charged by the second year . Facebook spent $ 19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, meant that the company $ 42 per user price of the acquisition of subscribers reached 450 million people WhatsApp.
Venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson venture capitalist Andrea Andreas Stavropoulos believes that mobile messaging application has been able to succeed because they are built directly on top of mobile platforms , including Microsoft and Facebook beginning desktops companies , mobile messaging applications need to support their services and increase user . Currently serves as a director of Tango , “said the arrival of a new wave of computing each wave , the outcome is the winner appeared to focus on communication . Rise of mobile devices will allow new winners emerge , whether it is WhatsApp, SnapChat, Kik, or Line and Tango. “

Feb 22

Google Project Tango plans to make Android phones more intelligent?


As is currently the most widely used map services , Google ( microblogging ) map has become an integral part of many people living in a utility , but by virtue of Google just launched Tango plan , Google Maps service in the future is likely to become more excellent more intelligent. What is the Tango project? Simply put, is to create a platform similar to Kinect with a 3D sensor , depth sensor , motion tracking cameras, vision processors and other components of the 5 inches Android smartphone. However, different from ordinary Android phone , Tango planned this phone is able to track the user’s actions and draw a three-dimensional map of the surrounding environment. Tango program currently open only to a small number of developers team , but in their efforts , Tango phones have been able to accomplish indoor navigation and other functions, while also running some virtual reality interactive game.
Tango ATAP program is part of Google ‘s department (Advanced Technology and Projects Group), the department was once part of the original Motorola , concern Ara modular phone plan also belong to the team. Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola at the time of the singer from the valley where Google does not sell to the association with the department . ATAP head of Johnny Lee ( formerly of Microsoft’s Kinect team ) , said Tango plans to give smart phones similar to the human sense of space for the new user experience to create the conditions . Although the game appears to be the most direct and navigation applications Tango plan , but the main goal of the program is on track and modeling by the position of the surrounding environment to enhance the user experience .
Although Tango is still in the early planning stages of development , but Google also looking interested in the program development team , this situation with the same early Google glasses . Google said they have made ​​about 200 prototype device and start from March 14 to release a number of interested developers . For developers, if you are interested in Tango plan , then you first need to submit an application on-line Tango official website on Google , then will it be possible to get the chance to try Tango phones.

Feb 19



February 19 news, information from eBay, said, according to WebRetailer the past six months the amount of feedback research shop sellers, eBay sellers in the world’s top 1000, the UK seller, followed by China and the United States. Popular category is the mobile phones and accessories, clothing, shoes and accessories, household and gardening, jewelry and watches category.

From the survey results, a third of the British population of Australia, but before 1000, 17 percent of eBay sellers in Australia, China site open shop, and shop in the British Grand Prix is only 10%. Thus, the cross-border electricity supplier for Chinese sellers, eBay Australia’s market performance is better. Of course, this is not just because Amazon eBay competitors not open the Australian market, sales of Kindle e-book rather than just physical goods in Australia.

According billion state power network is understood that the world’s top 1000 eBay sellers are mainly concentrated in the UK, China, USA, Germany, Australia, Italy and other countries. However, 100 of the world’s top eBay sellers, there is a sale of the stamps to the United States, Belgium sellers outstanding performance. Engage in a lot of eBay sellers cross-border trade, but most of the seller’s sales mainly from the home country.

In addition, due to the sale of consumer goods is eBay’s strengths in the hot category, mobile phones and accessories, household items, jewelry, etc. forefront. Unexpected is the world’s largest sellers eBay in 1000, 5% of targeted commercial and industrial classes.

Feb 17

Are you ready to meet the mobile Internet era job?


A few years ago , people discuss what is moving . Millennials will determine future work. Consumer -oriented will determine control of the IT department. Business enterprise is re sociability . “Forbes ” recently summed up the work environment in three important changes.
1 The Internet has been redefined
Three years ago, we discussed the issues connected laptops, smart phones and tablet computers. As this year’s business leader, you must develop ” connected everything ” strategy. Cisco called the “Internet of Things .” GE focuses on industrial Internet. Salesforce website then proposed a new topic. It began to focus on the “consumer Internet .” The company describes such a world : “You consumers are toward the future and determine your future you need to gain an advantage in front of you to grab the consumer , standing next door to greet your customers . .”
This is what I ‘ve seen most convincing mission. Not only do you have to understand the mode of development of the Internet, but also contributed to its acceptance and change . Have you tried Google ( microblogging ) glasses? Have you thought about the sensor can improve your business processes and customer experience? Market vandals are using new technologies to streamline business processes . You are willing to accept reform it? Or you want to be a company with a destructive, thus to lead consumers into the future do you ?
2 We live in a mobile world
Needless to say, people in all aspects of life are beginning to increase the use of mobile devices. Move was an overlay network , is now increasingly seen as the main network. The problem is that what is the significance of your business . Market research firm Lopez Research in the fourth quarter of 2013 released research report, many companies have recognized the rapid growth of mobile devices in the workplace . The study shows that nearly half of employees ( 48 percent ) were to carry forward three kinds of mobile devices ( laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs ) .
Last month, the world’s leading enterprise mobile network provider Aruba Networks has released a survey report, which will be called # GenMobile these new staff employees , that action-oriented crowd. Characteristics of this population is the preferred equipment and workplace mobility . They tend to non-traditional work schedules, workplace flexibility and higher salaries needed , requiring a stable Internet , they are more stressed than Wi-Fi and 4G, 3G or broadband connection.
# GenMobile the early stages of most employees still in its cause, and they have three or three more devices ( 62% ) , feeling the highest efficiency in the home office (57% ) . This requires that you change your corporate infrastructure and business processes. Your enterprise infrastructure has been upgraded to support each of three or more devices? Are your key business processes have been moved out?
Do you have an application on the management strategy of personal mobile devices? You have to ensure that these applications are safe strategy?
3 mobile and video collaboration between change
Mobile and video are changing the way we connect with friends , family and colleagues of the way . A few years ago , only appeared in a video conference room , ordinary people difficult to meddle . Now, Polycom DefyDistance program committed to different groups through the use of video to improve business value within an organization , for example through work together to help HR departments to recruit the right talent to help the marketing department to create a more powerful brand .
Microsoft’s Lync service has also been adopted by a growing number of organizations that can help create a completely wireless , unified collaboration solutions , employees do not even need to use a fixed telephone to contact each other .
This is the future of work. Determine the tone of this , we need to consider re- create the business process , to enable full use of sensor data , or a variety of big data and cloud computing services market in the new data.


Feb 15

WP overtake iOS? Faster growth in emerging market share


Market research firm IDC recently released data show that , Windows Phone market share despite the third largest in the world , but there are still a large gap between the top two away , but , Windows Phone has been a continuation of the upward momentum. Particularly in the Brazilian market , Windows Phone share of rapid growth and now accounts for 6 percent , exceeding the iOS in the Brazilian market share of 4.7% .
In addition to the Brazilian market , Windows Phone share in Vietnam and other emerging markets are also strong growth , but it is worth mentioning that the entire Western Hemisphere markets, Brazil is the fastest growing Windows Phone market share .
IDC recently published a report of the mobile operating system market share in the fourth quarter of 2013 and the agency then the year. The report shows that throughout 2013 , Android, iOS and Windows Phone continue to rise overall , global shipments of these systems also continue to increase substantially. The report shows , Android continues topping the list in global share , iOS is in second place, while Windows Phone While in third place , but the specific terms of the share between the top two and there is still a huge gap .
According to IDC , in 2013 third quarter , Windows Phone shipments grew by 156% in the fourth quarter of the year grew by 46% year on year , more than 40% and 6.7% iOS for Android ‘s . Throughout the whole year 2013 among Windows Phone shipments reached 33.4 million , the annual growth rate of 91%. However, despite the Windows Phone shipments increased significantly last year , but in the global market share was only 3.3% , which is the dominant Android share of 78.6% compared to the gap still exists too . In addition , iOS shipments last year also continued to increase last year, an increase of about 13 %, but never in the global market share of 18.7% in 2012 down to 15.2%.
Meanwhile , IDC ‘s report also pointed out that the current situation is still poor Blackberry , must recognize the new market realities problem. Throughout 2013 , BlackBerry shipments declined by 40% , while the global market share slipped from 2012 is 4.5% to 1.9 %. In addition , shipments of other systems , whether from a specific quantity or in terms of market share , has emerged as a significant slowdown .
Overall, according to IDC , in 2013 the global smart phone shipments exceeded one billion , an increase of 39 % compared to 2012 .

Feb 12

Viber denied that Asian companies will be acquired


According to Israeli Calcalist reported on Tuesday, a leading Asian companies trying to use instant messaging applications from 3 to 400,000,000 U.S. dollars of the price of the company’s acquisition of Viber Media chat application Viber, but the latter immediatelydenied this.
Viber Media company operating from the Israeli entrepreneur Talmon Marco, withresearch and development centers in Belarus and Israel.
Currently, there are several major Asian mobile chat application, such as China’s micro-letters, Japan and Korea Line KakaoTalk.
According to “Calcalist” report, Viber’s source of funds is its founder and several privateinvestors in the United States.
Viber already has about 200 million registered users in 193 countries worldwide.
Feb 10

Line fourth quarter revenue of $ 120 million up by 450%


Despite the well-known mobile communications services Line itself is a free application , but the company was purchased by the launch of the game , stickers and services such as account numbers and sponsor stickers official functions to further enhance their profitability. According to the company’s own sources , Line in 2013 full-year revenue reached 34.3 billion yen (U.S. $ 338 million ) .
Which , Line alone in the fourth quarter of last year harvested 12.2 billion yen (U.S. $ 120 million ) in revenue , the data ring ushered in a 20% increase compared with the third quarter of last year , up last year is ushered in 450 % rise .
At the same time , its included as Line Plus Corporation, Line Business Partners Corporation and DataHotel Co. These subsidiaries Line Corporation in revenue last year reached 51.8 billion yen (U.S. $ 510 million ) .
It should be noted that , with more than 241 million monthly active users on Twitter , compared to many large -scale Line , but the company’s revenue in the fourth quarter of last year is only $ 242.7 million . Therefore , Line can get this achievement last year has actually been quite gratifying.
To date , the number of Line worldwide to 340 million registered users , of which the number of new users in India , Mexico , Venezuela and other South American countries ushered in a sharp rise in the near future . In January last year , the number of users Line has just exceeded 1 million , but after 11 months to easily exceeded 300 million mark. In this regard , Line CEO Morikawa bright (Akira Morikawa) said, ” on the number of users , Line ushered in an unprecedented development in 2013 .”
However , Line team believes that their achievements made ​​in the 2013 year of service with its sticker has a close relationship , they wrote in a statement : “We launched those famous players in Mexico , India, Diwali and other such has a very high localization features theme stickers services through this way we further promote the cultural exchange stickers worldwide . ”
However , these services just seems like stickers Line into one of the other markets the way . According Line Corporation revealed that 60% of the Company’s revenues are obtained from the in-game purchase of services , followed by the purchase of services stickers ( only 20 % of revenue ) and the official account and sponsors such as stickers and other services.
So far , Line had no clear disclose their number of active users , so we are temporarily unable to use WhatsApp, micro- letters and other communications with other well-known horizontal comparison, the number of monthly active users of the latter two , respectively 350 million and 2.8 billion respectively. However , Line seems to feel quite satisfied with the current revenue from the content-driven profit model , but we also need to note that the company did not give details of their profits or losses of data , so we can not rule out the possibility bluff Line .

Feb 07

11 high valuation of start-up companies


” Wall Street Journal ” has just released a report , a list of the United States , China and Europe, 30 start-up companies , their valuations have reached at least $ 1 billion . These companies both social photo sharing website Pinterest and Car Hire Uber so well known start-up companies , there LegendaryEntertainment this with ” Dark Knight” trilogy fame emerging enterprises.
However , there are some companies which although a high valuation , but fame in the international market was not large , including Chinese millet and search dogs . The following is one of 11 high valuation of the little-known start-up companies .
1 , millet
Valuation : $ 10 billion
Location: Beijing, China
Founded: 2010
Introduction : Although already quite well known in China , but millet is less well known in the international market . This technology company ‘s main products are smart phones, software applications and other consumer electronic devices. Their low-cost smartphone market has been widely sought after in China last year, sales reached 18.7 million , Apple ‘s position in the Chinese market constitutes a major challenge. Android former executives Hugo Barra (HugoBarra) has joined millet , helping the company into the international market . It seems that there is a great future ambitions millet .
2, Palantir
Valuation : $ 9,000,000,000
Location: California帕罗奥尔托
Founded: 2004
Description : From Alexander Karp (AlexanderKarp) Palantir company founded specifically for government agencies and financial companies to develop software to help them filter the huge amount of information. According to ” Forbes ” reported that U.S. Marines have adopted the company’s technology , hoping to expand the analysis to various attacks . In today’s era , such tools will inevitably lead to privacy concerns , but Palantir was expected to bring about a change in the security field .
3, Zalando
Valuation : $ 4.9 billion
Location: Berlin, Germany
Founded: 2008
Description : Zalando is an online retailer for 14 European countries to sell clothing and other merchandise. The company CEO Robert Jane Heights (RobertGentz) Zappos was originally inspired by the hope that the creation of a high-end footwear sales site, but later decided to expand the scope of business . Subscribers to the site can receive a Holiday Sale magazine , which also helps Zalando become an important e-commerce company .
4, Bloom Energy
Valuation : $ 2.9 billion
Location: Sunnyvale , California, USA
Founded: 2001
Description : Bloom Energy has developed a fuel cell called BloomBoxes can provide clean energy. According to the British “Guardian ” reported that Wal-Mart , FedEx and Coca-Cola have become the first customers of these devices. This battery price up $ 750,000 , but the company CEO Sri Sridhar (KRSridhar) hope to be in 10 years, the price dropped to $ 3,000 . This goal may not be far away. According to ” Fast Company ” magazine, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions , eBay has purchased five groups battery from BloomEnergy, less than a year to save $ 100,000 .
5, Woodman Labs
Valuation : $ 2.3 billion
Location: San Mateo , California, USA
Founded: 2009
Description : WoodmanLabs developed GoPro waterproof camera loved surfing and other extreme sports enthusiasts. The company founder Nicholas Woodman (NicholasWoodman) prior to the sale of 8.9% stake in the company to Foxconn , which joined the ” billionaires club .” Now, this wearable device is already available in China Taiwan and other markets , helping WoodmanLabs earn more profits.
6, Stripe
Valuation : $ 1.8 billion
Location: San Francisco, California
Founded: 2010
Description : Stripe software can help companies use credit card payments on applications and websites. The company recently raised $ 80 million and began talks with Twitter , may help users to complete purchases through Twitter direct message . Mobile payments could become a big trend this year , while Stripe is expected to become one of the leaders.
7, Legendary Entertainment
Valuation : $ 1.5 billion
Location: Burbank , California, USA
Founded: 2005
Description : LegendaryEntertainment is a production company , they tune with the Warner Brothers “The Dark Knight ” trilogy and achieved great success. It is the first film production will bring together investors and hedge funds to one of the company together . While cooperation with Warner Brothers earnings LegendaryEntertainment quite good , but the transaction will expire in 2013 , Universal Pictures will become the new partner of the company.
8, Jawbone
Valuation : $ 1.5 billion
Location: San Francisco, California
Founded: 1999
Introduction : the beginning of the military developed specifically for entrepreneurs Jawbone noise-canceling headphones , but now, the company’s wireless speakers and Bluetooth headsets for mobile devices began to hit , and has been the favorite of music lovers around the world .
9, Fanatics
Valuation : $ 1.5 billion
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Founded: 1995
Description : The United States is the major sports leagues , Fanatics are an important sales channel . The company received a multi-party authorized to sell a lot of sports licensed merchandise online . Sports apparel franchise is a lucrative market, and Fanatics will also get more room for growth in the new year .
10 , Sogou
Valuation : $ 1.2 billion
Location: Beijing, China
Founded: 2004
Description : Sogou is a search engine that can search text, pictures , music, and map information . According to Crunchbase statistics , Chinese people a day search over 10 billion web pages , the number of web pages updated every day more than 500 million . The product is unique in that it can identify malware on the site , so as to provide the cleanest search results.
11, Coupons
Valuation : $ 1,000,000,000
Location: Mountain View, California, USA
Founded: 1998
Description : Coupons.com recently submitted IPO application , so it ‘s valuation may rise. The company allows users to find all kinds of deals , and printed coupons. The idea may seem simple, but in the first nine months of 2013 for the creation of the $ 115 million in revenue.