Mar 31

Mobile era, online news again into the hot field of entrepreneurial innovation


And the era of mobile devices compared to the complex , innovative products , online news ( or ” Network News “, “News Site” ) seems to be a more mature and a fixed format . However, contrary to popular belief , the online news company since last year triggered a well-known venture capital firms and investment tycoon ‘s attention , and many news sites turned out , many news client installed capacity also get a lot of money .
Behind revive this news site , has a kind of reason ? Online News mobile device context , what new changes ? Recently the British ” Economist” shouts were analyzed and reported.
Turmoil in Ukraine , a major youth-oriented news website Vice, also went to the luxurious residence of Ukrainian leaders were shooting reports, videos were uploaded to the network. Pew Research Center report noted that one-third of Americans will watch the news in the online video , the user scale , through the cable network has reached the number of viewers watching television . In the 18 to 29 year olds , half will click on news video.
Over the past few years, the news media reported the Pew organization , there is not much good news. But this year , but the disclosure of some good news , the biggest bright spot, a large number of network news industry startups birth ( such as Vice).
According to Pew statistics , in the United States 468 online news company , has provided 5,000 full-time positions . Many network news companies, from traditional media ( such as ” New York Times ” and ” Washington Post ” ) stole big reporters , in addition to the establishment of bureaus around the world to improve their reporting coverage .
In the past, the network news organizations are principally engaged in the re-integration of traditional newspaper journalism. However, they now provide more and more original reporting .
Last year , the United States launched a comprehensive news site BusinessInsider a character Yahoo CEO Meyer reports, as many as 23,000 words of text , called a short story . BusinessInsider ‘s head Brad Jeter said: “As the online news site , you can send so long, if magazines do, they went bankrupt .”
U.S. news aggregation site BuzzFeed, now has more than 170 full-time employees, including Pulitzer Prize winner Mark-Schoofs, he was responsible for managing the news reporter investigating authorities .
Why is there so many online news company ? One important reason is that the capital threshold is low . Newspaper industry analyst Ken-Doctor said , need only $ 5 million , you can operate a founder of ” positive Pareto through ” the network news media companies.
In addition , behind the online news industry , not a lack of investment tycoon support. For example, eBay founder PierreOmidyar to a nonprofit online news media First-Look-Media has invested $ 250 million . In addition , just last month , the well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalists , Internet veteran entrepreneur Anderson , prophecy news media industry has entered a golden era, industry market size will turn times or even a hundred times .
In the next generation of online news services (including mobile devices introduced to the news client ) , news reader interactivity features growing. The Pew survey found that half of social media visitors , will give a good friend to share the wonderful news and news video , in addition to comment on these reports and videos.
In addition , 7% of U.S. adults , had taken his own news video uploaded to social networks or well-known news sites .
In terms of personnel requirements , the birth of new digital media , is no longer needed as a large editorial team like traditional media. It is worth mentioning that today’s news website reported lost interest for local , well known , many local newspapers have been closed down business.
In addition, lengthy reports and investigative reports, news sites are still competing to win the reader users chips , but the budget is limited editing online news company , not as a large number of in-depth reports to support projects like the traditional media.
Today’s news reader , on the whole is moving towards fragmentation , fast track . According to statistics, if Facebook users open a news site , the average time each time he visits the site of a minute and a half . If users direct access to news sites , each residence time , it is only half a minute or so.
Newspapers , magazines , television, radio and other traditional media , online news companies continue to be eroded . According to statistics , last year , the three major U.S. television news channel CNN, Fox and MSNBC, in prime time lost 11% of viewers. Between traditional news media and online news media , is generating a similar interaction between Newton’s third law of motion ( action and reaction ) of .

Mar 29

Taxi decryption software Wars: Behind the huge subsidies cost expansion



After 77 days of software taxi subsidy war, Didi taxi to produce a transcript : Didi taxi users increased from 22 million to 100 million , an increase of daily orders from 350,000 to 5,218,300 , subsidies paid through micro-channel reach 1400000000 . This means that Didi acquisition costs for each new user is only about $ 18.
Over the past two months, Didi and quick taxi taxi subsidies staged a rollercoaster Wars: In early January, the influx of subsidized early Chung , February heating up , within a week the two sides alternately raise the subsidy , but the subsidy can not be continued long-term dimension , 3 months, both sides invariably cool , entered the post subsidy era.
Didi announced in micro-channel pay subsidies over 1.4 billion , the quick taxi to Artesyn Technologies, said the new data is not yet announced , but the contest between the two sides continued behind the giant , not only to fight cart software cash support, but also open source and entrance, such as Didi access to a variety of mobile games, and some also fast to reach Ali O2O business cooperation , to enhance the competitiveness of the software.
It turns out that even though the total amount of subsidies seem high, but the individual user’s access to low cost , the only problem is that when the software subsidized taxi after the contest temporarily a paragraph , what business can use a similar activity rapid expansion ?
Subsidy war logic
This two-month subsidy war has brought a lot of money to Didi ‘s transcript. Didi ‘s data shows this change – January 10 , a single daily 350 000 32 cities ; February 24 , daily 3.16 million single country 120 cities ; March 28 , 178 cities nationwide Average daily 5218300 single .
Terms of number of users , before subsidies, Didi about 22 million users, March 27 , Didi taxi users exceeded 100 million . Didi taxi in the past 77 days , the daily average 5,218,300 orders to more than 132,700 single- volume Jingdong , Taobao 4,109,500 219,100 single single beauty group , has become the largest trading platform for mobile Internet daily orders .
According to subsidize $ 1.4 billion projected Didi added 78 million users , a single user to obtain the subsidy cost of about $ 18. In comparison , the current number of mobile applications to promote a single-user acquisition costs 40-50 yuan has risen to easily get the user’s cost of micro-channel pay quite moderate.
Micro-channel pay for more cost-effective point is that at least develop a user’s mobile payment habits . Financial Forum on the Internet on March 28 , held in Shenzhen , the financial industry research analyst Eric Wang Weidong said , Tencent, Alibaba PK is so intense that a core purpose is to develop user behavior. 15 years before the development of the Internet has proven e-commerce and online financial services for users who have important significance , mobile payments as well.
Also, another benefit is the byproduct of digestion of the people on the mobile payment security concerns . In Didi taxi after the introduction of micro-channel payment within a week of activities beginning from Didi taxi background data, about 80 % of the taxi driver the fare is immediately received a mention now , then drop into the first day of withdrawal now, nearly 90% of drivers withdrawals once every three days.
Didi ‘s relevant person in charge explained , most drivers do not understand the beginning of the micro-channel , worried about the safety of this new payment model , the subsequent gradual understanding of the security concerns reduced.
War is indeed the entrance of the subsidy dispute
Taxi subsidy wars software behind Tencent and Alibaba ultimately support the credit, but also to entrepreneurial companies compete for market share battle to become the entrance of large companies , both sides continue to overweight subsidies.
Early 2014 , quickly announced invested 100 million yuan taxi subsidy users , it might not expect a subsidy war had continued to be staged .
January 9 , after Didi announced financing, Didi said it would help pay for subsidies for micro-channel user activity . A month later , both sides to produce a transcript :
Didi official data revealed January 10 to February 9 , Didi taxi in average daily number of orders for the micro-channel pay 700,000 single micro-channel payment orders total about 21 million single , subsidies totaling 400 million yuan . During the event, Didi taxi users exceeded 40 million , compared with activity before doubling ; daily average of 1.83 million single orders , February 7 the first day of the Festival reached its peak 2.62 million single micro-channel pay for orders over 2 million single peak .
February 8th , fast data released , as of that time, the average daily order volume reached 1.28 million , the highest single-day orders exceeded 1.62 million , which use Paypal wallet to pay the fare of the highest number of days in order to break 600,000 .
Ushered in the era of post- subsidy regulation
In two heavily subsidized taxi software off the market quickly , but also generate a lot of questions , such as:
Taxi drivers began to pick job , which was originally to improve the efficiency of taxi taxi software led to the phenomenon of empty rejection intensified ;
Some passengers pay phone network is poor or forgotten passwords ;
Taxi back office systems software can not handle the explosive growth of information the user needs , resulting in a taxi paid software often display an unsuccessful ;
Some drivers continue to reward grab one while driving , traffic safety can not be guaranteed , even against the driving on the way can not call the traffic laws .
Currently , the two sides have taken the initiative to subsidize cooling. Didi from early March for four consecutive times to adjust the amount of random relief from the highest by 20 yuan to 18 March Hitachi minus $ 5. Quick to make adjustments from at 0:00 on March 22 onwards, Beijing , Shanghai , Hangzhou and other cities to keep up by 5 yuan per unit , per day 2 single unchanged. The amount of subsidies in other cities adjusted up by 3 yuan per unit , 2 single day.
Reduce subsidies cut enthusiastic user software on a taxi , but no injuries overall situation, there are drivers and passengers made ​​it clear that the software after subsidies to 5 yuan, has little appeal , using software taxi taxi times would be reduced, However, the software will use a taxi .
Software at the beginning of the rise of a taxi , the traffic department had to intervene in policy, resulting in some taxi Software died down recently , another new regulatory voice sounded.
March 28 , 2014 the Ministry of Transport held a regular press conference, the second year , the Ministry of Transport Li Yang , deputy director of the Policy Research Office , said at the press conference , on-call taxi service , currently some companies to use the phone a taxi software passengers and drivers are given a material reward , this might be the fairness of the market impact .
Earlier, during the two sessions , party secretary of the Ministry of Transport , the Minister Yang Chuantang , said the Ministry of Transport will be developed with the relevant departments to accelerate research norms phone call cart software development guidance , on-call taxi service to develop standardized technical standards, support and guidance to level above the city to establish a taxi service management information systems.
This also means that the transport sector to stabilize the shot hit the cart software caused unfair , which is two taxi software companies is not necessarily a bad thing, but behind Tencent and Alibaba to bring a new problem:
When the contest was temporarily subsidized taxi software after a paragraph , what business can use a similar activity rapid expansion ?

Mar 27

Oculus VR make sense to completely release the energy of the Internet.



Facebook acquired Oculus VR, 4 billion in cash +16 million shares, details of the transaction not to judge, have their own rules of the game between the Silicon Valley VC, but logic and industrial background acquisitions worthy of scrutiny . The most appropriate attribution 3D gaming device makers should be the top game companies , SONY or Microsoft . FB as the Internet company , its revenue from advertising and lightweight gaming companies choose to acquire rather than open collaboration , direct power from the entrance of the occupation – Oculus VR Future ghostwriter behind the senses Internet.
Parallel development of the real and virtual worlds
Compared to the real world , the virtual world has been in development speed , far more than Moore’s Law.
I believe that we still remember a website Linden Lab launched 11 years ago that once set the world WOW enterprise , was stationed in attracting large companies , the peak period over 6 million registered users , people use to buy Linden Dollars ” land , ” surprising and confusing . China has also emerged and other imitators. However, due to the high cost , the profit model is not clear, a pattern was quickly abandoned, but similar technology 3D MMORPG game in 2003 after the rapid Huobian worldwide.
Facebook social network also represents the start about the same time , only patterns lighter, easier graphic internet at the time of expansion and realization . Tencent also in the same time period , in the virtual world have tasted the sweetness , 2D virtual worlds – game today laid the foundation to become an important revenue pillars.
In the past, the Internet has served as a mapping of the real world exists to graphics , video, fragmented in the form of websites to render. Rise Oculus VR represent sensory Internet opened the entrance to the second element of our space , the flesh becomes the world’s only remaining link two points .
Virtual left, right true
From the point of view of investment in technology , the field of the world’s top 5 internet , Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Tencent, its massive user base will accelerate the realization of technology import and shaping the face of the next five years, the Internet world. Today, with the sensor , the Internet, low-power processors, storage , battery constantly miniaturization, low cost , many techniques have nuclear fusion possible. The five giants tend to come out about two very different direction on the integration of technology route.
Facebook left : to enter the virtual world , the direct purchase of the second element space entrance.
Apple and Amazon right : focus on the real space to do intelligent information integration and discrete data entry . Wearable devices and mobile health field is that Apple will soon be seen a huge wave of leadership within 2 years.
Google and Tencent centrist : Google choose both, in the real world on the cover of a virtual information layer to interact through Google Glass. But also investment Nest, doing real-world smart home entrance . Tencent pad to integrate micro letter to the entrance of a link , the integration of virtual and real resources to the game as the core product revenue , build a small circle of users and revenue to the world .
Flowers and the world , a Bodhi leaf
In the past, the real world of human beings have been looked down on the rapid progress of the virtual world what happened . Can not be ignored is that the first wave of capital boom set off from the Google Glass wearable devices begin , the user entry in the rapidly growing Internet : PC, phone , voice , eyes, etc., continue to follow closely the basic body , easy to use , and into the strong sense .
Foreseeable future , we do not need to visit the site , just walk in Facebook ‘s own virtual world , the real world does not need to accommodate the physical laws and social customs, can embrace a more open mind .
Flowers and the world , a Bodhi leaf . Boundless, but you my imagination.

Mar 25

U.S. initial indictment APP piracy case suspect illegal profits $ 700,000

A Motorola Droid phone is seen displaying the Google search application in New York


Mobile applications gradually replace the traditional dominance of computer software piracy group also put a lot of targeting APP. Recently, the U.S. Department of Justice for the first time in the history of mobile applications available for download piracy case proceedings , the defendant applied the use of pirated profit of nearly $ 700,000 .
In the indictment raised by the U.S. Justice Department , and this week, from Florida ‘s 26 -year-old Nicholas Narbone admit his guilt , he is facing ” criminal copyright infringement ” allegations , the Justice Department said that behind this defendant engaged in piracy Appbucket APP Group .
In the March 10 , another a collaborative guilty ThomasDye (21 years old , also from Florida ) have also pleaded guilty .
U.S. prosecutors pointed out that a number of mobile application software piracy suspects , without the software developer and copyright holder ‘s permission , available for download pirated applications , the illegal profits of nearly $ 700,000 . Justice Department prosecutors pointed out , Appbucket Group pirated applications downloaded more than 100 million copies .
August 2012 , the Justice Department engaged in piracy closed the application download multiple sites , among, and
The case for trial in the North Georgia federal district court.
As the mobile application market into the Red Sea, the majority of unknown applications is difficult to obtain a considerable amount of downloads , many ranking applications, facing increasingly serious imitation, cloning piracy , Google ( microblogging ) is not strictly regulated Andrews ecological problems even worse. Although Google , Apple and other manufacturers of cottage wipe pirated applications , but because too many cottage APP quantity , cleaning up much success .

Mar 22

GDC observation: Mobile Games trend China from Europe to Japan and South Korea

Acting as agent of temple run, fruit ninja and other popular game music funny game, with the game developers conference in San Francisco (GDC) opportunities, in addition with the rare opportunity and the world’s top game developers exchanges, at the same time, close observation of the Mobile Games trend of cutting-edge outside. Co founder of high Liandun to Tencent technology said, as a foreign game platform, in the face of Micro message and social media competition, in fact, very delicate relationship.

He said, now there are many domestic channels for the introduction of the game, in the content do for each other, but the competition ended, the channel will also become partners. Like the music funny agent fruit ninja will push on the Micro message platform in the second quarter, while another temple run will be launched this year in the Micro message, so not all competitive relationship.
He also aimed at this year’s industry trends, as well as for the China game developers want to enter the USA market, puts forward some suggestions.
This year’s GDC industry trends?
First, Chinese facing process stage of change, the past two or three years of China Mobile Games market, both in Europe and the United States dominated the game, like angry birds, fruit ninja, but now the windows has been shut gradually, turn to South Korea game. High Liandun said on the European and American game developers said, “if you don’t come too late”, and users are accustomed to South Korea game, then in China, marketing costs too high, there is no living space.
Second, 08 years, mobile developers do not have too big cultural color of the game, but now the market has been gradually differentiation, Usa Inc provide only face America local market game, like a lock America game player, American civil war or history based on content. Gao Liandun thinks, this game the market began to mature, toward the market direction, but also a challenge to the music funny, because relatively speaking, can choose the game will become less.
Why South Korea game is the next wave of game players?
From the past game history, end swims, the earliest Webpage Game evolution to the present Mobile Games, is history. The first is the European game fire, then South Korea, finally is Chinese games occupy all the market. Mainly because the game product fire, general or quality European game is relatively high, South Korea also remain in the traditional industry chain, and the game player in no other choice, can only choose the relatively high quality of Euramerican game, but Europe and the United States is the biggest in the cultural differences.
The subsequent development ability than American poor South Korea developers will start in this market, the culture is closer to the Chinese market circumstances, the public acceptance will be higher.
Finally will turn Chinese game developers will keep up with the world pace, verify the evolution process of the three stage of the tour has been up and Webpage Game, now Mobile Games stage to see is Chinese keep pace faster, before South Korea game has not come in yet, there have been several high quality China game in the market launch.
Want to American launched products have any suggestions?
First, not to Chinese the move sets up American. In China just spend a lot of money as a marketing office party, but in the American must understand the local behavior, to understand who is the target audience, if the aim is to developers, it is different with the consumer oriented approach. For the music funny, the lock is the developer and the local media, so it does not cover large booth, to show their strength, but more is sponsoring developers or partner VIP dinner or party.
His analysis, developers place, are also attractive to the media, this combination is a relatively positive process.
If developers products to fall, consumer oriented, would require a major ad visibility, but not for professional GDC venue, but People are hurrying to and fro. outside the venue.
Second, there are differences between domestic and foreign media media circle. The most established PR team within the company, establish the relationship by PR and reporters, but the relationship between Europe and the United States reporter more please a Public relations company, by a professional public relations deal with the press, maintain relationship. So the China Company’s advice is, if you want to come in USA, better to please a professional Public relations company to operate the marketing plan.

Mar 20

Micro-channel open to pay third-party applications for payment scenarios beyond O2O

March 20 message on the official on-line today a new version of “micro-channel open platform” for the two major updates, in addition to the layout redesign, but also officially opened a micro-channel pay the application third-party mobile applications; micro-channel payment coverage will exceed O2O, access to more users pay scenes.

Not long before, had just opened a micro-channel public account payment interface.
Micro-channel mobile applications, third-party payment application is based on the “micro-channel open platform” (, instead of “micro-channel public platform” (
The official definition of “micro-channel open platform” mainly on the development of micro-channel interface, a platform for technical documentation related information, such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 Access Guide, developing manuals and the like.
The new version of “micro-channel open platform” There are two major updates, one site has been redesigned to make it more in line with the user’s habits, hoping to bring efficiency management application developer when; another third-party applications open micro-channel application for payment.

Mar 19

Google Now + Android Wear, Google dominate wearable?


Google ( microblogging ) has just launched the Android Wear platform, which is a refined version of the contraction Android, manufacturers can use this platform to launch smart watches and other wearable devices.
Android Wear partners Google listed ( including Samsung , Fossil, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc. ) which , so far no company launched the device , but in the next few months we will see the start of sales of their products .
Meanwhile, Google Android Wear to show us what the operating system can do things . Specifically, it is very dependent on the voice assistant Google Now, this is the Android phone’s digital assistant , iPhone platform is a standalone application .
In short , Google Now is better than Apple’s Siri, and it is greater potential for wearable devices in the field , this device can display a notification you receive , and you can display the most relevant content at any time.
You may not be familiar to Google Now , it can aggregate the various Google services (including Gmail, Calendar , Search , etc. ) of data, and to show you what content is determined according to the data . For example , if you plan to set up a meeting in Google Calendar , Google Now will automatically remind you when starting , so you can attend the meeting on time , it can even jam factors are also taken into account. The service will scan your Gmail inbox, get the next flight notification , as well as express delivery situation .
This is just tip of the iceberg Google Now feature, we only need to know that this is a very powerful tool that can synchronize your digital information. In addition , Google is still the top Google Now add new features, so its use will become increasingly widespread.
This makes Google Now become killer feature smart watches. Consulting users everywhere have what they want smart watch function does not make any sense , so the real challenge is to create a product , it can be based on where you are, what you’re doing and other information showing the content you want to see . If what you’re really looking for information , Google Now with excellent voice search function that can provide you want to get the answer, rather than providing a list of search results like Siri as for your choice .
This raises an interesting question : If Apple also introduced a smart watch , you will choose Siri -based devices , or devices based on Google Now ?

Mar 17

Glasses on Google conflict from human instinct?


I have a theory : When new technologies emerge , some people will take the lead to start using it , while others always see the worst side of it , they would despise , reject and make fun of people who start using these technologies . However , after the initial encounter resistance, the new technology will eventually become mainstream, the initial fears and misconceptions that people gradually disappeared.
I was Dean at the turn of the century – when Carmen (Dean Kamen) invention powered Segway scooters noticed this phenomenon. You may remember the case of this scooter just listed . People dismissively called gimmick. I remember we had a lively discussion of this produce . I think it was cool, but most people think it is useless , or look silly.
Although the Segway was never widely used, but it finds its own arena tour in the city and other areas .
Today, we see people around Google glasses exhibit a similar degree of fear and disgust. People wearable computer for this news release there is a feeling of resentment from the bottom of my heart , they tend to think it is the worst side – it may become perverted and spy tools for videotaping us. We never worried about being someone with a smart phone camera . But for something on the nose of the aircraft , our views had changed .
After Google announced the news of glasses , a bar in Seattle immediately prohibit the use of it . Soon , glasshole become a popular term , dedicated to despise those early wearer posturing .
Instinctive resentment
Last week at the SXSW conference, Carmen said , this initial boycott emotions belong to human nature, there will always be a natural fear of the unknown . “Almost everyone is reluctant to change anything , no matter what you learned as a child , you want to keep it forever .” He said.
Carmen said , people tend to lack imagination, can not see the use of new technologies . ” People today tend to be curious to Google what is the use of glasses .” He pointed out that people 30 years ago with the advent of personal computers the same reaction . They do not know why individuals need a computer . They think it is just the thing to give military or corporate use. Of course , as time goes on , we are beginning to use the computer, and now we can not imagine life without computers .
Conference held at SXSW “Glasshole: technical and cultural dissonance ” (Glassholes: The Cultural Dissonance of Technology) thematic meeting, the experts dig Glasshole reasons behind the phenomenon , explored in the end is what makes people not yet seen – let alone use – would be rejected before the rush to new technology .
Patrick’s Deeplocal ‘s senior creative director – Miller (Patrick Miller) said that despite the popularity of smart phones as we have been accustomed to being photographed , but we also take the initiative to share most of our lives in the mobile and social networking tools, but when we see Google glasses , we responded this instinct .
” Wearable computer obliterate our ability to control it .” Miller said.
Curiosity remains
However, although people have this kind of resistance, but they are still with great curiosity. A friend has a Google glasses , said he liked wearing it for video interviews venture company boss , because it does not put a recording device in between him and the interviewer will be able to easily record video. And, at the end of the interview , he was able to easily upload your videos to YouTube. However , whenever he wears glasses Google interview , the interviewee want to try it. It certainly scared them, but they also full of curiosity .
Google senior developer in charge of Timothy – Jordan (Timothy Jordan) are SXSW Glasshole thematic conference speech. His attitude to look at this issue significantly different . He emphasized the wearing Google glasses convenience, but he also said that Google realized it is necessary to discuss how to apply such a device in real life . This is the reason why the Google start Explorers project.
” Many of you know that we have introduced the Explorers program .” Jordan explains, ” The reason we launched this program is to lead this discussion. Technique gives you more options , but how you use it to your things we do not want to let this discussion only happen in people’s hearts , we want people to openly discuss . ”
But Miller was not impressed , he said things are not always so simple. “Our choice of how we can use these devices, but people have been shot no choice .” He said.
Jordan acknowledged , discussed Google glasses privacy implications of new equipment is necessary and beneficial. ” Privacy is an important topic , but it is difficult to give the only correct answer , we all live in different communities , with different non-standard .” He explained.
Normative standard technologies
Last week, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling, without the consent of the woman , using a mobile phone to shoot their Upskirt not illegal , because there is no law prohibiting the practice. The court did not sanction such behavior to be , but there is no case law to admit that they can not judge the person guilty of videotaping . In ruling out a few days , the legislature drafted a bill immediately , and sent the governor , waiting for him to sign into effect .
Over time , Google glasses are completely the same situation may occur . We have entered into a social and legal standards, norms of how people use them.
As Carmen said, how clever use of technology , it is up to us to decide. “Technology makes it easier innovation. Memory is free, broadband is free. Many revolutionary innovations that they can instead be innovative . Opportunity to make real change we are losing .”
Google glasses may represent a real opportunity for change . However, when I try find it has not been accepted by all , privacy issues are still not around past the ridge. In the technology to us galloping time, as a social group , we must develop new standards to regulate their use. Whether Carmen Segway scooter , iPhone, Google Glasses , 3D printer , or any other new technology , should be so .
In any case , one thing is clear: For Google glasses , we are only a starting point “technology acceptance cycle” . However, considering the many SXSW Conference meetings around Google glasses , I’m sure we ‘ll see more people to use it.
At that time, we will definitely forget the various discussions that we conducted in early around these devices – we have been the case.

Mar 15

U.S. officials announced plans to transfer the management of the Internet


U.S. government agencies on the 14th announced that it will give up management rights to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) , but not the transfer of this authority to the United Nations , but handed over to the ” global stakeholder body .”
ICANN is headquartered in California, a non-profit international organization , under contract with the U.S. Department of Commerce signed , ICANN is responsible for the global Internet domain name system , the root server system , coordination, management and distribution of IP address resources. This means that control of the hands of the Internet in the United States .
For this reason , some of the developed and developing countries, including EU countries have been calling for , including , hoping to be handed over to a management rights related to the law on behalf of all countries international organizations, such as establishment of a new administration in the United Nations framework.
U.S. Department of Commerce ‘s National Telecommunications and Information Administration said in a statement , as a first step in the transfer of management rights, the United States has asked ICANN stakeholders proposed to convene a global transfer program, which must be ” broad international support ” and follow the principle of maintaining the openness of the Internet . But the statement that it will not accept the ” government or government agencies by the Inter -led solutions .”
The statement said , ICANN was established in 1998 , U.S. officials have suggested that the role of the administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration is transitional, and promised in the future to allow the private sector to assume a leadership role in the ” Domain Name System Management” .
“The time is ripe to start the transfer process , ” Assistant Secretary for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Lawrence said, “We hope that ICANN convened stakeholders of the global Internet community to develop appropriate transfer plan .”
ICANN said in a statement expressed the hope that the end of the contract in September 2015 it signed with the U.S. government , U.S. officials can be transferred to ICANN ‘s management rights to interested parties , but ICANN ‘s role as Internet governance institutions remain unchanged.
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and other international organizations have also issued a statement , welcomed the news . April 23 to 27, the 49th ICANN meeting will be held in Singapore , then it will transfer the management of the issues discussed .

Mar 13

Chuan Apple Maps application will focus on improving the accuracy of large-scale upgrade


Apple iOS 8 system will conduct a large-scale upgrade of its own map application , to counter Google ( microblogging ) map current dominant position. It is reported that a number of executives, including CEO Cook are concerned , including the current map application upgrade iOS 8 , designed to allow iOS 8 map application eventually be able to meet the high standards of Apple product users.
Dating back to the end of 2012 , Apple drop support for Google Maps , and to iOS 6 introduced its own map application . While Apple Maps adds 3D imaging applications , and has a smooth smooth user interface, but because the software itself is flawed , unreliable data , the lack of Google Maps application function key to move the map suffering user criticism.
“Father of iOS ‘s ” Steve Jobs era was ubiquitous Scott Foster (Scott Forstall), who was in charge of Apple’s map development. Did not want to apologize for the defects , Foster was forced to leave from Apple . Shortly thereafter, Apple’s map service directly responsible Richard Williamson (Richard Williamson) was also dismissed by the company .
Since Foster left the library in Iraq , Feideliji and Gautier has led Apple’s technical team to map application data and adjust the interface to make it more reliable. Last year, the Apple Maps application interface has been re-adjust , make it more suitable for Jonas Ivey (Jony Ive) is more suitable for iOS 7 bright, transparent design.
According to sources, Apple executives in map application upgrades this year will focus on the accuracy and reliability of the application data , rather than the user interface. Through the acquisition BroadMap, Embark and HopStop , several innovative companies , Apple’s map database will be upgraded , so that Apple map data is more reliable.
In addition to the adjustment of the map data , the map application to Apple will increase the public transport functions to ensure that users take the bus , train or subway to enjoy navigation services. It is reported that Apple will use the data obtained through acquisitions or cooperation , urban public transport services will be integrated into the new depth map application. Initially confined to metropolitan public transport services , however , Apple will then gradually add more cities.
In addition, Apple iOS version 8 Maps application will increase the ” point of interest ” (Points of Interest), allowing users to more easily find specific locations. ” Augmented reality ” (Augmented Reality) will also become a spectacle. Currently, Apple is studying how to use special methods to indoor navigation and car navigation systems integrated into iOS . According to sources, Apple has already begun in the development of the ” augmented reality ” feature, which will use the iPhone compass hardware to virtual view points of interest nearby .
The sources also revealed that Apple may launch an upgraded version of the map application for the OS X operating system , this application also adds improved data . Remove from the new Maps application , iOS 8 will also include a named Healthbook application that helps users manage fitness activities and health information.