Apr 30

AT & T WiFi service will push the cabin while the plane returned data in real time

AT & T

Prior to this, ” fly line” is still in the preliminary stage not very satisfactory . On Monday, one of the largest U.S. telecommunications company AT & T announced that it will build a new ground- network , next year will be fully launched in the second half cabin Wi-Fi service , flying on broadband , it will become a reality.
According to Fox Business website reported , AT & T said that the cabin Wi-Fi service will enhance the bandwidth and stability of the Internet by plane , bring to enhance the user experience. Users can browse the website , check e-mail , keep in touch with friends and family through social networking sites and mobile chat tool , and can improve the efficiency of the air office .
AT & T said that the cabin Wi-Fi service, but will increase the efficiency of the crew and ground traffic , real-time flight data will be returned to the ground.
The above communication is quite important. Malaysia Airlines disappearances , since aircraft and ground communication is cut off , resulting in a specific location until today still search aircraft . Before American Airlines Insiders pointed out that communications technology aviation industry , is still stuck in thirty or forty years ago, the airline should be black box data , real-time back to the ground for backup , so no need to be missing after the aircraft time-consuming the search black box , so that data transfer , the cost is very low.
Such a Wi-Fi network nacelle , how to run ? AT & T said , AT & T will use the 4G (LET) mobile communication network technology , building an innovative air -to-ground network to provide broadband services.
AT & T said that the construction of the cabin Wi-Fi services will add some costs, but will not significantly affect the company’s performance , AT & T will not modify before making financial projections . Monday , AT & T ‘s share price did not fluctuate significantly .
In a statement on Monday , AT & T revealed that in the past six years , has invested $ 140 billion on mobile networks.
AT & T also quoted a report Honeywell said that 90 % of users for existing Wi-Fi service cabin dissatisfied , mainly due to slow speed , Internet frequently interrupted.
AT & T said that in the cabin Wi-Fi services , and Honeywell will cooperate each other to provide some hardware and software.
According to another report , in the passenger cabin Internet services, many U.S. airlines have chosen specialist Gogo, AT & T Wi-Fi service in the cabin , and Gogo will mean direct competition . Monday after the news , Gogo ‘s shares plunged 18.7%.

Apr 27

Nike and Apple want to expand NikeFuel ecosystem


Nike CEO Mark Parker (Mark Parke) , said during an interview with CNBC on Friday , although FuelBand this product seems dead , but Nike did not give up on the “Digital Sports (digital sport)” initiative , but NikeFuel ecosystem will continue to expand cooperation with Apple .
Earlier reports said Nike has dismissed a large part of the members of the FuelBand team. When asked whether the company is planning to quit Nike wearable hardware products market , Parker said , “We are more focused on the software aspects of the experience and I think we will continue to focus on wearable products .”
Parker did not confirm the death FuelBand , he just declared that Nike will strongly promote NikeFuel activity quantification and measurement systems software development . But Parker also said that there are about 30 million worldwide users FuelBand , Nike company hoping to increase that figure to 100 million , both somewhat confusing oxymoron .
According to market research organization NPD recent report , in 2013 , at $ 330 million fitness tracker market, Nike accounted for only 10% of the share. Last year , Nike sold at a price of $ 150 is about 2.2 million FuelBands.
If Parker about 30 million FuelBand users estimate is true, which means Nike in the year 2012 and the first quarter of 2014 the CPC sold 28.8 million FuelBand, which is impossible . A more plausible explanation is that Parker said was 30,000,000 NikeFuel users, but CNBC ‘s reporters remember.
Anyway, about the future of FuelBand , Parker did not give a clear answer , but stressed that Nike company will cooperate with companies like Apple expanding NikeFuel ecosystems.
NIKE + FUELBAND unique achievement system show hide

Apr 24

Factors car when the car is becoming APP


Suddenly, we are driving a car whether it is an ” ultimate driving machine ” has become irrelevant , because people are concerned about is just enough to drive their own cars are on the “ultimate application of the machine ,” the title.
Take foreign senior technology writer Matt – Asian race (Matt Asay) , he currently has a total of two cars were the Honda Pilot and Volvo XC90, but he is now more driving Pilot also choose to travel . Because without him, because Pilot can be connected via Bluetooth and iPhone, while XC90 role is merely a means of it.
Currently , many automobile manufacturers have been aware of the existence of this trend , the application integration capabilities car began to affect consumers’ purchase decisions . The following chart is from the market research firm conducted a survey ,1 -10 , respectively, represent the degree of influence car driving experience and vehicle technology equipment for consumers to buy cars . From the figure we find that more and more consumers begin to vehicle technology equipment regarded as decisive factors in his own car .

In this regard, application developers also hope to be able to break into this market. But this market is also facing its own problems , and that is a very serious phenomenon of fragmentation models .
For now, the best way to integrate applications in the car , or through the car entertainment system, BlackBerry (QNX Car) and Microsoft (Windows Embeded Automotive) is currently the market leader. However, with the speed of the vehicle technology updates lag, more and more car manufacturers began to change the status quo hopes smartphones and stimulate innovation. Because consumers may take several years to change a car, but usually once every two years to replace their smart phones , which also makes the smart phone has become the ideal medium for stimulating innovation in automotive applications .
In this regard, the project leader John Ford developers – Ellis (John Ellis) , said: “The only integrated software in the car stereo is Ford, we do not allow users to directly access the car stereo , but through a dedicated API access . our philosophy is , car speaker system should be driven by mobile phones, car audio is just a display, because the phone innovations much faster than car audio systems. we are optimistic about this design pattern , and consumers have also been aware of this pattern began play a role . ”
VisionMobile market research firm , said in its latest report , there are three ways you can help car manufacturers to efficiently integrate with smart phones :
1 Use the buttons on the steering wheel with built-in voice recognition and control mobile phone applications.
2 Use the phone’s voice recognition function ( such as Apple Siri or Google ( microblogging ) Google Now) control car infotainment applications.
3 Built- vehicle infotainment system as a second display screen mobile applications , the owner can be controlled by API, or directly to the phone screen in-car display.
Uniform standards
Of course , all this is more than the existence of the assumption of uniform standards in the industry seamlessly between car and cell phone . But the fact is , there are still several sets the industry standard connections competing , which has just opened AppLink system source code, and changed its name to “SmartDeviceLink” Ford is currently in the leading position . At the same time , a number of consumer electronics companies and automotive connectors Alliance (Car Connectivity Consortium) in the main push their car transmission interconnection technology standards “MirrorLink”.
In addition to these car manufacturers , Apple and Google were also introduced CarPlay and open Automobile Federation (Open Automotive Alliance) two platforms . However, these two projects have their own limitations exist , as any family have both iOS and Android devices do not want to own one of these cars only compatible with a device . For them, a similar SmartDeviceLink open source platform may be the better choice , because the latter can integrate different smartphone operating systems.
Indeed, the wish to take advantage of this emerging market segments to expand their developers, smart phone is undoubtedly the best tool to maximize the mining potential of the car market . But they now face a situation is not entirely optimistic, because although the global car production in 2012 reached 84 million , but only a small part of the support vehicle applications . Market research firm ABI Research expects that as of 2012 , less than 8 million worldwide automotive telematics systems installed in the factory .
Moreover, by car manufacturers to promote new technologies, applications has never been an easy thing . More likely scenario is that Apple and Google ( available through the Internet to the user a variety of application services ) by OTT mode application connects with the car , and it is possible to achieve more through the vehicle diagnostic port services. It should be noted that the on-board diagnostic port as early as 10 years ago, began to be forced to install on each car , which also for the application developers do not have to wait as Ford, Fiat and other car manufacturers before consent will be applied directly to the car offers the possibility to establish a connection .
So far , Google Play app store nearly 200 apps can run on -board diagnostic port . It should be said that although on-board diagnostic port does not allow developers to directly control the car , but it has provided sufficient access permissions and develop their degrees of freedom , which is enough to contribute to the future of innovation in the field of fermentation .

Apr 21

Chuan Square cash burn or dispose of Google as a potential acquirer


Sources recently revealed that , with the innovative mobile payment company Square expanding and cash losses continued to decline , the company has started with a number of family holding large amounts of cash in the hands of a competitor to negotiate a potential acquisition problems.
It is reported that Google ( microblogging ) Square early this year and held talks on a potential acquisition problems. Prior to this, the two companies executives have held talks in 2012 on the acquisition problem. However, it is unclear whether the two companies are currently negotiating the acquisition is still a problem . In addition , Square in the past worked with Apple , eBay ‘s PayPal held informal talks on trade issues , but these conversations never become substantive negotiations .
Sources said , Square in 2013 reached a record net loss of $ 100 million , compared with a loss rate of expansion last year . It is reported that this innovative company has been established for five years higher than in income last year , ” burn ” money than its acquired approximately $ 110 million . Since 2009 , Square has been through four rounds of financing to raise about $ 340 million ; But in the past three years time , Square has been accumulated ” burn ” the majority of the funds raised .
Square spokeswoman said, ” we do not have , and Google has never been a problem for the acquisition negotiations .” The spokesman said , “We Square may be some companies attractive acquisition targets thanked , but we have never seriously considered the foreign sales company , the company did not hold any negotiations on this issue too . “PayPal spokesman said, ” We have no problem with the Square had held negotiations for the acquisition . ”
If foreign sales , Square is expected to sell billions of dollars of high prices. Square co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) is well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneur with design talent . One is also the co-founder Dorsey Twitter, and participated in the company ‘s initial public offering in November 2013 for .
In the past few years , with the upgrading Square brand awareness , Dorsey has helped the company to a high valuation of the fund-raising . According to sources , Square insiders earlier this year by the non- public trading market for the sale of part of the company shares , the transaction prices on the Square is valued at approximately $ 5.2 billion .
Currently , Square square credit card reader is used by nearly one million merchants . By connecting with merchants smartphone or tablet , merchants can accept credit or debit card payments anywhere. Sources said the total transaction processed Square last more than 20 billion U.S. dollars , revenue gain of about $ 550 million .
But as of now, the business generated profit margins Square remains extremely limited. Data Square official website revealed that the companies usually charge 2.75% of the transaction amount as a commission merchant. Among the commission received about four-fifths delivered to Visa , MasterCard and other companies as payment fee .
Sources said the first quarter of 2014 , Square One executive told a potential acquirer , said the cash held by the company may be in the nine -month period , ” burn .” This data has been confirmed by another person close to the Square of the message . It is said that this month , Square has gained from more than 100 million U.S. dollars of credit backed by Goldman Sachs led five banks , so as to enhance the financial flexibility Square .
Square of the financial position of the company may make choices narrowed. Sources said , Square last year worked with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other investment banks on IPO issues were discussed. But these negotiations has been temporarily suspended. Consulting firm Double Diamond Payments Research analyst Rick Oglesby (Rick Oglesby) said , “Square looks like is a company in transition , although Square in small and micro market has achieved great success, but this the current market profitability is not high, so you need to upgrade Square market to find the real source of revenue . ”
Square at the end of 2012 alliance with Starbucks. Sources said that although this transaction allows Square to get billions of dollars in turnover , but fee charged by Square Starbucks last year to only 2 % of the transaction amount more. This means that , Square and Starbucks deal gives the former a loss of at least $ 20 million in 2013 . As of now, Starbucks declined to comment on terms .
Sources said , Square in 2013 gross margin was 21% , down from 27% the previous year . Square has been constantly adding new services that future profitability is expected to exceed the current mainstream payment services . In 12 months, even in equity , Square allows users to directly launch a remittance by mail Square Market Square Cash and network services market . In addition , Square also launched a new product for businesses Square Stand, hope instead of the traditional businesses ugly POS cash register systems. Dorsey last fall in an interview with Bloomberg television interview , said, ” We do not see ourselves as a payment company , we see ourselves as a business company .”
According to sources , Square and Google negotiations in recent months has been restored , but it is unclear whether the two sides will still be traded. The Information Technology website earlier this month reported that Google is currently considering the acquisition of Square, but the two companies are not currently negotiating on this issue . Oglesby Analysts said that if Google acquired Square, this news will not make the industry surprised because their payments business has a strong complementarity. By Google App Store Google Play, the company’s payment service Google Wallet has gained a large number of users , but did not form an alliance with several store retailers. At the same time , Square has businesses, consumers have gained much .

Apr 15

The popularity of the Internet in Africa: the bus into a mobile hotspot


Kenyan mobile operator Safaricom currently being aboard a private bus Kenyan public offer free Wi-Fi access in exchange for more people signed up to use the company’s paid service .
Currently in Kenya , offers free Wi-Fi access and private bus service attendance than there is no Wi-Fi access service bus . It offers free Wi-Fi access is one of the test Safaricom aims to make Africa has not yet networked users can log on the mobile network. Currently , Safaricom Kenya has about 3,000 bus launched a free Wi-Fi access.
Global technology companies are currently trying to reach beyond the billions of users outside of the middle class , and many of these users live in Africa. However, the International Telecommunication Union statistics show that 1 billion people in Africa, which is currently only about 16% in the use of the Internet , far below the 32 percent in Asia , and 38% of the Arab countries. But Africa is now the world ‘s fastest growing mobile internet area . ITU data show that last year mobile broadband penetration in Africa has reached 11 percent , far higher than the 2 per cent in 2010 . Raise a public Web sites and technology incubators , founder of Kenya Eric Hochman (Erik Hersman) said , “This data will continue to soar .”
The key number you want to enhance the mobile Internet users in poor countries is to find ways to make the Internet gained popularity , because in these countries , even receive calls are very expensive. Google ( microblogging ), Facebook and other technology giants had been aimed at raising funds become cheap so that everyone can access the A4AI Alliance (Alliance for Affordable Internet). Intel is currently handset manufacturers to provide cheap African market with Intel processors used in smart phones. In addition, IBM has established a research and development center on the African continent .
In Africa, there are few countries more suitable than Kenya founded technology companies. In Nairobi, Kenya , there are six technology incubators . Kenyan government statistics reveal that in 4070 the country among people , nearly half of the residents through a variety of ways to access the Internet . However, the deployment of high-class hotel in the airport or Wi-Fi access service , it seems that only meet high consumer demand.
By providing free Wi-Fi access in a private minibus , Safaricom hopes to allow more users to become their paying customers. Safaricom said the company is willing to assume temporary losses, but declined to offer free Wi-Fi access service expenditures . Safaricom internet marketing business leader Gideon Karimi (Gideon Karimi) said, “We focus on the consideration of potential users. Vast majority of Internet users each day our time in 2-3 hours .” Safaricom in 2012 only to 20 bus offers free Wi-Fi access service , has been extended to about 3000 the Kenya National bus .
Safaricom provide equipment free of charge to the bus owner and data charges about $ 23 per month. Although the fee-based services , but everyone can make use of the bus service to get more passengers. Whenever the bus station , take offers free Wi-Fi access and private bus always lined up in front .
As a competitor Safaricom , Airtel Kenya , introduced the different services. Airtel Kenya handful of several popular applications , such as Facebook offer free access services , hoping to make more use of user charges for the mobile Internet services . Airtel Kenya is a subsidiary of Bharti Telecom in India .

Apr 13

AutoNavi formal merger agreement reached with Alibaba Group


Under the agreement, upon completion of the acquisition, High German shareholders will receive $ 5.25 per ordinary share, or $ 21.00 per share for the acquisition of American Depositary Shares (“ADS”) for consideration . The purchase price than February 7, 2014 ( ie, the company announced on February 10, 2014 that it has received the last trading day prior to the proposed privatization of Alibaba ) High German NASDAQ closing price per ADS 16.54 dollar price premium of 27.0% , compared with 30 and 60 companies trading volume weighted average price of premium is 38.5% , respectively, and 39.8% .
Transaction is currently expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2014 , the equity value of high moral conversion and fully diluted basis is valued at approximately $ 1.5 billion .
High German Board on the recommendation of the independent financial adviser and legal adviser with the assistance of an independent committee , approved the merger agreement and the transactions and recommend the shareholders vote to authorize and approve the merger agreement and the transactions.
Completion of the transaction is subject to shareholder on behalf of two-thirds or more of the shares present in person or by an agent approved at the Extraordinary General Meeting as a separate class vote in favor of the way , as well as certain other customary closing conditions . Holds a total of 78,428,700 shares of Alibaba High German Series A ordinary shares and convertible preference shares ( 28.2% as of March 31, 2014 the total outstanding shares ) . In addition, holders of the total outstanding shares of 26.2% of the shareholders of the Company has entered into a voting agreement with Alibaba , committed to vote in favor of the transaction. If the transaction is completed, will allow high German became a wholly owned subsidiary of Alibaba , and its ADS will cease trading on the Nasdaq .
Lazard acted as financial adviser to the Independent Committee , Kirkland & Ellis as an independent committee of the U.S. legal adviser , Travers Thorp Alberga and Jun were as an independent committee of the Cayman Islands and Chinese legal counsel. Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP as U.S. legal advisor Lazard to provide services . Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP served as the company’s corporate counsel .
Deutsche Bank served in this transaction Alibaba financial advisor , Simpson Thacher & Bartlett served as legal advisor Alibaba America , Fonda , Maples & Calder are held Alibaba legal counsel in China and the Cayman Islands.

Apr 09

Was acquired by Google? Nest is still “Apple model” to control product


Perhaps no one would have thought before , ordinary thermostat will become cool , knowing Nest appeared to prove everyone wrong. It is an important member of the former Apple , known as the “Father of the iPod ” Tony Fadell ‘s single-handedly founded in the UK , this home automation design company.
Maxime Veron Nest , director of product marketing in an interview that the Techradar website , Nest due to the relationship between blood does have a lot of Apple’s shadow. In addition, he also said , Nest future will also continue to use the typical Apple style pattern , that is, independent vertical control hardware and software combination to continue to operate .
” Most of the home automation technology companies are trying to launch to the market fall into a lot of hardware products , and sometimes they do not even know their own products .” Veron said . “They intend to control these hardware products outsourced to third-party applications do , we believe the best way to not .” He adds , “If your home has multiple Nest device, then in fact should form a network effect . ”
Google ( microblogging ) after the acquisition of the company by former Apple employees founded Nest Labs , Apple seems to feel somewhat happy ( Apple executive Phil Schiller even still on Twitter canceled the Tony Fadell ‘s attention ) , but it seems did not affect Google continue moving forward.
“We now have the ability to accelerate the sales range of products , allowing users to more countries and regions to use .” Veron said.
“The current plan is to continue our work, but Google also provides us with a lot of engineers and other items, and there are many resources you can use our current size in just a few weeks has been increased from 300 people 380 people , thanks to Google so that we recruit staff from inside their company and achieve our goals . ”
Veron also believes that both companies share a common spirit is an important factor in the future continue to cooperate : “Our products with Google ‘s technology have something in common , the goal is to allow customers to feel the benefits it can bring have so many built-in. hardware coupled with high-tech elements specially developed system , Nest future will be to provide the most accurate grasp the need to control the temperature for all the family . ”
Of course , some people worry about the outside world after the Nest was acquired by Google , Nest collected data will be acquired Google company, and to use their service. ” We have an independent service and privacy policies ,” Veron said. “We are really grateful to be concerned about the security of our data users , our security policy will not change. We should always bear in mind the key point , we have built sufficient security in the product strategy , product data and all data is uploaded via 128-bit encryption transmitted . ”
“About three or four months before the invasion of a hacker team tried several brands of smart thermostats products, they had almost scored all the goals , but the last attempt failed in the face of Nest.” Veron seemed very confident.

Apr 07

LifeSmart: Three Laws of entrepreneurship smart home




Founded by former Apple executives Nest smart home company could sell $ 3.2 billion of high-priced , which is similar to the start-up company is undoubtedly a strong positive. However, the domestic market is still detonate eve smart home , whether as accurate as Nest grasp user needs, will be on the biggest test of imitators .
Artesyn Technologies recently visited a start-up company in Hangzhou Smart Home LifeSmart, and other start-up team to focus on different hardware , they are more willing to put their own definition of humane care to do with smart home “software company .”
Rule one : read the user rather than the psychological liberation of people bound
LifeSmart products and services through mobile App allows users to remotely view live video at home, sensing the temperature moderate light levels at home, and can automatically control lighting , water heaters, air purifiers and other series of related appliances. Its development of products, including smart socket , smart switches, wireless camera , light temperature and humidity sensors.
Real intelligence and energy users for the smart home is definitely a pain point demands . Smart home for people to describe the scene is beautiful , but the reality is often cruel , the country will also have a lot of startups like Nest team , but the use of its products are: overly complex operational links look and experience of those who make timid , frequent the quality problem letting potential consumers reject thousands of miles .
In LifeSmart CEO Dong Yi seems real smart home is caring for the family -oriented , and you can understand user behavior and feedback through cloud computing , human-computer interaction to form true . And now most of the smart home market only focus on achieving technical and functional , ignoring the user experience.
For example , the current smart switches on the market are mostly mobile phone as a remote control App , obviously this is not really intelligent . Intelligent switches should be done by the user’s habits and understand their ideas, users can select a key App ” parlor mode” or ” read mode .” ” Blend of people and the environment , the people from the trivial matters of life freed , this is a smart home should reflect the humane care .” Dong Yi said.
Rule two : The “value” and “social” impress users
The current price of smart home market is uneven, a Shenzhen smart home market survey showed that luxury residential project on smart home renovation costs anywhere from ten thousand to as many as several hundred thousand dollars . Faced with such a high price , consumers often prohibitive.
Dong Yi believes that high prices can not be universal smart home , and the development of mobile Internet and hardware technology has made low-cost, high user experience solutions possible.
In addition to a sense of value of products, social integration and interaction has become a key to expand the user. “Just download and install the user LifeSmart App you can see your friends via wireless camera to share real-time video , social elements can effectively improve the user base , but the hardware is not installed by users sharing the App to see friends , to further promote the popularity of smart home . ” Dong Yi introduction.
Furthermore , LifeSmart positive and a number of developers to discuss cooperation. Dong Yi explained that there are three co-op with the real estate aspects: First, the product package comes to the buyers , to help users quickly into the ranks of Technology Locke ; second is pre-installed on new office buildings in order to fully experience the smart home experience ; the third is loaded sample room , through the App sharing feature that allows users to see more real showroom on the phone , to form word of mouth .
“Reducing costs through economies of scale , to create maximum value for customers , so that more people’s lives become more intelligent , more beautiful , this is our strategy .” Dong Yi told Artesyn Technologies .
Rule Three : Do not embrace porcelain live no diamond is the key to the delivery of high quality
In addition to start-up companies , the traditional home appliance industry set off a wave of smart home : Haier U + wisdom of life , LG ‘s Home Chat, Samsung’s Smart Home , and so forth. Compared with conventional manufacturing technology companies mature , intelligent home entrepreneurial team encountered the biggest problem comes from the hardware manufacturer .
Remember Tuman watch bounced right – difficult to estimate inadequate hardware manufacturers , which is almost the total problem of intelligent hardware startups encounter. “Hardware production process complicated than we imagined , select components from the product design, development , testing , manufacturing, the whole process takes a lot of aspects of grinding . Cloud beautiful, delivery difficult ! ” Dong Yi said.
On the technical side , LifeSmart long consideration, we have members from its background can be discerned : the founders worked in a number of UT Starcom , Huawei, ZTE , an advantage in terms of technology , hardware manufacturing in the entire process are very familiar with , help them to accurately predict potential problems in the production process .
User experience and product quality is better than everything. Dong Yi to Artesyn Technologies , LifeSmart mass production in the second half of last year had 100 sets of products for small-scale tests , identify problems and make improvements constantly , until this year to prepare large-scale shipments. He said that intelligent hardware must be before they can scale production under the premise of guaranteeing quality , otherwise the problem not only affects the frequency of the company’s reputation , more importantly will cause people to misunderstand the whole smart home and intelligent hardware industry. “In short , no diamond, do not embrace porcelain live .”

Apr 03

Pictures application Imgur for $ 40 million acquisition financing has refused to Yahoo


Recently, photo-sharing site Imgur financing $ 40 million , the financing is the main investor in Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowtiz.
Imgur website founded in 2009 , is the founder Alan Scharf (Alan Schaaf), when the site is created , Scharf or Ohio University students. In the past five years , Imgur has no need funding support from investors , even still evade funded investors. In fact, Imgur was first established , there was an angel investor to Sharaf ‘s campus , to discuss investment matters , but it was Imgur has been profitable and does not require external financial support.
Today Imgur has 13 employees , monthly unique visitors has more than 130 million page views in a single month also broke the 4.5 billion . Social news site Reddit Imgur is still the main driver of the growing traffic , while Facebook is also pushing the second largest power Imgur traffic growing .
As early as last year, there was news that the media , Yahoo intends to acquire Imgur. When asked whether the Silicon Valley companies Imgur offer , Scharf answered: ” I guess it is ‘ there ‘, but I do not know the exact answer to Imgur ‘s plan is to build a large independent business , of course, if . the Imgur sold and replaced a lot of money , it is certainly no sense . ”
Scharf never wanted to build such a huge business. When he founded the company when he was just a devout Reddit ‘s users. But later , Scharf found that networking is still a lot of good places to post photos , instead of the image . Scharf said ” photos and images are fundamentally different place, mainly from the user ‘s camera photographs , mostly photographs of an object , but also requires the user to have different skills .”
Because users do not want to photograph is widespread , and therefore suffered a limit sharing photos on Scharf also in terms of photo sites . Most people do not want to subconsciously photo spread , so Scharf site GIF format only publish photos or other users are willing to widespread picture . Users can upload pictures with one click way to the Imgur website , and vote on their hobbies or comment and share these pictures with your friends.
Although Imgur had already met with many investors , however , Andreessen Horowitz investment is still Scharf agreed to receive the first company . When I heard Scharf Netscape founder Marc Andreessen (Marc Andreeseen) also Imgur users and fans , and was also very pleased .
Let Scharf feel more happy that Mark Anderson not only provided financial support , and returned to Imgur provides many other resources, such as in human resources and recruitment issues also provide a lot of help to Imgur . Also, let Imgur contact with all partners Marc Andreeseen so on.