May 13

Smart T-shirt: You can always monitor physiological indicators heartbeat, breathing, etc.

Canadian startups OMsignal just launched a new type of wearable devices : equipped with sensors fashion T-shirt . This T-shirt can track the user’s heart rate , breathing and exercise and other fitness indicators .

OMsignal company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. May 8 this year , the company launched a new smart wear products, including such high-performance compression T-shirt .
Previously, we have seen some new wearable device is launched , but this time is different. This smart T-shirt is a T-shirt in the traditional grafting of high technology , it becomes a new product .
This smart T-shirt is equipped with a sensor, which can be connected via Bluetooth to a smart phone application to monitor the user’s heart rate , breathing and movement.
“We always clothed in life ,” OMsignal co-founder and CEO Stephane Marceau (Stéphane Marceau) said in a statement . “Clothes are the most natural and ultimately wearable device media along, just to cover themselves and fashionable clothing , but they now will also help motivate us to better ourselves every day and you never open a no speedometer or fuel gauge car, right? Well, with OM’s one , you can now get a better guide the dashboard of your life , it can increase your self-control , improve your fitness level , adopt a healthy lifestyle . ”
Tech T-shirt
This time , OMsignal introduced four different styles of men’s shirts , including T-shirts , sleeveless shirts, casual T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. These shirts are designed to be suitable for wearing in the gym , you can do both underwear can also be worn on the outside. Health sensors embedded in the shirt , you can track heart rate, respiratory rate, respiratory rate , such as exercise intensity and calorie consumption indicators. Caught in a black shirt small box can send data to a smart phone.
This shirt is pre- priced at $ 199 and will be sold in the U.S. this summer, and elsewhere . Shirt with white , black, gray , orange four. Blouse will also be available later this year . This shirt is machine washable , but OMsignal recommended before washing to remove the black box .
In addition , OMsignal company has just launched a iOS app , but the Android version is still in the pipeline.

May 10

36 Krypton Wang Zhuang: new trends of global Internet entrepreneurs


Now is the next era of combining online and offline, online services require a lot of living and be able to get through the line.
O2O infrastructure now become more refined, such as Alipay, there are micro-channel pay. There are still many areas in O2O opportunities for many companies to the next line businesses to provide payment solutions, after the mobile phone payment solutions, will greatly improve the O2O experience.
Online Travel
Data show that China’s outbound travel market about 50% annual growth rate, and this is a good opportunity. The second is the tour around the user to select where to travel tomorrow to go, where to play the weekend, which also left a lot of room for imagination entrepreneurs.
Intelligent hardware
Some health products, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, etc., is the most Internet entrepreneurs are doing.

May 07

Intel Capital announced the injection of unmanned technology developers ZMP


Intel Capital announced on Wednesday that Japan’s investment in unmanned technology developer ZMP. The funds from Intel Capital networked automobile Fund, which is dedicated to accelerating the development of unmanned technology.
ZMP was founded in 2001, is located in Tokyo, Japan. ZMP committed to developing and providing intelligence platform, including automotive, various sensing systems, visualization and analysis, technical consulting, on-site testing and car information systems such as unmanned networking technology. ZMP can also provide customized services and applications safe driving, eco-driving and in-car entertainment systems.
It is reported that this investment will help ZMP Intel’s computing power will be introduced intelligent driver assistance systems and other products.
After the investment, ZMP will get more R & D funding, and open global markets.

May 03

Google and Apple will kill the future of Facebook yet?


World’s most valuable company , the dominant global search field , the world’s largest social network. It would have been unlikely three associated companies , because the mobile Internet and smart phones are becoming competitors , and even life and death of the enemy .
Recently , Facebook has once again released strong quarterly earnings reports , mainly thanks to its mobile advertising revenue growth. Although the overall market saturation resulted in Facebook user growth slowed, but its user engagement and average revenue per user are on the rise , mobile revenue for the first time exceeded the non-mobile revenues .
Part of the reason for this growth is due to the attractiveness of Facebook mobile advertising : most other mobile advertising – at the top or bottom of the screen a small banner – different , Facebook mobile ads directly in the timeline . Thus, when the user scrolls the screen , each ad has a chance to fill the entire screen. This can be said is the best form of digital advertising .
Clearly, Facebook’s mobile revenue comes from the largest part of the application installation advertising , which is to encourage users to download an application, rather than simply selling products. According to the CEO of the company AdKnowledge • Legacy (Ben Legg) that the application is installed in advertising revenue accounted for Facebook mobile revenue share of over 50 %.
The main buyers of these ads are free game publishers , such as King Company (Candy Crush Saga provider ) and Big Fish Games Company (Bejeweled series of games provider ) , these companies use Facebook surprisingly willing to spend money to find demographic data customers who bought within the application .
This process is this:
Publishers launched a free game , attracting a large number of user access.
Some players become “digital Whale (digital whales)”, in order to spend money to upgrade in the game again .
Game publishers to calculate these ” profitable players ‘ demographic profile and use Facebook’s mobile advertising to attract potential players .
This technique is so effective that kind of advertising spaces obviously in short supply , leading to soaring advertising prices . Demand is greater than supply , which is exactly what Facebook’s new mobile advertising network for a reason to be optimistic about .
So, where is the problem? In fact, the biggest problem is , Facebook application installation relies on advertising , making it very vulnerable to Apple Inc. and Google ( microblogging ) ‘s blow.
In terms of Apple , Facebook should be wary of it to make significant changes to its App Store free games policy . Apple’s ecosystem , many people strongly opposed free games, if Apple ‘s management worried that such applications will reduce their brand image , they will suppress or even prohibited it .
Google is a bigger threat. Last week, Google launched its own application installed ads on the search results page and YouTube. They may not be as eye-catching as Facebook timeline ads , but Google will have the best database – Android applications using the data . In his blog, Google made ​​it clear that its ads can ” reach the most likely customers , based on their habit of using the application , the frequency and type of use to buy their applications .”
Free game publisher for it , the type of data even more valuable than demographics. Therefore , Google may replace Facebook, become the first choice for mobile applications advertisers . Although Facebook has made ​​several acquisitions , which could help it better understand the behavior of the user application , Facebook is restarting F8 Developers Conference , to encourage application developers importance Facebook – but understanding the actual use of the application aspects of the case , Facebook is still in a disadvantageous situation.
Yes, there are always too good story hidden , fast-growing companies often do not have time to lay a solid foundation. Facebook is just a few years before it achieved significant growth in the mobile business , it does not actually have a basic platform for mobile applications. In this world dominated by the mobile Internet , the future is bound to Facebook and Apple and Google fierce collision . In the application data and understanding of consumer behavior , Apple and Google temporarily the upper hand – Facebook was only temporary money.