Aug 18

New electricity supplier sore point: the shopping cart 70% bought goods had not been paid


Increasingly popular in the world of e-commerce, retail sites also face challenges, especially how to get Internet users in the wide range of commodities, quickly find their own desirable commodity.
According to research technology news site BusinessInsider America’s Financial Intelligence Unit BIIntelligence, and the other is called a “shopping cart abandonment” phenomenon, increasingly sparked anxiety electricity supplier website – commodity finally by the user into a shopping cart, but eventually abandoned, or not closing.
For the general public is concerned, this is a very common phenomenon. Entity shopping, people can choose another election. In the electricity supplier website into the shopping cart of goods, swing and hesitation, and not necessarily the final payment of commodity buyers.
This think tank forecast data show that this year, the global electricity supplier website abandoned shopping cart of goods worth $ 400 million, and if the retail site takes a little effort, of which 63% may be re-checkout consumer purchase.
Allegedly, BIIntelligence tier of global electricity supplier through the website, access to these data.
This think tank’s report, “shopping cart abandonment” phenomenon, is increasing. With the online shopping population gradually shifted to mobile shopping, this phenomenon will continue.
2013, about 74 percent of shopping cart (a one shopping generate) by netizens abandoned. In contrast, the proportion of 2012 and 2011 were 72% and 69%.
Shopping cart of goods not paid the settlement does not mean that users no longer need this product, for retailers, these products have not yet entered the “lost sales” category.
According to the professional company SeeWhy survey had abandoned shopping carts in merchandise online shopping experience family, three-quarters of people said that the store will still be returned or shop in the future, to purchase these commodities have been abandoned again.
Of course, compared to physical stores, online retailers want to be discarded shopping cart re-settlement, a single channel, is more difficult.
This think tank reports that retailers actually have multiple means to recover forgotten in the shopping cart sales, further simplifying network platforms such as payment and settlement processes, in addition to those abandoned shopping cart users, by e-mail be a gentle reminder.
According to research specialist Listrak, and after leaving the electricity supplier a consumer Web site three hours, send him an email if four percent of the recipients will read the message content, two percent of the recipients will click View cart unpaid merchandise.
An abandoned shopping carts, in fact hides a huge valuable information, such as why online shoppers have abandoned a good selection of merchandise, the products in question, or the online shopping process issues? Brand or product does not have enough appeal and loyalty.
This think tank pointed out that in-depth analysis online shopping cart (including abandoned) data software and technology, will be a worthwhile investment fields.

Aug 16

Ten Square refute false rumors: No one says to postpone the listing

Mobile payment company Square blog published on Thursday refuted the top ten on the company’s quality of service of false rumors, including customer defects and difficulties encountered, such as the main business. Square hopes to make the reader believe that the various measures taken by the company currently are for the future development of Charge.
Earlier this year, foreign media have reported that, due to the huge losses suffered when Square is considering various strategic options including the sale, including. Just a few days ago, Amazon also introduced a mobile payment service called Amazon Local Register of goals against Square. So, Square had published blog to refute some of the false rumors in the market.
The following is the full text of this blog:
Now, there are many false reports about the Square on the market. We list the top ten bad rumor, and one by one to refute.
1. Square’s service fee is too expensive
Not true. We only charge a one-time low fee for each transaction, but businesses also can get free inventory management, sales, invoicing and e-commerce solutions and other services. If revenues larger scale, we can also provide fee-based services tailored to the customer based on the actual situation. In addition, we do not have any hidden charges.
2. Square unsafe
We strictly protect customer data, because the data is precisely the foundation of our business development. Square comply with the Payment Card Industry (Payment Card Industry) security standards. Our credit card and payment process each transaction are closely monitored. You can learn more about Square security on our Web site.
3. Square no customer service or telephone sales support
We are your partner and look forward to ask your service at any time. Square customers can at any time by phone, Email and Twitter contact us. Our website support center has many articles, recommendations and videos.
4. Square only for Small Business Service
Our services cover almost all business objects. Square Register offers include inventory tracking, a variety of specialized business schedules and powerful analysis tools, including to help customers streamline operational processes.
5. Square business encounter difficulties
Like you, we are a growth-oriented enterprises. Your investment is to have a better future, we also true. We have sufficient funds, and these funds are spent wisely: for example, for the recruitment and development of new products. Those reports about our company or to postpone the sale of the company listed are unfounded. We have taken various measures are for the future development of Charge.
6. Square charge hidden fees
Square does not charge any hidden fees, we do not use in the form of contract to lock customers. We deal with all kinds of costs roughly the same payment card transactions. No matter the amount of your credit card spending how much, credit card costs are the same. It’s that simple.
7. Square benefit from the use of trade disputes
Safety is always the first principle Square upheld. We have been very vigilant in protecting the interests of buyers and sellers, and for any unusual transactions phenomenon closely monitored. We will not benefit from the use of trade disputes. We will not freeze in the process of customer funds in resolving disputes.
8. Square just a reader
We offer a complete set of integrated tools to customers to help them optimize their business operations. We are able to offer a few on the market will pay up contact with customers other business services. Customers can be done on your own Square Dashboard send electronic receipts, manage inventory, track sales trends, the online order to embed their own websites as well as scheduling and other tasks.
9. Square unreliable
Square Reader reader and Square Stand merchant cash register systems are specifically designed with customer demand function, which ensures their efficient and reliable in the payment process. If your Wi-Fi network, or do you sometimes can not suddenly break the Internet, you can also use our line mode (Offline Mode). We have also been continuously improved product appearance, product features to match it with. Square Reader is the thinnest on the market is currently a mobile card reader, and Square Stand is harvested Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) recently selected the 2014 IDEA Award for excellence in industrial design.
10. Square only supports Apple products
Square supports iPhone, iPad and many Android devices.srtxt_20140816

Aug 15

Why so obsessed with Facebook Snapchat?

Facebook first try to emulate Snapchat, and then tried to buy Snapchat. After the failure of two programs, Facebook try to emulate Snapchat again. Zuckerberg on Snapchat favorite described as “unshaken.”
Applications to market research firm App Annie statistics show, Facebook types of applications and Burn After Reading additional features have failed to replicate the success of Snapchat’s. However, Instagram’s new Burn After Reading Application Bolt seems the most promising.
Snapchat has occupied an important position in the market. Market research firm ComScore statistics show that in the United States Millennials users, Snapchat popularity after the Facebook application and Instagram. The so-called millennial generation, namely between the ages of 21-29 years of age of the younger generation.
Bloomberg reported that, Snapchat had on the investment of the negotiations with Alibaba, Snapchat valuation has reached $ 10 billion.
Zuckerberg has been proved with concrete actions, as long as he can meet the application Burn After Reading dream, he would hesitate to. Last year, Facebook bid $ 3 billion acquisition of Snapchat, but Snapchat rejected Facebook. Then, Facebook will develop the focus of public attention and valuable to all kinds of applications bet on him, but these applications can not be compared with Snapchat.
As with all new applications like Facebook, released at the beginning, Facebook’s Burn After Reading application can enter the popular application list, but these applications are downloaded quickly fall.
Market research firm Altimeter Group analyst Brian Solis (Brian Solis) said: “The great fanfare in direct competition with Snapchat such popular applications for public relations is not necessarily a good thing .Facebook sent out a signal that it can not foresee the next wave technology wave, or inability to innovation .Facebook seems a bit desperate. ”

Poke is the first Facebook application developed to emulate Snapchat. Poke in the December 2012 release. Poke Snapchat emulate the main functions of the built-in photo sharing, video sharing, graffiti and self-timed destruction capabilities. Poke even added some features, such as location sharing, text messages and Facebook friends list.
Technology website TechCrunch reported that Zuckerberg participated Poke application development work, and personally for Poke notification feature “vocals.” The first two months, Poke in the App Store rankings basically stable, but then quickly fell out of popular applications list.
January of this year, Zuckerberg said: “Poke is just a joke a few people developed a Poke in the programming marathon project, we released once and then abandoned, she never touched it..”
Solis said that if Poke indeed some value, then it may be to let Facebook Glimpse to the needs of mobile users, this experience can help other working of Facebook. May this year, Facebook officially from the App Store shelves Poke, Poke since quit the stage of history.

Poke a month after retiring, Facebook hastily released Slingshot. Slingshot Burn After Reading is also an application, users can share photos and videos with graffiti. Slingshot has a strange requirement that the user must first send a photo or video, then in order to view the received content. The move is intended to encourage users to continue to share.
App Annie data show, Slingshot ranking in the App Store has climbed slightly, but then dropped sharply. Slingshot only two months have disappeared. After the United States to test the water for two weeks, Slingshot landing the international market, but the international version come to the same fate.

And under the leadership of Facebook, Instagram launched last December picture messaging features Instagram Direct. Research institutions can not track the use of the data in the feature, but Solis believes that most people do not want to send a message with Instagram, or do not know the options, Instagram Direct may not be widely used. Facebook said that 45 million Instagram users’ frequently send or open private letter function. ”
July 29, Instagram action again, officially launched standalone applications Bolt. Bolt is only for New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa released. Bloomberg statistics show, Bolt developments in these areas very well. Bolt average position over Snapchat. Although only two weeks on the line, but the data show that Facebook’s efforts have yielded results.