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National American Football League is the National Football League, referred to as the NFL. Is a huge American Football League . A total of 32 teams in the league , is divided into two federation : American Football League (American Football Conference, referred to as AFC, Midland ) and the national football federation (National Football Conference, referred to NFC, the League of Nations ) . Each Federation has 16 teams, divided into four sub-Division : eastern, southern , western and northern . Each sub-Division has four teams. Reebok is the only raw cheap nfl jerseys clothing manufacturers , have specialized wholesale NFL jerseys in foreign countries, genuine NFL jerseys can be divided into three categories, from low to high are: ! Offset fans version (Replica Jersey), senior fans version ( Premier Jersey / EQT Jersey), player version (Authentic). The main difference is that several jersey jersey fabric, numbers fabrics , clothing type aspects. Offset fans version (Replica Jersey) Jersey , hereinafter referred to offset our jerseys . English direct translation is " copy edition shirt ", meaning that like to imitate Authentic Jersey , but the fabric , numbers, clothing type version with the players are very different . Offset jersey fabric is thin , number, player name sleeve The clothing type that offset plates jersey clothing type suitable for everyday wear, rather than as clothing type player version to fit brace . Before offset printing shirts backswing shorter than the swing . This jersey is relatively cheap, the adult version of the licensed jersey is priced around $ 70. NFL Replica Jersey fans version offset nfl jerseys wholesale, jersey number, player name, team name , team logo are offset ! Advanced fan edition (Premier Jersey / EQT Jersey) Jersey , hereinafter referred to as Premium jersey. Jersey with offset printing , as are all the fans edition jersey. But with offset printing different Premium jersey fabric is thicker in offset printing ; all the numbers and player names are single embroidery . But the team logo ( if any ) , the circle on the sleeves ( if any ) , Reebok logo are also offset . The same type of clothing suitable for everyday wear. This jersey price around $ 100 . It must be noted that the so-called " single embroidery ." Have played NBA jerseys friends must know Swingman, cheap NFL Jerseys equivalent of NBA jerseys Swingman Jersey. Embroidery is on a single piece of cloth dyed numbers, then this piece of cloth sewn on jerseys , jersey number embroidered Advanced Edition is a single layer on a number of pieces of cloth printed in color after sewing jersey on .

custom NFL Jerseys

Introducing the steps of how to custom NFL Jerseys: Customer use color from the color simulation design, simulation of page consulting, order or by telephone or E-mail consulting, order The design verification, after receiving the draft design of the customer after carefully confirm the size, number, name, etc.. Fabric warehouse in order to quickly produce customers under the orders of the ball clothing, cloth and other raw materials have inventory. The new cloth fabric inspection, the detector will be sent to the center of the photograph to confirm whether the defective or dirty cloth, no problem will be put into a plastic bag to prevent dust storage. The sewing, sewing of cloth will cut off. The inspection, check carefully, do not let any flaw. The complete shipment, Let's Play National Football, finish! Detailed analysis of related concepts Print: AI document to print the original size uniforms. Clipping: use special cutting machine. Heating and pressing: and then press the heating machine will be printed out of the transfer of the graphics to the fabric. Heat transfer printing: printing the pattern to a special printing paper, and then printed on the printing paper to the fabric. Printed badges when used. Clip: next with a pair of scissors carefully cut. Monochrome printing: using a special cutting machine will be printed in a single color printing paper shape, and then transferred to the fabric. Making custom NFL Jerseys number and name etc.

NFL Hoodies

In 2016, imperceptibly hot up NFL Hoodies across all ages the influx of people, casual, elegant, comfortable, color collocation. And...... with different type of clothing and gallery presents a special style to enjoy. In such a cold winter, people will always become more lazy than usual, it will be very casual to find a very simple is not too complicated to wear. In this mood condition, Hoodie is certainly the best choice of the influx of people, or with the 17 following Xiaobian together to look at the stars of the lazy outfit, to see how they will wear new height of NFL Hoodies for sale. Hoodie is marked Rave and Hip Hop, is the youth culture to break the traditional clothing of the rebel signal. But its presence and activity is far longer than any classic dress.

NFL Hats,NFL Caps

The NFL caps is bought a flat brimmed hats, and a peaked cap. A general player wears ordinary peaked cap in training. First, to distinguish between the whole or can be adjusted, the general is a best-selling players will appear, special, or the pattern, such as production is not much, is generally adjustable. Of course, all sealed hat of course prettier, but is a professional. A full sealing head circumference, then you buy before going to take advice, and would not, because you don't need to play, also do not need to wear a hat so tight, but too tight will be a headache. NFL hats now have three kinds of materials, wool, polyethylene, cotton, and wool blends. The earliest NFL hats for sale are wool, texture is very good, but a lot of shortcomings, can not be washed, washed shrunk serious and cap type No. You can only clean cloth wipe the sweat on the head, and with more, will shrink slightly, and will stink. NFL caps for sale for pure wool are now available on the market.

NFL T-Shirts

The NFL T-Shirts is one of the most people love the spring and summer clothing, especially the scorching sun, the scorching heat of summer, NFL T-Shirts with its natural, comfortable, handsome and dignified sense of advantage and gradually replace old men wear vest or sweater and a short sleeved shirt or sweater Hongkong pattern appears in a social situation people are willing to become, in the time of clothing. Has become the world's men and women, old and young are in love with the modern. It is said that annual sales of billions of dollars in the world, with jeans constitute the world's most popular, the largest number of people wearing the largest number of clothing. NFL T-Shirts, also known as NFL Shirts. The first is the underwear, is actually a semi open collar shirt collar, and later developed to Coat, including NFL T-Shirts sweatshirt and NFL Shirts two series. Because the NFL T-Shirts is people in all kinds of occasions can be dressed in clothing, design also slight change, such as the NFL T-Shirts for sale for the appropriate decoration, can add infinite charm.

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