Dec 31

Electronic check


After nearly four years of deliberation , the UK Treasury announced on Thursday , the Bank of England will soon accept electronic checks with a smartphone to shoot , so that the check processing time from six days to two days.
Since 2010 , large U.S. banks such as JP Morgan Chase has accepted checks photos taken with a smart phone . Specifically, JP Morgan Chase customers can install an application that line , before submitting the check to open the program and check to take pictures, and then passed to the banking system for processing.
For a long time , because of legal reasons , the British opposition to this practice. However, the British government is now ready to meet this electronic check. Check the British Parliament has passed a new law called the 21 , so this is completely legalize electronic checks .
” We want to see more innovation , allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of the new technology brings .” British Finance Minister Saeed Javed (Sajid Javid) said. He also acknowledged that the UK Treasury hopes to continue to play an important role in checking the British success .
In line with the Check 21 legislation , Barclays will launch a pilot program in accepting photo checks in April 2014 . The service will eventually be open to the public in the second half of 2014 .
The BBC said that in 2012 , the British had to pay 10% of the individual is paid by check , the check payment and accounting businesses pay up to 25 %.

Dec 30

Smart Watch

International CES in early January next year the General Assembly will be held in Las Vegas on a lot of wearable computers, including smart watches, will be displayed in front of an audience.

Relative to the smartphone or wearable devices such as Google (microblogging) Glasses or fitness smart wristband, the smart watch market is still very small. However, smart watches destined to set off a boom in 2014, because the experts had expected Google will launch smart watches in the summer next year, Apple will launch smart watches in autumn next year, while Microsoft is reportedly also developed a smart watch.

there are many other companies are expected to showcase their smart watches at 2014 CES Conference forthcoming, these companies include Samsung, Sony, Nike , Pebble, Basis Science, Burg, Connected Device, Dennco, Ezio, Filip, Kreyos, Kronoz, MetaWatch, Mio, Neptune, Polar, Qualcomm and TomTom.