Nov 07

Japan’s new media artist daito Manabe: AR, AI, virtual reality and create a drone at the junction of Art

139902511In 2016 the Tencent held WE conference theatre in Beijing north, Tencent Inc chief officer of David Wallerstein, to explore the singularity University co-founder Peter Diamandis et al to the meeting and delivered a speech on the air, gravitational waves, science and art, AR and other cutting-edge topics.

Japan’s new media artist, software engineer daito Manabe shows including UAV, virtual reality, CG technology in today’s hottest in science and technology conference, and combined with the results of art.
Cooperate with friends in daito Manabe company Rhizomatiks is Japan’s top design company, the company uses the human body sensor, UAV, camera image seamless technology MV creation, stage decoration etc..
AR creation is the focus of the company’s business. Rhizomatiks will combine AR and 3D scan, CG, and Perfume teamed up with Japan’s group, at kouhaku utagassen, American south southwest Music Festival and other occasions, to bring the visual feast for the audience.
Daito Manabe said the team will first on the scene with a laser scanning, and then as the data preserved, finally realize the seamless connection of image. “We’re creating the boundaries of reality and virtual reality”.
In addition, the company is also trying to use the UAV production performance. Daito Manabe UAV control system is introduced, it is not easy to start, at the same time, they have 3 sets of UAV with the actors on the same stage, and later extended to 24. The first company daito Manabe said the drone creation also try holding the mentality, “we are trying to free the organic combination of human and human”.
Not long ago, Rhizomatiks on the use of this technology, together with the Japanese combination of Perfume, in an American TV show for the audience to offer a UAV dance performances, popular.
Rhizomatiks is for children, high school and college students held a number of workshops, for example in the man-machine work for college students in the workshop, the company has prepared 3 day courses for students, and let students use the knowledge creation.
Daito Manabe said, the future Rhizomatiks will also give artificial intelligence and VR, CG, UAV fusion, are more creative and artistic creation. “What’s interesting about it is that what you imagine is very different from what is finally presented.”