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after three straight quarterly decline in revenue, apple’s latest quarter earnings finally “falling”. 31 apple released in 2017 in the first quarter, according to the results from September to December, 2016 in the quarter, revenue of $78.351 billion, up 3% from a year earlier. Chief executive Tim Cook said in this quarter, apple sold and apple iPhone, Macbook, service income watches are in the “record”.
however, a quarter of apple “falling” and can’t cover up the nextStill faces a series of challenges, earnings data shows, the world’s most valuable company performance is highly dependent on the iPhone, that a single product sales income proportion is as high as 70%, but interest for the latest and the most high-end models fall has begun to threaten the apple’s profit margins, in addition, the income of the fastest growing “service class” income share is still less than 10% total, the downward trend in emerging markets, including China, the income in the quarter still continue, and in formal trump was elected President of the United States, apple also faces a series of tax policy uncertainty risk, especially considering thatThe total income of more than 60% from overseas, thus accumulated huge amount of overseas cash flow back to the United States.
holiday season pushed earnings record Keywords is still the iPhone
after three straight quarterly decline in revenue, apple finally ushered in the new quarter’s earnings, in last September to December quarter, consumption during the holiday season, apple achieve revenue of $78.351 billion, up 3% year on year, earnings per share of $3.36, two indicators are the most optimistic than previous market expectations.
apple chief executive Tim CookThe results said in a statement, in the quarter, apple sold iPhone, services, Mac and apple watches are in the “record”.
the iPhone’s income is still well ahead of all other lines of business
the quarterly earnings, reflected the apple’s latest generation of products, including the iPhone 7, the latest version of the Macbook Pro and Airpod, among them, the sales of the iPhone is still occupied the main part of the total, up to nearly 70%, compared with the same period last year, iPhone sales increased 5%, altogetherSold 78 million. With the new Macbook Pro announcement, apple’s Mac line sales increased by 1% over the previous year, sales rose 7% from a year.
but in addition to the iPhone, Mac, apple’s other products performance are not optimistic. Tablet device to a 22% year-on-year decline in sales, and is listed as “other products” in the results of this category sales revenue fell 8%, the category products include apple watches, TV, Beats headphones, iPods and other accessories and other products, apple since 2015Apple new products Watch is still not in the results announced its sales figures alone.
by apple had high hopes of service revenue, including apple stores, payment, etc., the quarterly revenue grew by 18% year on year, is the fastest growing in apple all lines of business projects, among them, the apple store in the game is still a revenue accounted for the largest fine class, in the current quarter, for example, nintendo’s super Mario parkour game world has nearly 80 million downloads, nintendo said, of all the download, about 5% to pay $10 to unlock all levels. Although service class income have in 2016 as apple behind the biggest contribution income business beyond the iPhone, but its $7.17 billion in revenue in the quarter still only accounts for 6% of the total.
apple revenue growth each product category
apple earnings concern: behind the iPhone less attractive, emerging markets are still weak
although apple finally after three consecutive quarterly decline in revenue, finally surrendered to the world a good financial performance, but careful analysis we found that the world’s most valuable company, still faces big challenge in the future.
the first is the main products of apple,Accounted for nearly 70% of total revenue of the iPhone in the attraction of the consumer has not, iPhone sales this quarter year-on-year growth was only 5%, in contrast, in 2014, apple’s first big iPhone after the release of a quarterly sales rose by 46%, in 2012, after the release of quarterly sales rose by 29%.
another example can support new product less attractive to consumers come from a study of barclays, as the chart, the report pointed out that consumers are more willing to buy the iPhone 6 s foundationConfiguration, rather than cost more than $100 iPhone 7, namely in the iPhone products, outdated iPhone products, low prices, in proportion to the total sales of the iPhone is on the rise, the negative influence of it to apple is its profitability decline further. In this quarter, apple’s gross margin was 38.5%, and the number in the same period a year ago is over 40%, according to apple’s earnings release on the day of the next quarter’s earnings outlook guidance released at the same time, apple is expected to next quarter gross margin is between 38% and 39%. IPh
barclays study shows that the low endOne sales accounted for further increase
second, apple growth in recent years mainly depends on the emerging markets continue to weak, no longer provide boost for apple’s growth. In this quarter, apple’s sales continue to fall 12% year-on-year in the greater China region, mainly by the iPhone is influenced by the position to shake in the Chinese market, according to research firm Counterpoint survey released over the weekend, according to a report in 2016, the most popular models of apple iPhone 6 s market share of only 2%, ranking the first is the domestic handset Oppo R9, cityA share of 4%. This is also since 2012, apple iPhone dropped out of the best selling models for the first time. In addition, the yuan’s exchange rate depreciation for apple in China some influence on the performance.
in regional income growth conditions, the same was apple’s chief executive, Cook, relay in the Chinese market to become the second-largest market in the Indian market, more and more prove overvalued market potential, has forecast, according to apple iPhone sales in India for all of last year at 2500000 m.
in addition, formal trump was elected President of the United States, not for appleTo business performance also will produce a lot of influence, trump during the election campaign had declared that part of the science and technology company needs to pay the overseas income tax, and will be more manufacturing jobs back to the United States.
the apple is realized in this quarter’s $78.3 billion in revenue, 64% comes from overseas, the quarterly results also showed that apple’s cash reserves this season has been as high as $246.09 billion. Tim Cook said in a CNBC interview on the same day, will be for the United States and overseas cash into the United States apple is “good”, the latest news, according to a White House team to trumpAnd republican control of congress is the change of large companies overseas cash back to the rules of the United States.
apple chief executive Tim Cook believes that the iPhone available 7 will reverse the apple for the trend of the past three quarterly revenue fell continuously, although in the quarter, such a commitment to materialise.
but apple performance rely too much on the reality of the iPhone is not the slightest change, in the next quarter, as the outside world for the iPhone 7 further cooling heat is not high, the current situation of combined with the weak emerging market without any improvement, may continue to growAre much harder to continue, with all sorts of rumors for iPhone 8 begins to flow, the outside world has begun to focus on the importance of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone models 8 on the iPhone, is expected to officially debut this fall under this new models will be apple’s an important test.
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