Mar 13

Chuan Apple Maps application will focus on improving the accuracy of large-scale upgrade


Apple iOS 8 system will conduct a large-scale upgrade of its own map application , to counter Google ( microblogging ) map current dominant position. It is reported that a number of executives, including CEO Cook are concerned , including the current map application upgrade iOS 8 , designed to allow iOS 8 map application eventually be able to meet the high standards of Apple product users.
Dating back to the end of 2012 , Apple drop support for Google Maps , and to iOS 6 introduced its own map application . While Apple Maps adds 3D imaging applications , and has a smooth smooth user interface, but because the software itself is flawed , unreliable data , the lack of Google Maps application function key to move the map suffering user criticism.
“Father of iOS ‘s ” Steve Jobs era was ubiquitous Scott Foster (Scott Forstall), who was in charge of Apple’s map development. Did not want to apologize for the defects , Foster was forced to leave from Apple . Shortly thereafter, Apple’s map service directly responsible Richard Williamson (Richard Williamson) was also dismissed by the company .
Since Foster left the library in Iraq , Feideliji and Gautier has led Apple’s technical team to map application data and adjust the interface to make it more reliable. Last year, the Apple Maps application interface has been re-adjust , make it more suitable for Jonas Ivey (Jony Ive) is more suitable for iOS 7 bright, transparent design.
According to sources, Apple executives in map application upgrades this year will focus on the accuracy and reliability of the application data , rather than the user interface. Through the acquisition BroadMap, Embark and HopStop , several innovative companies , Apple’s map database will be upgraded , so that Apple map data is more reliable.
In addition to the adjustment of the map data , the map application to Apple will increase the public transport functions to ensure that users take the bus , train or subway to enjoy navigation services. It is reported that Apple will use the data obtained through acquisitions or cooperation , urban public transport services will be integrated into the new depth map application. Initially confined to metropolitan public transport services , however , Apple will then gradually add more cities.
In addition, Apple iOS version 8 Maps application will increase the ” point of interest ” (Points of Interest), allowing users to more easily find specific locations. ” Augmented reality ” (Augmented Reality) will also become a spectacle. Currently, Apple is studying how to use special methods to indoor navigation and car navigation systems integrated into iOS . According to sources, Apple has already begun in the development of the ” augmented reality ” feature, which will use the iPhone compass hardware to virtual view points of interest nearby .
The sources also revealed that Apple may launch an upgraded version of the map application for the OS X operating system , this application also adds improved data . Remove from the new Maps application , iOS 8 will also include a named Healthbook application that helps users manage fitness activities and health information.