Jan 07

What is the first application you open in the morning?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  You wake up in the morning , grabbed the phone , what is the first application to open ? Some people may think that this question is very stupid , but U.S. technology investors, columnist MG Siegler reminder, this could be a very enlightening question . Because , your answer will change over time . At different stages , the first application you open in the morning is different. This answer may reveal the current state of the mobile application market , it may reveal the state of your life . The following is his own experience the observed changes : I now open every day in the morning the first application is Twitter. But not before it . A year ago, I was always the first to open the Path, and before that it was Instagram. Before that, there may still be Twitter, or Foursquare, or Techmeme ( a technology news aggregation site ) . Occasionally some time, I was the first to open the Facebook. Before then early, I first opened the e-mail – think of it really shudder. Why do I open the morning of the first applications will change over time ? I’m not sure . The best I can come up with reasons: It basically depends on which of my friends behaved applications most active and interesting. Many times I think , the first morning I opened my application is certainly the most addictive one. In a way, this web browser with former home is somewhat similar . Of course, you can still set up your web browser home page, but we basically do not care about this issue. I think that almost everyone I know now when you open your web browser will automatically open Google ( microblogging ) – especially if they have to use Google Chrome browser search bar . Perhaps more telling is that people no longer seem to turn off the web browser , it will not restart the computer, and let them have open. So, what is also becoming more and more home care. I think the first application open in the morning , its nature is like a new home . Some people might think that this should be applied throughout the main screen , but I do not agree with this view . I think this is a service you should be most concerned about , for whatever reason , you want to open it immediately to see the contents inside . Equipment we use has changed, but the concept has not changed. There was a time before I push notifications to decide according to which application first opens . But now push notifications too much, in order to avoid the early morning wake up feeling stressed Alexander , I tend to go directly to Twitter. I do not know , after a while , I turn on the morning of the first applications will be which one. For me personally , this application should not only be fun , and should be useful. At that time , such applications are not always successful. However, most applications can not do even this . I do not know if someone will design an application for the issue , to become the first stop after you wake up every morning to go. After listening to his answers , the first application you open in the morning , what is it ?