Feb 19



February 19 news, information from eBay, said, according to WebRetailer the past six months the amount of feedback research shop sellers, eBay sellers in the world’s top 1000, the UK seller, followed by China and the United States. Popular category is the mobile phones and accessories, clothing, shoes and accessories, household and gardening, jewelry and watches category.

From the survey results, a third of the British population of Australia, but before 1000, 17 percent of eBay sellers in Australia, China site open shop, and shop in the British Grand Prix is only 10%. Thus, the cross-border electricity supplier for Chinese sellers, eBay Australia’s market performance is better. Of course, this is not just because Amazon eBay competitors not open the Australian market, sales of Kindle e-book rather than just physical goods in Australia.

According billion state power network is understood that the world’s top 1000 eBay sellers are mainly concentrated in the UK, China, USA, Germany, Australia, Italy and other countries. However, 100 of the world’s top eBay sellers, there is a sale of the stamps to the United States, Belgium sellers outstanding performance. Engage in a lot of eBay sellers cross-border trade, but most of the seller’s sales mainly from the home country.

In addition, due to the sale of consumer goods is eBay’s strengths in the hot category, mobile phones and accessories, household items, jewelry, etc. forefront. Unexpected is the world’s largest sellers eBay in 1000, 5% of targeted commercial and industrial classes.