Jan 18

Facebook will do in 2014? Introduce more independent applications

Facebook mobile terminal strategy or change will occur in 2014. Last year proved the value of the mobile advertising market this year, but also what not to make the same thing?
U.S. technology media, The Verge found some clues. At a conference call for the third quarter last year, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg said publicly: “We already have a number of stand-alone applications are large-scale use, such as Instagram and Messenger in the future, we expect to develop more similar services. Help users share. ”
Zuckerberg’s words did not attract media attention. But sources said, Facebook does business in accordance with planning the next goal: to develop a series of stand-alone applications.
Facebook changes stems from the lessons of the past two years because of the expansion of their products with the features, the core function independent of those simple products actually easier to attract users. Specifically for various applications such as photographs Instagram, specifically for chat, and even privacy in social sharing product.


Successful Messenger chat application lets Facebook tasted the sweetness , since this relationship to a significant reduction in stand-alone applications and Facebook , its popularity actually grew to become the most popular on the App Store application during the U.S. holiday , more than Instagram, Snapchat and other chat applications.
Facebook standalone application which will be launched next it ? The Verge made ​​the following speculation:
1.Facebook news reader application . For this product , there are media reports that may be launched this month. Zuckerberg long ago expressed the hope that their website is the user’s ” personalized newspaper ” , but the content of the user information stream is too complicated , so some of the explosive report was flooded .
2.Facebook calendar application . Calendar is a user commonly used products. Many commercially available calendar application will connect Facebook, to pull some of the activities or birthday reminders. Opportunities for such products may be attracted to Facebook attention.
3.Facebook search applications. Search the Facebook social graph class has been exploring the products, if such products can be optimized for the mobile terminal , its value would be even more amplified . For example, users can always find something friends on evaluation or recommendation.
Of course , the development of more independent applications also means that Facebook needs to make sacrifices, such as advertising value based on the flow of information will have no impact on the application after the dispersion . These companies need a balanced consideration. In addition, including the failure Facebook Poke and Camera applications such as independence , but also means that some risks.
But when users are accustomed to Facebook, and that when it is no longer cool , Facebook how to make their mobile terminal re “cool” it ? Perhaps the development of stand-alone applications engineers will once again inspire new ideas.