Feb 07

11 high valuation of start-up companies


” Wall Street Journal ” has just released a report , a list of the United States , China and Europe, 30 start-up companies , their valuations have reached at least $ 1 billion . These companies both social photo sharing website Pinterest and Car Hire Uber so well known start-up companies , there LegendaryEntertainment this with ” Dark Knight” trilogy fame emerging enterprises.
However , there are some companies which although a high valuation , but fame in the international market was not large , including Chinese millet and search dogs . The following is one of 11 high valuation of the little-known start-up companies .
1 , millet
Valuation : $ 10 billion
Location: Beijing, China
Founded: 2010
Introduction : Although already quite well known in China , but millet is less well known in the international market . This technology company ‘s main products are smart phones, software applications and other consumer electronic devices. Their low-cost smartphone market has been widely sought after in China last year, sales reached 18.7 million , Apple ‘s position in the Chinese market constitutes a major challenge. Android former executives Hugo Barra (HugoBarra) has joined millet , helping the company into the international market . It seems that there is a great future ambitions millet .
2, Palantir
Valuation : $ 9,000,000,000
Location: California帕罗奥尔托
Founded: 2004
Description : From Alexander Karp (AlexanderKarp) Palantir company founded specifically for government agencies and financial companies to develop software to help them filter the huge amount of information. According to ” Forbes ” reported that U.S. Marines have adopted the company’s technology , hoping to expand the analysis to various attacks . In today’s era , such tools will inevitably lead to privacy concerns , but Palantir was expected to bring about a change in the security field .
3, Zalando
Valuation : $ 4.9 billion
Location: Berlin, Germany
Founded: 2008
Description : Zalando is an online retailer for 14 European countries to sell clothing and other merchandise. The company CEO Robert Jane Heights (RobertGentz) Zappos was originally inspired by the hope that the creation of a high-end footwear sales site, but later decided to expand the scope of business . Subscribers to the site can receive a Holiday Sale magazine , which also helps Zalando become an important e-commerce company .
4, Bloom Energy
Valuation : $ 2.9 billion
Location: Sunnyvale , California, USA
Founded: 2001
Description : Bloom Energy has developed a fuel cell called BloomBoxes can provide clean energy. According to the British “Guardian ” reported that Wal-Mart , FedEx and Coca-Cola have become the first customers of these devices. This battery price up $ 750,000 , but the company CEO Sri Sridhar (KRSridhar) hope to be in 10 years, the price dropped to $ 3,000 . This goal may not be far away. According to ” Fast Company ” magazine, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions , eBay has purchased five groups battery from BloomEnergy, less than a year to save $ 100,000 .
5, Woodman Labs
Valuation : $ 2.3 billion
Location: San Mateo , California, USA
Founded: 2009
Description : WoodmanLabs developed GoPro waterproof camera loved surfing and other extreme sports enthusiasts. The company founder Nicholas Woodman (NicholasWoodman) prior to the sale of 8.9% stake in the company to Foxconn , which joined the ” billionaires club .” Now, this wearable device is already available in China Taiwan and other markets , helping WoodmanLabs earn more profits.
6, Stripe
Valuation : $ 1.8 billion
Location: San Francisco, California
Founded: 2010
Description : Stripe software can help companies use credit card payments on applications and websites. The company recently raised $ 80 million and began talks with Twitter , may help users to complete purchases through Twitter direct message . Mobile payments could become a big trend this year , while Stripe is expected to become one of the leaders.
7, Legendary Entertainment
Valuation : $ 1.5 billion
Location: Burbank , California, USA
Founded: 2005
Description : LegendaryEntertainment is a production company , they tune with the Warner Brothers “The Dark Knight ” trilogy and achieved great success. It is the first film production will bring together investors and hedge funds to one of the company together . While cooperation with Warner Brothers earnings LegendaryEntertainment quite good , but the transaction will expire in 2013 , Universal Pictures will become the new partner of the company.
8, Jawbone
Valuation : $ 1.5 billion
Location: San Francisco, California
Founded: 1999
Introduction : the beginning of the military developed specifically for entrepreneurs Jawbone noise-canceling headphones , but now, the company’s wireless speakers and Bluetooth headsets for mobile devices began to hit , and has been the favorite of music lovers around the world .
9, Fanatics
Valuation : $ 1.5 billion
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Founded: 1995
Description : The United States is the major sports leagues , Fanatics are an important sales channel . The company received a multi-party authorized to sell a lot of sports licensed merchandise online . Sports apparel franchise is a lucrative market, and Fanatics will also get more room for growth in the new year .
10 , Sogou
Valuation : $ 1.2 billion
Location: Beijing, China
Founded: 2004
Description : Sogou is a search engine that can search text, pictures , music, and map information . According to Crunchbase statistics , Chinese people a day search over 10 billion web pages , the number of web pages updated every day more than 500 million . The product is unique in that it can identify malware on the site , so as to provide the cleanest search results.
11, Coupons
Valuation : $ 1,000,000,000
Location: Mountain View, California, USA
Founded: 1998
Description : Coupons.com recently submitted IPO application , so it ‘s valuation may rise. The company allows users to find all kinds of deals , and printed coupons. The idea may seem simple, but in the first nine months of 2013 for the creation of the $ 115 million in revenue.