Feb 06

Flappy Bird Become the hottest free applications


Now , iOS and free mobile application list , while Google Play app store is a tour called Flappy Bird ‘s hand occupied , this is a what kind of game? Why it can dominate the Free Market ?
Flappy Bird in Hanoi, Vietnam is an independent game developer Dong Ha Nguyen (Nguyen Ha Dong) the development of a simple but extremely difficult free mobile games. It is puzzling that , whether it is the developer himself or Flappy Bird game , seems suddenly to fame overnight .
Flappy Bird ‘s operation is very simple , no complicated plot or operating skills , the player simply by tapping the screen to avoid the manipulation of a bird like ” Super Mario ” in the pipeline as an obstacle to green . If the bird hit the pipe , the game ends immediately , and the more difficult the higher the back .
Reason for being concerned about the game , extremely difficult one very important reason . In fact, the attraction of the game just from its maddeningly difficult. BlueStacks of约翰贾吉罗(John Gargiulo) , said : “I practitioners in the mobile field for so many years , never seen anything like this .”
Nguyen Ha Dong operate a company called dotGears Studios game development studio, it gained more than 240,000 4 star rating on iOS. Nguyen Ha Dong claimed on Twitter was a ” passionate independent game producer ,” he said he lived in Hanoi .
According AppAnnie said , this game is May 24, 2013 to be uploaded to the App Store . It is unclear why this game will suddenly become so popular in the last week.
Nguyen Ha Dong also developed another two games : “Shuriken Block” and “Super Ball Juggling”. Both games are good scores were ranked second and sixth.
Nguyen Ha Dong like to chat with players , in addition to the relatively low-key, he told a reporter , said on Twitter, the interview will make him feel uncomfortable.
Although perhaps not what Flappy Bird prominent bright spot , but it once again proved that the ” world tour in hand , everything is possible .” This truth .
Zynga just the price of $ 527 million acquisition of Clumsy Ninja and CSR Racing developer NaturalMotion, reportedly worth dotGears Studios may reach $ 600 million .
Bluecloud Solutions Thomas Carter (Carter Thomas) believes that this result was a bit too good , certainly not true, he believes dotGears must use to rank brush robot program . If that were the case , once Apple and Google ( microblogging ) to intervene , it will certainly be a significant ranking changes .